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   Chapter 41 Things Changed

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Raymond's eyes grew heavy with exhaustion. The flight was tiresome but Raymond felt that something was wrong. He rushed towards the company the moment he got off the plane.

Raymond arrived at the company post haste. He was greeted with the terrible news that Ashley had already resigned. The exhaustion overwhelmed his body while he tried to process the news. His legs were wobbly and his shoulders felt sore. He sat in the chair as the fatigue took over his body.

Raymond was accompanied by Lena, who massaged his shoulders to help him relax. His stress seemed to diminish from every stroke of Lena's delicate hands.

His eyelids grew heavy as his tense body loosened up. He felt really sleepy with Lena's massage. However, his drowsiness flew away when Lena spoke.

"Raymond, I'm sorry that I didn't take good care of Ashley. She quitted. I wasn't able to convince her to stay." Lena's voice was soft and apologetic. Her bright eyes were full of sadness and pity. Anyone would be convinced that she felt sorry when Ashley left the company.

Raymond's heart raced when he heard Ashley's name. He felt like something pulled him out of a dream and slapped him with reality.

Raymond hesitated at first but then he asked Lena, "Do you have any idea why she resigned?"

He was anxious while he waited for Lena's answer. He feared that Ashley resigned because of the reason he had in his mind.

"I'm sorry, but no. I didn't want her to leave, so I tried to persuade her to stay. I asked her about her reasons. However, you're aware that Ashley and I aren't close. She has always hated me ever since we were young girls. She wouldn't talk to me about such things.

In fact, she snarled at me when I asked her to stay. She told me to leave her alone, and that it wasn't my business,"

Lena replied to Raymond. Her eyes were moist and ready to cry. She looked sorrowful as if she was a victim. People wouldn't dare to blame her for anything.

Raymond wanted to ask more about Ashley's abrupt resignation. He opened his mouth but decided to say nothing when he saw Lena's depressed face.

Any man would feel the need to comfort such a lady in tears. Their hearts would melt and they would want to embrace the beautiful lady in tears.

"Hush now Lena. I understand that it's not your fault," Raymond wiped Lena's tears as he comforted her with his deep, warm voice. He wrapped his arms around her to calm her down.

He understood Ashley well enough to know how hard-headed she could be. She wouldn't let anyone change her de

d wrapped his hands around Lena to calm her down. He tried to comfort her before he left her office.

The posts on the forum had been deleted. No one was allowed to mention it. The employees were ordered not to gossip about the event. Raymond, who was away, had no idea of the catastrophe that made Ashley leave.

Ashley and Ellie got up early in the morning. They had breakfast together and walked to the bus stop. The sunlight was warm on their early trip. They were headed towards the store they had inquired yesterday, along with everything they needed to sign the contract.

They planned to rent the store. They would decorate it so that they could have their own shop.

However, they felt ominous as they entered the front door. A middle-aged woman sat in the middle of the store and stared absent-mindedly at the walls. She was the shop owner but she wasn't aware that Ashley and Ellie had already arrived.

Ashley cautiously walked towards the shop owner. She lightly tapped the shop owner's shoulder and said, "How are you, Lily? Are you okay?"

"Oh Ashley, I haven't noticed you coming in! It's nothing. I'm fine." Lily looked startled, but she replied with a smile on her face. However, Lily's smile seemed forced.

"Lily, where is the contract? We brought everything we need for signing," Ashley asked as she noticed that Lily had nothing on her hands. A wave of confusion struck Ashley.

"I'm sorry! I do not have the contract! The shop has actually been rented out by my son two days ago. He has already received a deposit from the renters. They will come tomorrow to sign the contract. I'm so sorry. I should have called you and told you about it ahead of time."

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