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   Chapter 48 Ran Into Lena and Raymond

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That was the reason why Ashley was unable to recognize Andrew's identity immediately.

Although she had an idea that Andrew was a rich kid, she never bothered knowing then just how wealthy he was.

When they entered Vineyard Hotel, a waitress with decent smile on her face welcomed them. Amazement flitted in her eyes when she saw Andrew.

But luckily, she was unlike those other women whose eyes would remain glued at Andrew, ignoring his companion completely as if she never existed. The waitress was courteous enough to greet her properly as well.

Ashley finally understood why this hotel was the best among the best. The level of service which they provided was evident enough from the waitress' attitude.

They only employed the best after all. The waiters and waitresses were said to be products of the most famous universities in J City.

Despite of the level of education they had attained, these men and women chose to serve in this hotel. That alone was proof of how amazing the hotel was, and the great opportunities which they could provide for their employees.

The waitress smiled at the both of them and politely said, "Welcome to Vineyard Hotel. Please follow me to your box."

It was said that when people reserved a box, the servers would usher them from the moment they arrived in the hotel straight towards their reserved box.

Although it was Ashley's first time in the famous Vineyard Hotel, rumors had already reached her ears about the place through her gossiping colleagues.

Instead of focusing on their jobs and working hard, these people were more adept in catching the latest buzz about the wealthy and the influential. They had high hopes of catching themselves one of those wealthy bachelors just so they could experience the meals in the Vineyard Hotel.

Ashley and Andrew followed the waitress.

They were about to enter their box when two people suddenly appeared before them.

Seeing them emerging from the shadows, Ashley felt a chill run down her spine when she recognized who they were.

'Damn', she couldn't help but pity herself. Bad luck was definitely on her side, to think that she would bump with them of all people.

They were none other than Lena and Raymond.

Her little sister and ex-boyfriend together. Bumping into them when she was with Andrew of all people really made the atmosphere awkward.

Raymond held Lena's hand. While her sister whispered something in his ear, casually leaning her body on his. It was t


Ashley also felt Andrew's coldness, but she didn't understand the reason behind it.

When she saw that Andrew was staring at Lena coldly, she realized something was afoot. So she held Andrew's hand and shook her head, motioning for him to stop.

She was aware that Lena's target was her, and she knew that Andrew was the only person who could help her in her predicament. But she didn't want him to be involved, just because she didn't want to be indebted to him.

With Ashley's comforting hand and gaze, Andrew reverted back to being the modest gentleman. He then gave Ashley a gentle and loving look.

The sweet exchange did not go unnoticed. Raymond suddenly felt jealous and awkward. He felt as if he was an unwanted spectator of the exchange going on between the two.

'It should have been me on her side right now. I alone am the perfect match for Ashley, ' Raymond thought longingly.

But he immediately composed himself, throwing away the unnecessary sentiment he felt.

After hearing Lena's performance, he calmly passed by her and went straight to Ashley.

He began interrogating Ashley without notice, "Why are you here? Are you not aware that you don't belong in this place? You should leave immediately before you further embarrass yourself."

Ashley looked at him as if she was staring at an idiot.


She was indeed not suited in this place. She wasn't naive enough not to realize that. It was her first time here after all. This was not exactly the type of place she would frequently visit.

But he was in no position to tell her whether she belonged in that place or not.

He didn't have the right to judge her.

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