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   Chapter 46 His Mood Lightened

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The photo was old and faded but you could still see the beautiful face of the little girl. Her face was tender and her cheeks were rose colored. She wore a princess skirt which complimented her beautiful black hair.

She had a bright smile on her face as she intimately held the arm of the boy beside her.

Jeremy recalled her sister while he stared at the photo. He remembered how sweet she was when she called him brother.

His eyes reflected too much agony. He thought that if he hadn't taken his little sister outside to play then left her alone, she might have been with him right now. He was overwhelmed with regret.

He had no one to blame but himself. His sister wouldn't have been lost if he had been more responsible back then.

Jeremy pondered about what happened to her after the tragic event. He hoped that someone adopted her. He was anxious about how she would've been treated if she did become part of a new family. He always thought that his sister was cute so she must've been cared for and loved by others too.

Jeremy was determined to find her sister. He would stop at nothing for them to be together again.

His eyes swelled with love and tenderness as he stared at the little girl in the photo.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Ashley left the café.

Andrew grabbed Ashley's hand and walked out with her. He didn't say anything as he dragged her out of the place.

Ashley was startled by Andrew's actions. She was confused about why she felt somewhat scared and guilty.

She had no relationship with Andrew. He had no right to meddle about her blind date.

Ashley finally had the courage to react to Andrew's actions.

Ashley looked at Andrew with determined eyes. She then tried her best to get her hand out of his grip, but she failed. Andrew held her so tightly that she wasn't able to break free.

Actually, she felt that Andrew's grip got tighter every time she tried to break loose.

"Where are you taking me? Release me! Let go of my hand! I have to go back!" Ashley realized that she couldn't break free of Andrew's grip. She just suddenly stopped and stood still.

Her hair that had been supposedly arranged in a fabulous manner was already loose and free. Her big black-rimmed glasses were nowhere to be seen.

She wore an ugly skirt with a floral design but she was still amazing. Her beautiful face became apparent when she re

or me to like him." Ashley confessed with a soft, barely audible tone. However, Andrew was very close to her so he clearly heard everything she said. Andrew's face suddenly relaxed and his mood lightened.

He was correct to assume that Ashley had no affection for that man.

He kissed the corner of Ashley's lip quickly.

"That's your reward for telling the truth."

Ashley was surprised by Andrew's actions. Her face reddened like a rose.

Actually, Andrew was afraid that Ashley wouldn't like to be kissed and be furious at him. He just wanted to apply what he had learned from Francis.

Andrew was taught by Francis about many ways to court a girl that night. A kiss as a reward was one of those ways.

Andrew wasn't sure whether Ashley was fine with the kiss or not. He hoped Francis hadn't fooled him with that advice. Andrew was determined to punish Francis if the kiss didn't work. He would marry Francis to the daughter of the Li family in J city.

Andrew was serious about Francis punishment. Francis better prayed that his advice to Andrew would work.

The daughter of the Li family in J City had been in love with Francis for a very long time. She courted Francis to show her affection, but he dismissed her because he didn't want to be bound by a relationship.

Additionally, Miss Li was chubby. Francis was interested in sexy women. Miss Li wasn't his type so it was impossible for him to marry her.

Francis's hospital was currently in trouble and he required a large amount of money to solve the problems. Francis approached Andrew to ask for his help.

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