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   Chapter 52 Severed Connections

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Ashley turned around and looked at Raymond in his eyes. The air of peacefulness about her and the unfeeling look in her eyes worsened the whole situation. "What else can we talk about?" she started in a flat tone. "I believe I have nothing to do with you anymore."

Raymond felt his heart break into pieces.

Cheating on Ashley was something that Raymond never intended to do. He was drunk that night, and he truly mistook Lena for Ashley. The feeling of regret was overwhelming him, but he knew that there was nothing else he could do to right what he had done wrong.

"Ashley, it was all my fault. Please forgive me," Raymond begged, with his eyes being already red. "I know you still love me. Please, Ashley, give me another chance to love you and take care of you. I promise this won't even happen again." With every word he said, Raymond felt his gut twist.

"Shut up," Ashley replied, her eyes still devoid of emotion. "What? You still love me? So what now? You're just gonna forget what happened?" Ashley's tone was becoming more pointed. Hurt was starting to color her eyes.

For some reason, seeing Ashley react like this and hearing the words that came out of her mouth relieved the grief-stricken Raymond. For him, Ashley being angry was a testament that she still loved him. 'If she wasn't affected like this, that's when I'd really be worried, ' he said to himself, sighing silently.

Whatever punishment Ashley had in store for him, he was ready for it. Having her back was the only thing that he wanted at that very moment.

Raymond took a deep breath, looked Ashley in the eyes, and said, "Lena is a good girl, but she isn't the one I love. You know that it's you who I love. Lena will find someone else, and she will give us her blessing once she finds out we're together," Raymond said firmly. He thought that saying that would appease the girl in front of him, but it seemed like it elicited a reaction opposite of what he was expecting.

From anger, Ashley's face contorted into a look of disbelief and disgust. 'Did this guy really say that Lena is a good girl?' she thought to herself, torn between wanting to laugh and wanting to slap Raymond.

'And how could he expect Lena to give us her blessing after what happened between them? That isn't what a boss of a big firm would do.'

There was nothing else Ashley could do at that moment but look at Raymond like he was some kind of a freak.

'Has he lost all his judgement about women, especially Lena?' she said to herself, now disappointed.

Everyone was fully aware of the things Lena h

Raymond saw how angry she looked. It broke his heart.

Then, like nothing happened, she left.

Feeling numb, Raymond just looked on as Ashley was walking away. He wanted to break down, but he suddenly noticed that someone was hiding in the corner, watching them. That person had undoubtedly seen what happened, and heard what they talked about.

It was Lena.

After Raymond excused himself for the bathroom, she started looking for him after he failed to come back within a reasonable time. She just happened to stumble at what was happening.

What she witnessed agitated her. 'When would Ashley leave me - us - alone!' she angrily thought, her heart beating fast.

In her mind, Ashley was still seducing her man in every way she could. It couldn't be farther from the truth though. Raymond started everything.

Still, she failed to see the difference. Only Ashley was to blame.

Well, it was classic Lena.

She wouldn't find out why she lost her own fiance. What she wanted to do was just find someone to blame.

Poor girl!

When Ashley got to the room they booked, the room had been cleaned. Andrew was sitting by the side of the table quietly, looking at his phone.

He obviously was waiting for her.

He looked up at Ashley when she entered the room. It was as if he knew when she would come in.

'Like a little boy waiting for his mom, ' Ashley thought, somewhat amused.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked, gesturing towards Andrew. "I'll leave if you're okay." Andrew stood up and stared at her for a second, then he turned around and walked out of the room.

Surprised, Ashley ran after him.

The place was big. The last thing she wanted was for the both of them to get lost in there.

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