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   Chapter 47 Dinner Time

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It looked like he had no choice but to marry that fat Miss Li. Unfortunately, he didn't even get a chance to ask Andrew for help due to this unexpected "situation".

After lost in thought for a second, Ashley had finally snapped out of her reverie. She pushed Andrew aside and walked away in a huff, wiping her mouth furiously.

How dare he kiss her!

How dare he!

Besides, he had a fiancee, didn't he? Why was he still after her?

Just as Ashley was about to leave, Andrew immediately dragged her back by her hand.

"Let go of me!" She demanded. Staring at him coldly, Ashley tried to fathom why he did that to her.

Andrew silently gazed at her, and set his mouth in a hard line.

Looking deep into his brooding eyes, Ashley sensed a certain sadness in them.

'Sadness? How could that be? That is impossible. After all, I am the one who was offended by his actions, ' she thought.

"You're mad at me, aren't you?" Andrew asked softly, already knowing what her answer would be.

"No, I'm not." Ashley answered, rolling her eyes unwittingly.

"Why?" Andrew persisted not believing her.

Ashley knew he wasn't convinced with her reply and wanted to know why she was angry with him.

'Wasn't it obvious to him? Everyone else could figure it out, ' she thought to herself.

"Stop asking me why! What exactly do you want from me? Just let me go!" Ashley was getting more pissed off, looking at his incredibly handsome face.

Choosing not to respond, Andrew stubbornly continued to gaze at her, refusing to let her go.

"Anybody would be annoyed if someone kissed them without their consent, don't you think?" She had no choice but to answer him.

But she had no idea why he insisted on getting an answer.

"I thought you would like it." Andrew replied in a barely audible voice, but Ashley heard it clearly, and it stunned her. 'Why would he think that I like the kiss?! Why did he assume that it was all right for him to act on his own judgeme

she was about to do, she reached out and held his hand, saying, "Come on, let's go have dinner."

All the negative thoughts in Andrew's mind vanished the second Ashley held his hand.

'Her hand is so soft and warm. Her fingers are so slender and her nails are so beautiful, ' he thought feverishly. Worried that he might hurt her delicate hand accidentally, he didn't dare to hold it too tight. Instead, he held it gently like it was the most precious treasure.

Ashley, on the other hand, regretted the moment she held his hand. 'What on earth did I do that for?' She admonished herself inwardly.

When she tried to withdraw her hand, she noticed how small it looked in his big hand. Clearly there was no subtle way to withdraw her hand from such a big one.

As Andrew hadn't planned to come to this place for dinner before he met Ashley, and didn't want her to get overwhelmed, he didn't inform anyone at the restaurant that he was coming. Otherwise, the staff would provide the best service for them without a doubt.

Although Andrew was the CEO of the Lu Group and the head of his family, only a few from the senior management had access to him.

Ashley and Ellie didn't pay much attention to this, but even if they did, they would have never expected to encounter one of the personages of J City.

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