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   Chapter 50 Thank You For Earlier

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It is said that seriousness adds charm to a man. While Andrew was checking the menu, Ashley allowed herself to stare at him. It was hard for her to take her eyes off him.

Andrew read the menu with his eyes downcast. His long lashes cast shadows over his eyes, effectively covering any emotions he might have had.

Normally, as a frequent visitor at this restaurant, Andrew did not need to check the menu. The manager would reserve the room and his assistant would arrange all for him.

He knew Andrew's taste for food.

But today it was different. He wanted to make sure that the food met Ashley's taste. Fortunately, there was information on her profile regarding her food preferences. She had a very different taste from him.

While Andrew like bland and light food, Ashley preferred those heavy with spices and had a kick of heat.

When he had picked up the menu, he pretty much already knew what he was going to order.

Soon he met Ashley's eyes staring at him seriously, which made him both excited and nervous.

Andrew's fingers twitched unconsciously. Discreetly, he raised his menu slowly to hide his face.

'Why is she staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?' he thought.

All of a sudden, his confidence faltered. He did not think that it was his charm that attracted her.

After a while, the waitress finally broke the silence. "Excuse me, Madame, Sir. Are you ready to order?" she asked, looking at them intently. Her voice pierced through the awkward atmosphere

which seemed to stretch on forever.

Ashley jerked her eyes back and lowered her head embarrassingly.

She felt a little annoyed with herself for unknowingly staring at Andrew this whole time.

Without Ashley staring at him anymore, Andrew gave out a deep breath of relief. He then called the attention of the waitress and said his order in a low voice. The waitress nodded, took his orders and left the room. Ashley did not hear what they said.

The ingredients of the restaurant came by a

him deeply.

She was too caught up with what she was saying that she did not notice the change in his expression.

Andrew's grim and cold eyes were still lingering in Raymond's thoughts.

Unfortunately, Lena's continuous babble annoyed him and made things worse. "Shut up!" he shouted unthinkingly.

Lena's eyes were wide with shock -- she had done everything she could possibly think of to drive him away from Ashley. Instead, it looked as if all her efforts had backfired on her.

"Did I say something wrong?" she murmured in a hurt voice, even managing to bring up tears to her eyes. That was a technique she had used numerous times, and of course it worked.

Raymond immediately felt sorry for her. He couldn't bear to put the blame on her.

However, her words fueled his jealousy. He remembered vividly seeing Ashley together with that man, and his anger almost drove him mad.

Lena's grief did nothing but make him more upset.

"Aren't we going to have dinner?" he said through his teeth. With that, he went straight into the room, leaving Lena all by herself. She stood there motionless, and her face twisted with fury.

She had been working so hard to make him fall for her, but still did not win his heart. After all, she was his fiancee.

Watching him leaving, she clenched her fists tight with indignation.

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