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   Chapter 49 Girlfriend

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Ashley calmly looked at Raymond and spoke indifferently, "Leave? Why should I leave? How do you know whether I can afford to dine here or not? Besides, it's none of your business." Ashley refused to accept Raymond's suggestion. Instead, she thought Raymond's words were rude and degrading.

"Ashley, don't be so stubborn. Do as what I said and go back. You really shouldn't have come to this restaurant. If you really want to have food at this restaurant, I will bring you here next time."

Raymond was hurt by Ashley's words. 'It seems that Ashley still hasn't forgiven me.'

Raymond then tried to persuade Ashley to leave in a soft tone.

Ashley couldn't believe that Raymond would say such things to her in that tone. After all, his fiancee, Lena, was standing by his side.

Even though Ashley would like nothing more than to see Lena upset, this was not the time nor the place to create a scene.

Ashley couldn't understand why Raymond was treating her so kindly and tenderly, when they had broken up a while ago and he was now engaged to Lena.

Just as Raymond was about to hold Ashley's hand, Andrew had quietly approached them. And before Ashley had time to react, he held her in his arms.

He gave Raymond a cold stare and said in a low threatening voice, "Ash is my girlfriend now. Please, keep your hands to yourself. By the way, haven't you noticed that you are offending Ash? So, stop talking to her!"

When they stood side by side, the comparison between Andrew and Raymond was obvious.

Raymond was a tall man, however, he was dwarfed in size when he stood next to Andrew, who was much taller than him.

And, the temperament of Raymond couldn't be compared to that of Andrew.

If Raymond was seen as a man born into a rich family. Then Andrew could be seen as an aristocrat from a noble western family. His temperament and behavior showed his majesty, nobility, elegance and indifference.

If Johnny were here at this moment, he would have been surprised by Andrew's words. He would definitely wonder whether this man was an impostor, since he had never heard Mr. Lu say so many words to another.

really wanted to embed her into his arms and melt into one with her.

After Andrew had let her go, Ashley pretended to smooth her hair down and straighten her clothes, however, she couldn't hide her blushing cheeks.

When she heard Andrew say that she was his girlfriend, her heart beat faster. Although she knew that he was just saying that to help her out of an awkward situation, Ashley still couldn't help but feel shy about them.

After calming herself down, Ashley began to look around the private room.

It was a large space and was decorated in a simple and comfortable style. The crystal chandelier on the ceiling was giving off specks of light to every corner of the private room.

The antique tables and chairs were made of superior sandalwood and were hand-carved with various patterns. They looked a bit complicated, but any combination looked beautiful.

Ashley looked around for a while and sat at a table. Andrew then joined her and sat down next to her.

Andrew quietly looked at the menu in his hand. The suit jacket he had taken off was casually placed over a chair.

It was a simple action but it was completely different from the way others did it. When Andrew would do a task as simply as putting his jacket over a chair, he made it look dignified and charming like a true gentleman.

The warm light fell on Andrew's hard but handsome face, making him look more tender and gentle.

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