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   Chapter 56 Throw Him Out

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Updated: 2019-06-22 00:03

'Uh, oh.

It might have sounded weird that I said he hooked up with some girl behind our back.


Francis shook his head, trying to get rid of those thoughts in his mind.

Before Andrew could react, something else caught his attention. Francis jumped onto the bed and picked up a long strand of hair. After examining it for a split second, he went over to Andrew at once. He showed the evidence to him and grilled,"How are you going to explain this, Andrew?

It's a woman's hair. You slept with someone earlier, didn't you?"

Francis said, spitting out every word with anger.

It was as if he was an angry wife who had just caught a cheating husband.

However, Andrew's face had darkened with fury the moment Francis threw himself onto the bed.

Upon seeing his sharp gaze, Francis felt a little intimidated. 'It's obvious Andrew has a girlfriend that he doesn't want anyone to know about. It's his fault for keeping secrets. I have proof now, and besides, I did nothing wrong.' At the thought of this, Francis stood up straight.

He had no idea, or perhaps didn't even think, that he was acting like an over dramatic wife demanding for an explanation.

Without any intentions of wasting another word on Francis, Andrew whipped out his cellphone and made a quick call.

A couple of tall, hefty men in black suits appeared outside the room within seconds.

Francis saw it coming, and already had a bad vibe the moment Andrew took out his phone.

An increasing trepidation seized him at the sight of the bulky men.

"Throw him out!" Andrew's detached, emotionless voice reverberated in the room.

The men in black who were standing outside the room bowed to Andrew in unison. With their blank, cold faces, they strode towards Francis and dragged him out before he got over his shock.

"Is this how you return my kindness, Andrew? Let me go! Don't forget that I have proof of your little girlfriend!

Andrew, you'd better ask them to stop. How could you treat me this way?" Francis shouted at Andrew.

As he was dragged away, his voice trailed off. Francis had his eyes glued on Andrew until he was out of sight.

When he w

t, Ellie?" she asked anxiously.

Ellie, who was curling up on the couch, was fiddling with her cellphone. She turned around to look back at Ashley. "What's up? Did you miss something? I'll help you," Ellie replied as she stood up from her seat.

"It's a thumb-sized green jade pendant. It's drop-shaped. I remember I put it in the drawer. But I couldn't find it," Ashley said with a rattled expression. She was so sad that she almost burst into tears.

"Come on, Ashley, cool down. If you saw it here, it must be somewhere in our condo. Don't worry. We'll find it," Ellie comforted her friend.

"Hmm," Ashley responded with a nod. The two started scouring the living room for the pendant.

Several minutes later, Ellie found an aquamarine drop-shaped pendant under the tea table. 'It looks similar to the one Ashley lost, ' she thought. "Ashley, is this the one you're looking for?" she asked as she showed the pendant to her bestie.

"Oh, yes, it is. I finally found it!" Ashley exclaimed in joy. She went up to Ellie, took the jade pendant from her and held it in her palm tightly.

"It looks expensive. Did you get it from Raymond?" Ellie asked, staring at Ashley.

'It looks good and has exquisite craftsmanship. Although I know nothing about jade, I bet it is costly, ' she analyzed.

Ashley shook her head and replied,"No. I gave all his gifts back to him. Now that we're over, there's no way I'm keeping his stuff."

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