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   Chapter 44 They Looked Like A Good Match

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"What? The woman in the photo isn't you?" he said abruptly.

Ashley nodded while she gave him a blank look.

Leo just came back from abroad and Peggy was his aunt.

Peggy had promised him earlier that she would introduce him to a beautiful woman. But the one he saw standing before him was far from beautiful. She was even dressed in embarrassingly ugly clothes. Obviously, she had very poor taste in clothing.

Even though Peggy was Leo's aunt, they weren't related by blood. Peggy was an orphan who had been adopted and brought up by Leo's family members.

She didn't have a high status while she lived in the Su family but despite that, the Su family never treated her badly.

However, when Peggy met Spencer and became his wife, she became a noble and wealthy woman. She enjoyed the high status and was envied by many people.

The Su family had always been kind to Peggy and never treated her badly. So when the time came, one of their family members was in need of help, and Peggy stepped in. She didn't forget the Su family and helped Leo have the chance to study abroad and receive his doctor's degree.

When Ashley waltzed into the coffee shop dressed the way she was, everyone gawked at her. However, now that Leo had raised his voice he had become the focus of the people's attention as well as Ashley.

In fact, since Ashley was dressed so badly and Leo was so ugly, they looked like a good match for each other.

Leo began to sulk and pulled a long face.

Peggy assured him that he would be going on a blind date with a very attractive and beautiful woman today and he was really looking forward to it. However, to his surprise, the woman standing before him wasn't pretty nor charming at all.

She reminded him of an unsophisticated and uneducated country bumpkin. The clothes that she was wearing indeed made her look so ugly. And the large pair of black framed glasses that nearly covered her whole face, made her look ridiculous. He wondered if she might be half blind as well as ugly.

Leo was so angry, that he was about to stand up and leave.

However, before he got the chance to, Ashley said, "Hey, are you Mr. Su? Hi. I'm Ashley Mu."

Ashley then deliberately paused for a moment, pretending to be bashful, and then added in a softer voice, "My name is Ashley Mu. I'm your blind date.

Mrs. Mu told me that you have just come back from studying abroad and that you receive

e. So it was understandable for many women to have a crush on him.

He thought that he was so good-looking that a lot of women were infatuated with him, which made him even prouder and smugger.

Leo kept thinking about that with confidence.

After casting a glance at Leo's expression, Ashley quickly guessed what was on Leo's mind.

She believed that he might surely think that she took a fancy to him.

As expected, Leo immediately spoke, "Although you might like me as I'm handsome, you're not my type really. I won't start a relationship with you, so don't think about that anymore," Leo said arrogantly.

Ashley was speechless with surprise upon hearing him. She hadn't even shown him any sign of being attracted to him or said that she liked him.

How could he be so narcissistic that he even thought that she had a crush on him? His excessive vanity really disgusted Ashley.


Ashley didn't know that when she was chatting with Leo, someone had been watching their every move and expression that they made.

A man on the second floor stared straight at them and his glances at Leo, who sat opposite Ashley, were sullen and cold. If the man's gaze could kill, Leo might surely be killed by it many times over.

Leo somehow felt a bit uneasy and trembled, seeming to realize something all of a sudden.

After looking at his watch, he was surprised to find that he had been talking with Ashley for almost an hour.

As far as Leo was concerned, sitting together with such a woman like Ashley was just an insult to him. With this in mind, Leo adjusted his clothes, about to leave.

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