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   Chapter 43 How Can That Be Me

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"By the way, Ashley, have you noticed that every time we chose the shop and wanted to sign the contract, the owners would change their minds after getting a phone call?" It had suddenly occurred to Ellie and she asked Ashley if she found that strange as well.

"Yes, you're right," Ashley replied after thinking about it for a moment.

For the past two days, they had scoured the city to find a shop to lease for their new cake business. Each owner that they met was nice to them and everything went smoothly. But whenever it came to signing the contract they all had different excuses as to why they had changed their minds and didn't want to lease the shop out to them.

It could be a coincidence if it happened once or twice. But they were rejected every time they planned to sign the contract. It was so strange.

Ashley didn't know why Lena had suddenly popped into her mind.

When Lena first came to the Luo Group, she was anxious to see Ashley leave the company, but before Ashley left the company, Lena seemed to have a change of heart and didn't want her to leave.

Also, both Ashley and Ellie had lived in J City for a long time and hadn't offended anybody. Even if some people didn't like the two, how could they get involved just when the contract was about to be signed? Could they have spied on the two ladies?

After thinking it over for a while, Ashley came to the conclusion that only Lena would be capable of sabotaging anything that they wanted to do. Lena was also the only person who the girls didn't have a good relationship with.

"It must be Lena who is behind it," Ashley suddenly blurted out.

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, Lena can't control everything. J City is so big. Surely we can lease a place to open a shop, somewhere?" Ellie said to comfort her.

"Hmm, forget it. I don't want to think about it any more. I am so tired after these past two days and I have to go on a blind date tomorrow. I need to go to sleep now," Ashley expressed helplessly.

"Do you still dare go to a blind date arranged by the Mu family? Aren't you afraid that they might try and trick you again and then make you marry someone for their own interest?" Ellie asked as she stopped Ashley

ing this disgusting face she wouldn't even want to eat anything for several days afterward.

After recovering from the shock, Ashley put on a smile which she thought was beautiful and asked, "Excuse me, you must be Mr. Su, right?"

"Yes, I am. May I ask who I am talking to?" Leo Su, who was sitting glared at her with doubt and disdain.

No wonder he had such a reaction to her.

The fact was that his aunt told him the girl was a beauty and had even sent him a picture of her.

For the sake of meeting that beauty in the photo, he had finally agreed to come here on the blind date.

Otherwise, given his economic condition, why would he come to such a place for a blind date?

Leo looked at Ashley and disliked her even more and he rudely said, "Lady, this seat is taken. You must have the wrong table?"

Ashley pretended to be ignorant. She glanced at Leo and replied, "No, it's not wrong. This is the table number Mrs. Mu told me to come to."

"Mrs. Mu? Do you mean Peggy Su?"

Ashley nodded, "Right."

Leo raised his bushy eyebrows in surprise and asked, "Are you Ashley Mu?"

Ashley was honest and nodded.

"Wait a minute," Leo stated as he reached into his wallet, took out a photo and held it up to her. "Is this you?"

Ashley glanced at the familiar photo and had to bite her tongue not to laugh. She squinted at the photo and pretended to be surprised. "Isn't she the daughter of the Mu family? She is so beautiful. How can that be me?"

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