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   Chapter 57 Surprised

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"Actually, I don't know how I got this jade pendant. But I remember that I used to wear it around my neck when I was younger.

And I always knew that this jade pendant was very important to me!

When I was a child, Lena saw me wearing it and wanted to grab it. After fighting with her, I finally got it back. Since then, I never risked wearing it again, instead I kept it in the box, well hidden," Ashley said in a broken voice as she stroked the pendant while she reminisced about her childhood days.

She didn't know how she got the jade pendant. But she had been wearing it around her neck since she was a child. It meant a lot to her.

"You were adopted by the Mu family when you were five years old. Think about it. Could this pendant have been given to you by your real family?" Ellie asked.

"I don't know. I was seriously ill when I was five years old. When I recovered from the illness, I lost all of my memory from the past. And even if I hadn't lost my memory, I don't think I would have remembered anything because I was only a small child and it was such a long time ago," Ashley said helplessly.

"It seems that you may have been born in a rich family!" Ellie suddenly looked at Ashley and said with excitement.

Ashley was taken aback by her words. But a few seconds later, she rolled her eyes and smiled. "It's impossible."

"Why do you think it's impossible? Just look at this jade pendant! Even Lena wouldn't be able to afford such a beautiful and expensive pendant!" Ellie couldn't help raising her voice out of excitement.

"Since this pendant is so important to you, you should wear it all the time. Otherwise, what if you lose it?

You may not be so lucky to find it again.

When you were a child, it was difficult for you to protect it and anyone could have taken it from you. But now, you have grown up and you can look after it. I really think you should wear it. If you ever come across your real family and they see the jade pendant, they may recognize it and know that you are their daughter."

"I guess that sounds reasonable enough." Ashley nodded in agreement.

Later, she wore the pendant around her neck.

Not every woman could pull off wearing a beautiful aquamarine jade pendant. If the lady that wore such a pendant didn't have a certain air about her or skin tone, the pendant would become dull and insignificant.

However, Ashley had a good temperament and fair skin. Wearing the ja

Heinz said as he looked at Roxie affectionately. When Roxie turned her head to look at Greyson, Heinz immediately shot Greyson an angry glare.

It seemed as if he was saying, "Talk to your mom nicely. Otherwise, I will punish you heavily!"

Heinz cared mostly for his beloved wife, Roxie. In the Yun family, there was no need for a woman to worry about her husband straying and having affairs with other women. Because in the Yun family, everyone was very loyal to their lovers and cared very much for them, especially Heinz.

Roxie had the highest status in their family. Greyson was their youngest son. So, Roxie favored him the most. She loved him so much, that even his father, Heinz wasn't allowed to raise his voice at him, let alone do anything else.

As far as Roxie was concerned, Heinz should treat Greyson more like his son and not one of his soldiers that he needed to train and be harsh with. She couldn't understand why he had to treat Greyson so strictly.

"Mother, I know what you want to ask. Don't ask me now, please. I'm going out on a date. Maybe you'll be a grandmother next year." He seemed to know what was on his mother's mind and so Greyson blurted out too much information all at once.

He then gave himself another quick check in the mirror, stood up and left the house. Roxie was stunned by what he said and it took her a moment to come to her senses. Then she asked in surprise, "Heinz, what did Greyson say? Did he say that he is going out on a date?" Roxie looked at Heinz and asked with excitement in her voice.

"Yes. You heard correctly. He is going out on a date," replied Heinz.

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