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   Chapter 55 Are You Kidding Me

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Even though Francis stopped babbling, he still thought that he hadn't said enough. Andrew shouldn't eat anything spicy even if he had taken the pills.

'How stupid is that?' Francis wondered. 'What Andrew will do next just in order to win that woman's heart?'

He was thrilled already when he thought about the idea that Andrew might do something more stupid.

"It's lucky that you took the pills I gave to you in time, or you can be in the hospital now!" scolded Francis.

Francis observed Andrew's skin, trying to search for a spot that wasn't screaming with red bumps. Andrew's whole body, however, was covered with the reaction.

If Ashley were here now, she would definitely notice the allergic reaction. What she had seen on his arm in the car was just merely the tip of the iceberg.

Ashley did learn about it later.

Ashley felt terrible when she found out. When she realized Andrew couldn't eat spicy food without having a reaction, she felt guilty. She felt so guilty that Andrew even managed to get what he wanted. That was a later story.

Taking a first aid kit out of the medicine cabinet, Francis picked up a bottle of liquid medicine. He examined it and noted the uses, then he approached Andrew. He dipped the cotton ball into the bottle, grabbed Andrew's arm, and swabbed the soaked piece of cotton from Andrew's fingers to shoulders.

The moment Andrew felt the liquid applying on his skin, he felt much better. His skin had been burning since he ate the spicy food in the restaurant.

Sitting quietly on the bed, Andrew didn't say anything. He just let Francis put the liquid on his skin. It seemed that Andrew's attention was wandering.

He didn't even notice when Francis had finished his job.

Francis noticed Andrew's eyes were not focused. He lifted his arm to wave in front of Andrew's face.


He waved again with more aggression, his arms flailing in a hurried pattern.

'Still nothing?' Francis wondered.

Again, he waved his arms, trying to break Andrew's gaze. "Hey, Andrew, I finished taking care of you, now I want to know what are you thinking?" Francis moved his hands closer to Andrew's face and continued, "I'm not here to watch you be in a trance.

My time is very precious. Women, lots of women, want me for sex." Francis raised his voice with each sentence and by the time he said the last word, he was shouting.

In order to draw Andrew's attention, he shouted really hard.

As expected, Andrew came back to earth when he heard the shouting. He turned to Francis and looked at hi

never think that you can eat spicy food as long as you take the pills. The pills are only something used to battle your allergy. They might fail to do so sometimes. It can't help treat your allergy at all," he continued.

"What I am telling you is that you can't count on the pills every time. You're lucky that you're okay this time, but not every single time will you be so lucky. Don't blame me when you end up in the hospital next time," warned Francis.

He knew what Andrew was thinking. If he didn't warn Andrew now, Andrew might ask him for more pills and take them every time he had spicy food.

Francis considered the facts around Andrew's hunt for the pills. Had he known the reason, the real reason, for Andrew needing the pills, he never would have given them to him in the first place.

Andrew's face went void again. Francis couldn't tell if he was listening or not.

Shortly after Francis finished speaking, Andrew dismissed him. The words were curt and short, "You can go now." "Andrew!"

Francis shook his head. "I can't go. It's really late. Where do you think I can go at this hour?!" Again, when he looked at Andrew's face, there was no expression. 'I wish I could slap some sense into him, ' he thought.

'How did I make friends with this type of man? I wish I had never come.'

Francis was furious. He turned around and was about to leave.

Just before he left, he noticed the pillows on Andrew's bed. Woven in the threads of the pillowcase were some long hairs.

'Long hairs, ' Francis exclaimed in his mind.

'Andrew Lu, you dog. You seem not to be interested in any woman. But in fact, you have been picking up girls behind our back!' Francis said to himself.

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