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   Chapter 40 Raymond Was Back

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8082

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The minute the plane landed, Raymond felt a sense of urgency to check out and head to the company. All this time, while traveling he was bothered by something. Unable to put himself with the odd feeling, he himself couldn't explain why he was feeling that way.

Upon checking out, Raymond walked out of the airport with a suitcase.

His assistant who was there to pick him up took his suitcase and greeted him, "Mr. Luo."

Recently, Raymond always felt like something was going to happen. The unfamiliar hunch was way lesser when he was away on official business. But now that he was home, the gut feeling grew even stronger.

"Has anything happened in the company while I was away?"

In the car, Raymond asked his assistant who was sitting in the front seat.

The assistant had been loyal to him from the start. Raymond knew he could be trusted, even with confidential personal matters. So this time, he deliberately left the assistant in the Luo Group so that someone could report to him in case Ashley would be bullied.

Despite knowing his boss for a long time, the assistant was only vaguely aware of what was between Raymond and Ashley. That was the reason why when Raymond asked him to look after Ashley, he thought it was a difficult task.

Turning back and facing his boss, the assistant didn't know how to spill the beans to Raymond. He tried to open his mouth but no words came out. Then he just wiped cold sweats from his forehead and coughed to distract Raymond for a while.

After thinking for a moment, he said with a shaky voice, "The company has no big problems. There's only one thing... Miss Mu... Miss Mu resigned." He thought that was the news Raymond wanted to hear. Unfortunately, he couldn't give more details of Miss Mu's resignation because he just knew it lately, too.

Although Raymond left him at the company to take care of Ashley Mu, he still had a lot of work to do and couldn't follow her for 24 hours. After all, he couldn't possibly know everything that happened in the company.

"You mean Lena Mu resigned?" Raymond shifted his gaze from the car windows and looked at his assistant, confused.

Ashley's and Lena's positions in the Luo Group were almost the same. Lena was the daughter of the Mus and Raymond's fiancée as well. So when she wanted to enter the company at that time, Raymond couldn't refuse. Worst was, it was his mother who let Lena enter t

re fired for spreading rumors in the Luo Group, many companies might not hire them as well.

They had a clear idea of what would happen to them if they did anything wrong about this matter.

For now, they knew what was the most important. Thus with their heads low, they kept silent and went back to their respective works.

Meanwhile, Raymond was standing in Ashley's office. He found her desk very tidy and Ashley's things were gone.

Looking at the scene, he felt that all his strength was drained away.

Scene after scene of his past with Ashley reappeared in his mind. A fit of dizziness came over him and he had blurred vision.

Realizing that Ashley was really gone, he muttered, 'She really left. She really broke off all ties with me.'

Raymond could not help but approach Ashley's desk as if he could see her working here as before.

But no matter what he did, she was already not here. It was just in vain.

In the general manager's office.

When Lena heard that Raymond was back, the joy on her face was obvious.

But when she heard that he had come back in a hurry and then went directly to Ashley's office, her gorgeous face instantly grew gloomy.

Just as she was deep in her thoughts, Raymond pushed the door open and entered.

Lena quickly put away her gloomy expression and replaced it with her usual gorgeous smile. She greeted him, "You're back, Raymond! You must be exhausted after a long journey! Please sit down. Let me massage your shoulders."

Lena stood up and led Raymond to sit on the sofa. She gently massaged his shoulders with her slender hands.

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