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   Chapter 53 Francis

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When Ashley and Andrew exited Vineyard Restaurant, it was already dark. But there were bright neon lights and headlights that blazed in the streets. Ashley walked slowly, and Andrew followed her at a polite distance.

All of a sudden, a cool breeze blew.

Ashley was only wearing a dress, and the cold air sent shivers up and down her body. Instinctively, she crossed her hands over her chest and rubbed her arms to keep herself warm.

Suddenly, the smell of sweet tobacco wafted through her senses.

A coat had been draped over her shoulders.

Surprised and baffled, she quickly turned around and saw Andrew's handsome face very close to hers.

He had a well-sculpted and enchanting face, which easily made him stand out from a crowd.

He did not expect Ashley's sudden movement and was caught off guard. He froze, his hands still resting on Ashley's shoulders after placing his jacket over them. His long lashes fluttered, making his deep, inky eyes, glimmer against the neon lights. With a straight face, he clenched his jaw slightly.

At that moment, their faces were so close that they could feel each other's warm breath.

With that distance, Ashley saw that Andrew had such flawless skin that could put Adonis to shame.

As Ashley was lost in her thoughts, Andrew turned away and straightened himself up.

As a result, Ashley's lips gently touched his cheek.

The unexpected "kiss" brought her back to her senses. Eyes wide open in shock, her hands flew up to her mouth in disbelief.

'She looks like a little, panic-stricken hamster.

She looks so cute, ' Andrew thought inside, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

There were so many emotions going through him right now, but he did his best not to show it. Instead, he furrowed his brows and bit on his lower lip slightly, looking more like he was angry.

But the truth was, he was savoring that wonderful moment when Ashley planted a soft kiss on his cheek by accident.

'Her lips were so soft and smooth like jelly, ' he thought.

"Wait here. I'll be right back," he said to the rattled girl in a low, husky voice.

With her hands still on her mouth, she met his gaze and gave a prompt nod.

As A

it, and handed it to him.

In one swift movement, he took the phone and made a call. Soon a melodious ringtone broke the silence.

He gave it back to Ashley and rested his eyes on her. "It's my number. You can call me any time," he said softly in his husky voice.

"Okay..." Ashley nodded. Andrew reached for a switch at his side, unlocking the car door with a quiet click.

Ashley looked at the number on her phone screen and got out of the car.


When Ashley's figure disappeared in the distance, Andrew pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

It took him a long while to get through. And then, he heard the seductive giggles of a woman in the background at the end of the line.

In a five-star hotel, Francis lay on the bed naked with a gorgeous woman. It looked like she was still indulging in the crazy sex they just had before the call had interrupted. With a displeased look, she ogled Francis, extending her slender hand to draw small circles on his sturdy chest.

Miffed slightly, Francis checked the phone number. When he saw Andrew's name on the screen, he pushed the girl away and got out of bed. In three long strides, he walked over to the French doors and answered the call. "Hello? Mr. Lu, you finally thought of me," he said in a playful tone.

The moment Andrew had heard the woman in the background, he had a good idea what his friend was doing. Andrew's brows furrowed. "Come to Golden Palace," he demanded coldly.

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