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   Chapter 39 The Perfect Place

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"I really need to rent out this shop. If it's too expensive for you, I can give you a discount. Does nine thousand sound good?" Beck offered, seeing that Ashley and Ellie were hesitating.

The place looked great and the rent Beck offered was within their budget. However, Ashley and Ellie did not plan to set up their shop here.

It was located at the end of the street; although there were many pedestrians, they seldom passed by here or stayed for a long while.

On top of that, they had looked around the street when they came to this shop. Two busy cake shops were located at the center of this street.

This was a disadvantage to Ashley and Ellie. Only a few people would come by their shop. If they did decide to set up their own cake shop here, the best case scenario for them would be to earn back what they spent without any profit.

Ashley turned to see what Ellie thought. With one look, she knew Ellie was thinking the same thing. "Thank you, Beck. But we have to think more about it carefully," Ashley said with an apologetic smile, "We're sorry."

"Okay. It doesn't matter. People often think twice before making a decision. If you decide to rent my shop, call me.

In fact, the location here is really good. I have done business here for several years. If I hadn't had family financial difficulties, I wouldn't rent it out in a hurry."

"We understand what you mean. Everyone has their problems. I'm sorry that we have to leave now. We'll call you when we've made a decision."

"Okay," Beck said with a nod. And with that, he escorted the two girls out the door.

"Thank you, Beck. We're sorry to bother you."

As soon as they got in the car, Ellie turned to Ashley to talk about the shop more.

"Ashley, how do you feel about that shop?" she asked.

"Do you honestly want to know what I think?" Ashley replied as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm not that convinced by it," Ashley began to explain. "The location seems good but compared to other shops in that street, that shop is too remote. There are also two other cake shops on that street. If we set up our shop there, our only customers would be mostly pedestrians coming home from work. Our business may not be that good."

In the past t

d to run her own cake shop here, and had already done the decorations. But her son's wife was pregnant--he had called her, asking if she could come over and take care of his pregnant wife. It was a pity to let the decorations go to waste, so she thought of renting it out to others instead. The new shop owner just needed to tidy it up before starting business.

"Congratulations! You'll be a great grandmother!" Ashley and Ellie sincerely sent their blessings to the woman.

"Thank you," The woman smiled gently.

"Let me give you a look around.

This way, please. Here is the kitchen. All the equipment here is fairly new. There's also a lot of space and storage so cooking will be very convenient.

You can also put your tables and cake displays over here.

And here…"

Ashley and Ellie listened intently as the woman gave them a careful explanation of the shop, all the while giving them suggestions on what they could do with the space.

This was the first time that they were going to own their very own shop. Although they read a lot of articles on the Internet, they still hadn't put it to practice. It was a good opportunity now that they were learning from someone with experience.

With that, Ashley and Ellie decided to rent this shop. After a few more inquiries, they made an appointment with her the following day so they could sign the contract. They bade the woman goodbye, the smiles on Ashley's and Ellie's faces bright with the promise of their new shop.

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