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   Chapter 37 An Unexpected Visitor

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Updated: 2019-06-12 14:06

That evening, Ellie was making dinner as Ashley helped her in the kitchen. All of a sudden, they heard someone ring the bell.

"Ashley, you take this one."

"Got it," Ashley said as she washed her hands.

'I didn't expect we have company, ' she thought, confounded.

Confused as she was, she came out of the kitchen and opened the door.

The moment she caught sight of her visitor, her face darkened with displeasure.

Before she could close the door, Lena put her hands on the knob, her eyes staring at Ashley with blazing hatred.

The two girls glowered at each other, neither of them uttering a single word.

"Who is it, Ashley?" Ellie called from the kitchen when she didn't hear any voices speaking.

When Ashley turned around, Lena hastily sneaked into the house. "Hello, Ellie," Lena greeted.

Ashley closed the door, and walked to Lena's side. "What are you doing here?" Ashley asked coldly.

She was displeased to see Lena because of what had happened last night.

On top of that, they couldn't stand each other ever since they were only little girls.

"Nothing important," Lena replied leisurely as she stroked her long hair.

"I came here to inform you that I disapprove your resignations. So you'll have to continue to work in the Luo Group tomorrow. Although you didn't go to work today, I won't cut your salary. You can thank me later," Lena said calmly.

But deep inside, she was seething with anger.

The sight of Ashley reminded Lena of what had happened between her and Mr. Chen.

In the past, she couldn't wait to kick Ashley out of the Luo Group lest Raymond should keep his eyes on her.

But now, she had changed her mind. As the old saying went, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

After mulling over it again and again, she decided to let Ashley work for the Luo group. That way, she wouldn't have to worry about her so much.

She swore to herself that, one day, she would ruin Ashley's reputation and make her lose everything.

Upon hearing this, Ashley let out a dismissive laugh.

"Lena, you think too highly of yourself. Do you think we will do anything you ask us of? Oh, I almost forgot one thing. Did you have fun last night?" She crossed her arms over her chest, gazing at Lena with a triumphant smile.


nner, the two lay down on the couch, browsing through their phones leisurely. Since they had quit their jobs, they didn't have to get up early the next day.

They had planned to go out and rent a place to open a desert shop.

Ashley and Ellie had dreamt of having their own shop and running it together. But Ashley had dated Raymond in college and she chose to work in his father's company after she graduated from school. To avoid getting separated from her best friend, Ellie decided to work in the Luo Group as well. They had signed a one-year contract with the Luo Group, and now it had been a year since they had gotten employed.


In Golden Palace.

Andrew sat at the desk attentively, doing his office work on his computer. There was a cup of coffee on the desk, and a thick pile of well-organized papers beside it.

After he was done with his work, he picked up the coffee mug gracefully and took a sip. He placed the mug back on the desk, smacking his lips lightly.

He then turned his attention to a set of documents- something that was not at all related to his work. Soon enough, the stern look on his face was replaced with a smile. Carefully, he picked up the documents and placed them in front of him, reading them intently.

Even when he checked his business files, he had never been as focused as he was now.

He had instructed Johnny to do some investigation, and his assistant had handed the papers to him promptly. The documents contained Ashley's entire life, even up to the very day she was born.

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