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   Chapter 34 Nothing Else Is More Important Than You

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Johnny felt miserable as he seemed to be always snowed under with work every day. His job was indeed a great torment for him.

"Mr. Lu, you have finally answered the phone. Where are you now? Have you forgotten that you are going to have an important meeting in the company today? The senior leaders of the company are all here waiting for you. When can you get to the company?"

The moment he got through to Andrew, Johnny bombarded him with several questions.

"Delay the meeting for half an hour. I will be there soon." After Andrew told him what to do, he immediately hung up the phone before Johnny had the chance to reply.

He then calmly put his phone down and continued to drive, staring straight ahead as if nothing had happened at all.

Ashley pursed her lips slightly and then asked hesitantly, "Do you have something urgent to deal with? It's okay. You go ahead and do what you have to do. I can get out here and take a taxi home."

Johnny had spoken so loudly on the phone to Andrew just now, that Ashley couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

Ashley felt a little guilty. After all, he was delayed getting back to the company because of her.

"Don't worry about it. We'll be at your house very soon, anyway," Andrew replied calmly glancing at her.

But Ashley still felt uneasy and said, "But, I heard him speak in an urgent tone. It sounds like there is something important waiting for you to deal with."

"Nothing else is more important than you,"

Andrew replied in a pleasant carefree voice. Even though he said those words in a casual way, for some reason, Ashley's heart fluttered upon hearing them.

And his words lingered on, in her mind.

"Nothing else is more important than you."

'Really? There is nothing more important than me?'

She didn't know why, but she was moved by his words and felt warm inside.

However, she felt slightly morose when she remembered what Susie had said, which was that she couldn't compare to Lesley and only Lesley could ever be her sister-in-law.

Even though Ashley had only met Andrew twice, she found herself wondering if Andrew might already have a fiancee.

She suddenly became aware of where her thoughts had drifted off to and was surprised with herself that she was already thinking of such things.

Ashley shook her head slightly to shake the thoughts away from her mind.

"Okay," she replied flatly and then leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes to have a little catnap.

Andrew shot her a glance and admired her. She was leaning back in the seat with her beautiful eyes tightly shut, and her cheeks w

ew left the room, leaving the rest of the senior leaders stunned.

"Hey, wait a minute, Johnny. Why does Mr. Lu seem to be in a good mood today?" A senior leader, who was about fifty years old, asked holding onto Johnny's arm when he was about to leave.

"That's right. Mr. Lu looks very happy today. What's going on?" Some more of them chimed in.

Many senior leaders gathered around Johnny, trying to figure out what had happened to Andrew today.

Whenever they had meetings with Andrew in the past, they were all anxious and fearful. It was as if they were going to an execution and not a meeting. They felt very intimidated by Andrew, with his strong aura of coldness and his aloof demeanor.

However, today Andrew seemed to be different. During the meeting, one of the senior leaders got nervous at the sight of Andrew's grave expression and began to make mistakes while giving a report to Andrew. But to everyone's surprise, Andrew just frowned but didn't scold and criticize the senior leader like he normally would. Normally, if things like that happened, then Andrew would take action against the senior leader and would punish him for his mistakes.

Johnny secretly chuckled to himself, thinking, 'Of course, Mr. Lu would be in a good mood, since he has just come back from a date with the woman he has a crush on.'

But, Johnny would never share that sort of information with anyone else.

He wanted to be the only one to flatter Andrew's future wife and reap the benefits. So he would never let the others know anything about it.

"It's just 'because, ' Mr. Lu has finally changed his mind to be nice to us all." In saying that, Johnny wore a mysterious smile, pushed the senior leaders aside

and trotted towards Andrew.

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