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   Chapter 58 Greyson Was So Cute

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Heinz repeated the words to his wife because he saw the surprised expression on her face.

"Really? I didn't mishear him, right?" Roxie still looked as though it hadn't sunk in yet that her son was going out on a date.

Then she turned to look at Heinz and pinched him as hard as she could. She then innocently blinked her eyes up at him and glared at him. "Does it hurt?"

Heinz was still in the military and trained regularly. So he had a strong physique, and he was also hardened against pain, so no matter how hard Roxie pinched him, it had no effect on him. He didn't feel the pain at all.

However, when he noticed that Roxie was glaring at him expectantly, he immediately pretended to be in pain. "Ouch! That really hurts. You didn't mishear Greyson. He has indeed gone out on a date with someone."

Though he was pinched by Roxie, that didn't hurt him at all. What did hurt him was the fact that Roxie wanted to inflict pain on him as a sort of confirmation way because of their son, Greyson. Sometimes Heinz wished that Greyson had never been born, and at least that way, his life with Roxie wouldn't have been disrupted by him.

When Roxie heard Heinz's words and saw that she had hurt Heinz, she felt pleased and then let go of his arms and ignored him.

"Well, I have to prepare a gift for my future daughter-in-law now."

Greyson wasn't aware that his casual words gave Roxie so much hope and such a wonderful surprise.


Ashley and Greyson had agreed to meet each other at the coffee shop which happened to be close to where the girls lived.

She preferred this coffee shop as opposed to the one where Peggy arranged for her to go on the blind date yesterday.

Even though this one wasn't as luxurious as the one Peggy chose, it was, however, quaint and elegant. And the coffee and food were reasonably priced.

They were planning to meet at the coffee shop at 10 o'clock in the morning. And since Ashley and Ellie lived nearby, they arrived earlier than Greyson.

When Greyson arrived there, he could see Ashley and Ellie through the shop window, sitting at a table and chatting.

One of them wore her hair in a bun, dressed in a simple white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans, which made her look young, vivacious and pretty.

The other one wore a knee-length faint yellow dress, with her black hair hanging down to her waist. She looked beautiful, gentle and attractive.

"Ashley, Ellie, I'm not late, am I?" Greyson said

my study and not spend my time on an instant messaging application like QQ." Greyson tilted his adorable face and looked towards Ashley and Ellie innocently.

Ashley was amused by his words. 'How could you say that you don't have a QQ account? You chatted with me via QQ a few days ago. Have you lost your memory?' she thought in mind.

Ellie totally admired Greyson. She thought that he was so cute that she even wanted to take him back home.

"Oh, well. Sorry for disturbing you," the girl said, with disappointment and moroseness written on her face. Since Greyson showed a friendly attitude towards her, she didn't say anything else except make an apology.

Then she drew her friend to leave them.

They argued in a low voice while leaving and their voice could be heard by Ashley, Ellie and Greyson.

"You are so foolish. Now that he doesn't have a WeChat or QQ account, you could have asked his sisters for their WeChat or QQ account numbers. You could have tried to make friends with his sisters first, so you can have a chance to get close to him."

"Well, since you came up with such a brilliant idea, why didn't you ask them personally just now? How could you just blame me for that?"


"Ashley, I didn't mean to lie to them earlier. If I didn't do that, there might be a lot of people asking me for my QQ number." Greyson stared at Ashley, wearing a winning smile on his face.

Ashley chuckled, knowing that Greyson said those words just to hint that he was really popular among girls.

Then Ashley asked curiously, "Oh right, are you an adult?"

Greyson answered, "Yes. I'm turning twenty-four this year!"

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