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   Chapter 36 The Consequences

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The fact that the plan had back-fired on her made Lena really angry.

And whenever she thought of the things that happened between her and that ugly old man last night, it made her stomach churn and her feel more irate.

The man was fat and clumsy with stained yellow teeth and smelly breath. Lena felt like she was going to throw up when she realized that she had sex with a man like that the night before. She felt so disgusted by the whole ordeal.

But that man was still by her side. So however repulsed she felt about it, she had to suppress her feelings and hide her repugnance with smiles. Lena greeted him happily and showered him with compliments for what he did last night. And, even though, Mr. Chen's company was no match for the Mu Group, it was, however, an influential company, anyway.

Lena did have her limits as to what she was prepared to do herself, for the company.

She thought if she were to attend the party along with Ashley, then Ashley wouldn't suspect anything unusual, since she was there with her. And because she was so sure that her plan would work to set Ashley up with Mr. Chen. She didn't feel that it was necessary to bring any other girls with her.

But to her shocking surprise, Ashley managed to escape, leaving Lena behind to deal with Mr. Chen. And because Lena had hinted to Mr. Chen so many times about giving him a 'gift', she couldn't pretend that she didn't know what she was offering him.

She was not only the lady from the Mu family, but also the general manager of the Luo Group. And from Mr. Chen's point of view, when the general manager offered such a gift, it was needless to say that, she needed to put her money where her mouth was. Mr. Chen was a disgusting man. He would never give up the offer of a free 'gift'. Especially, if it was a beautiful young woman who was offering it. So Lena, the one who created the predicament had no other choice but to deal with it and sleep with this man.

After hearing her praise, Mr. Chen wanted to kiss Lena's lips. But Lena turned her face away on purpose and he missed her mouth, so he kissed her hand.

Mr. Chen wasn't at all angry at Lena's gestures, instead, he kissed her hand in a very happy mood.

Lena put him in such a good mood because she gave him compliments about his lovemaking. And what man didn't like to be praised about that?

Men, especially men in the middle ages who were in their forties or fifties, would be very pleased with receiving praising words from a young and beautiful woman.

'But the woman that Lena brought to me yesterday was even better. It's a pity that I didn't get to sleep with her, ' he thought to he

reason why Raymond's mother was kind to her was because of her association with the Mu Group.

Once Lena had started working in the Luo Group, she was always at work on time every day. However, this was the first day that she was late.

In this case, late was a gross understatement. It would be more appropriate to say that she was absent for the whole day.

'She must be calling me to ask the reason why I didn't go to the company today, ' Lena thought to herself.

Lena picked up the phone and cleared her throat. She made her voice sound so sweet. Judging by the tone of her voice, one certainly wouldn't be able to tell that she felt so hostile and livid at the moment.

"Hello, Auntie. This is Lena. I'm sorry I didn't go to the company today. Yes. I didn't feel very good today and I didn't have the chance to tell you. No, I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me. I feel much better right now. I'll go shopping with you next time when I get better. Okay. Thank you. Goodbye, Auntie." Lena spoke on the phone in a soft voice.

After she hung up the phone to Mrs. Luo, she made another call. She needed someone to bring her a fresh suit to get changed into. Lena then threw the phone onto the bed.

She felt that the smell of that man was still all over her body and frowned in disgust. Lena got up from the bed to go to the bathroom to have a shower.

Even though the room wasn't a presidential suite, it was still a high-level room in the hotel. And all the facilities that Lena needed were available to her.

However, when she began to walk to the bathroom the pain that she felt nearly made her faint.

And once again she was painfully reminded of the things that happened the night before.

The things that she never wanted to remember.

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