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   Chapter 54 Teaching Him A Lesson

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"What, at this hour? What do you plan to do with me? You know, if you're asking me to sleep with you, I have to say that, although I'm flattered, I'm only interested in women..."

But before he had finished speaking, Andrew had already hung up.

Francis frowned.

"Why do I have to go there? He stood me up this afternoon! I don't have to follow everything he says to me. Who does he think I am? I won't go there even if he begs me to!"

But, even as Francis said this out loud, he was already getting inside the bathroom to take a shower, getting to leave for the Golden Palace. After a few minutes, he came out with a towel tied around his waist, his thick hair and sculpted body dripping wet.

Upon seeing Francis come out, the pretty woman who was still waiting for him on the bed, walked up to him and leaned towards him. "Mr. Nan..."

However, Francis dodged her.

"Mr. Nan." That woman looked at Francis morosely, with tears forming in her eyes.

It took Francis some time to get rid of the woman's strong perfume, so there was no way he was going to let her touch him again when he just got out of the shower.

What happened the previous time was still fresh in his memory.

There was a time Andrew asked Francis to come over at his place, right after he had just had sex with another woman. Unthinkingly, he went over there without taking a shower. The smell of strong perfume and all other sorts of odors lingered on his body.

Before he could even get close to Andrew, he was driven out by Andrew's bodyguards.

Besides, Andrew had already told Francis off that he should take a bath before he got there.

At that time, Francis didn't understand why Andrew would treat him like that. He sniffed the perfume smell on his body, and thought that it was actually pleasant and arousing.

It wasn't until the bodyguard reminded him that he realized that Andrew was disgusted by the smell.

Since then, Francis remembered to always take a shower before meeting Andrew so that he wouldn't be driven out again.

After Francis quickly put on his clothes, he walked up to the woman

all. It seemed that he had the remarkable endurance.

"Oh my God. You really ate spicy food?" Francis said in shock.

"Have you forgotten that you can't eat spicy food ever since you were a kid? Besides, you are allergic to peppers, and you have never eaten any peppers ever! How could you still even dare to eat it?

Did you eat peppery food just because of that woman? Did she ask you to eat spicy food? No wonder you would ask me for medicine to control allergic reactions the other day. Did you really anticipate to eat peppery food today?"

Francis got even more annoyed and then added, "I've taught you how to deal with a woman properly last time, but why didn't you follow my advice? How could you even eat something spicy? You are really so silly. Even if you want to attract her attention, you don't have to do that."

Francis knew, however, that a man would not be so sensible anymore and would even act like an idiot once he had indulged himself in someone he really liked.

And such a wise, clever person like Andrew would definitely become foolish when he was completely infatuated with a woman.

Francis babbled on and on about Andrew's matter and kept on blaming Andrew for his stupid behavior.

He was really very good at making such remarks on Andrew.

After Andrew cast a cold glance at him, he finally realized that he was talking too much, and finally shut his mouth.

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