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   Chapter 35 Go For Wool And Come Home Shorn

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What does that even mean?'

Johnny's words confused the senior leaders.

'Why is Johnny beating around the bush?' they thought. Johnny had always been serious, and rarely joked around.

Meanwhile, Ashley was on her way home.

It was only a short distance. She could have arrived at home in less than five minutes, but it took her fifteen instead--she had deliberately slowed down her pace.

While walking, she was already thinking about what excuse she could say to Ellie.

They had been living in the same house for several years now. Ellie was like an older sister and took good care of her. Without a doubt, she cared about Ashley from every aspect and paid attention to all of her personal affairs. They were getting along well. Even sisters of the same blood couldn't compare to them.

Ashley and Ellie were close not only because of their similar family background, but also because they sympathized with each other. Ashley was an orphan, brought up by the Mu family. But never had they treated her like a daughter. Ellie's parents got divorced when Ellie was young. She lived with her grandparents. Both of them hadn't had a happy life.

Ashley finally arrived at home. After taking a deep breath, she took out the key and opened the door. There, she saw Ellie sleeping on the sofa, still wearing the clothes she wore to work.

Although it was getting warm, she could still catch a cold for sleeping on the couch without a blanket.

Ashley walked inside and closed the door behind, trying to make as less noise as possible. Although the door gave a slight creak and click, Ellie didn't wake up. Maybe Ellie was really exhausted.

When Ashley got close to Ellie, she noticed the dark circles around her eyes. 'Ellie looks tired. She must have been waiting for me on the sofa the whole night and fell asleep, ' thought Ashley.

Ashley went into the bedroom and took a blanket out. After covering Ellie with it, she went into the kitchen.

Although she already had breakfast, it was obvious Ellie didn't have anything to eat. Besides, Ashley felt she was still a bit hungry.

Ashley made some millet congee and planned to make some dishes using the vegetables in the fridge. Once the dishes were done, she put them on the table in the living room. She had a talent for cooking. These dishes were in perfect combination of colors, smells and tastes.

Ellie woke up because she smelled the dishes.

d have changed into my own clothes as soon as I got back, ' Ashley thought.

All this time, she was so preoccupied on how to explain her whereabouts that she forgot what she was wearing.

"Oh, my clothes were soiled, so I bought this dress on my way home," explained Ashley. It was a lame excuse, but she hoped Ellie would stop asking after that.

"By the way, I wasn't able to answer your calls yesterday because it was too noisy. When I was about to call you, my phone had no battery," Ashley said as she poked Ellie's shoulder like a child.

"Stop. Don't poking me. I feel giddy," said Ellie.

Ashley replied with a smile, "Okay. Let's have breakfast."

After breakfast, Ashley washed the dishes and then slumped back on the sofa with Ellie. They were looking for a commercial space to rent so that they could open their own bakery shop.

In Harkim.

When Lena woke up, she felt all her body was aching, especially her private parts. She was extremely upset.

The pain reminded her of what had happened. She was exhausted and in immense pain because of the fierce sex.

She threatened Ashley to meet Mr. Chen with her in order to finally end her. Ashley had been asked to drink so much alcohol so that afterwards she could be sent to Mr. Chen's hotel room. 'Ashley will be ruined and she will be shamed for even trying to seduce Raymond, ' thought Lena.

When Raymond came back, Lena would tell him Ashley quit and she got a project for the Luo Group. It was great to kill two birds with one stone. Lena had thought everything would happen as she planned. Ashley's escape was out of her expectation.

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