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   Chapter 45 Misunderstanding

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The cafe was quite famous in J City, and tourists never failed to visit the renowned place and have their sip of hot brewed coffees or cold lattes. With a rational architectural layout, the building with three floors was altogether grandiose and classy. Guests on the second and the third floors could clearly see what other people on the first floor were doing.

"Andrew, what are you looking at? Did you hear what I just said?" Bothered by his absent-mindedness, Francis looked at Andrew and shouted at him with a loud voice to catch his attention. However, Andrew kept looking down to the first floor as if searching for someone.

Francis, who had a delicate face with his skin as flawless as a shiny jade and a pair of charming eyes, looked at Andrew helplessly. Curious at what Andrew was looking at, Francis looked down in the direction which Andrew was looking now.

Unfortunately, he didn't find anything unusual happening on the first floor.

Taking a second look and studying the bustling crowd on the first floor more intently this time, Francis noticed the man and woman sitting near the center table on the first floor.

The man was wearing a neat suit with black pants, but his appearance was somewhat beyond description.

Wearing an odd colored dress, the woman also looked weird.

Seeing that Andrew was intently eyeing the couple, Francis was somewhat bothered. He couldn't understand why Andrew was so curious about the couple that he kept staring at them all the time.

Just as Francis was about to say something, Andrew suddenly stood up and said, "Let's just meet again tomorrow!" Without looking back, he hastily left Francis and went downstairs alone.

Surprised and taken aback, Francis sat there and stared at Andrew's receding figure.

He was held speechless and blank at being left alone, and he didn't know what to say at that moment. 'What's the matter with him?' Francis was confused.

On the other hand, Andrew quickened his pace to the first floor. Just as Leo was about to leave the cafe, he noticed a tall man with a handsome face coming to their table.

Leo sensed the man's noble temperament, making it difficult for people to ignore him, so Leo couldn't help but fix his eyes on him.

Dressed in a black well-cut handmade suit and with a towering height that appeared to be 1.88 meters, Leo was overwhelmed by the appearance of the man approaching. He was wearing a cold face, and when he looked at Leo, a strong chill crept through Leo's bones.

Approaching the table, Andrew went straight to Ashley and put his arm around Ashley's shoulders possessively. What he said then shocked Leo.

"Ash? Why are you here?" Then with his eyebrows crossed he turned to Leo and asked, "Who is he?"

Detecting that Andrew was quite crossed,

ed in a floral dress with her soft black hair draped over her head. They resembled a sweet couple.

Zooming in the photo and examining the woman closely, Francis suddenly realized that the woman's figure looked not so bad at all.

'If it hadn't been for the fact that I have just seen the real face of the woman, I would have been deceived by her figure.

I may assume that she is of great beauty.' Francis had a sarcastic smile on his lips.

Meanwhile in the Gu Group company, Jeremy Gu was sitting in his office chair reviewing some important businesses documents when his cell phone vibrated. There was a notification from their group chat.

Unlocking his cell phone, he saw the photo Francis posted and the caption tagged below it.

Jeremy clicked the photo and looked at the couple walking side by side with their hands locked with each other. Dazzled, the creases on his forehead deepened which complimented the shallow smile on his handsome face.

However, after studying the photo earnestly, the smile on Jeremy's face gradually grew bitter.

If only his sister hadn't been lost, she should be as happy as the girl in the photo. Probably, she could be happily engaged by now.

With a gloomy expression, Jeremy opened a drawer in the bottom right corner and pulled out a yellowed photo from it. He gently blew the specks of dust away and wiped the photo clear with his hands.

The old memorabilia was quite worn and the edges had been ruined. But it was very well preserved by Jeremy. Obviously, the owner treasured it very much.

There were two beaming children in the photo, and the boy was a little older than the girl. The cute boy seemed to be about seven or eight years old, while the girl was almost half his age. Looking at the photo, one could say that the kids were extremely happy as they posed while holding their toys.

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