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   Chapter 32 Driving Ashley Home

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It was obvious that Ashley was angry. Andrew was so worried that she would struggle out of his grasp and left anyway. He was also afraid that she might start to hate him after what had happened. At least she didn't leave, and that offered enough relief for him despite the fact that Ashley didn't seem too pleased.

He watched her intently with kind eyes. His eyes full of tenderness which he himself wasn't even aware of.

If Johnny knew about Andrew's fear and uncertainty that caused by Ashley, he would definitely be at a loss for words.

Andrew was considered to be the king of business, always appearing confident and practically invincible. Challenges never made him flinch since he knew it in himself that he could easily overcome whatever difficulties he might face. It was hard to imagine that such a man could get this on edge over a woman.

It would seem as if Andrew finally met his conqueror!

On the other hand, he obviously had no brotherly affection for his sister. Actually, for over a decade now, he didn't have any sort of affinity for his whole family.

He hardly went back to his so-called home where all his family was. But that shouldn't have given them the nerve to do things like this. He was the family's decision-maker after all.

Maybe it was time to go back there to give them some warning, especially to stop anyone from giving him any hard time.

Ashley had no idea what was in Andrew's mind now. She was totally distracted by the delicious food. It was so good--even better than the dishes Ellie made.

The two were just enjoying their food quietly.

The big dining hall was so silent that they could only hear each other's chewing.

All the while, Ashley was thinking about how she would never see this man again once she left. There was no need to make any further conversations with him at this point; eating quietly together was enough.

She wouldn't flatter herself by thinking that the way Andrew defended her against Susie was a sign that he liked her. Plus, just like what Susie said, she was too ordinary to become Andrew's girlfriend, let alone his wife. Ashley did not have a rich and powerful family like they did.

It would be hard to live in such a family in the first place. If they ever did get together, she would have to face a lot more trouble and evil agendas, which was really too much for her liking. Right now, all she wa

the sudden, careless action made her accidentally hit her forehead on Andrew's chin.

She was momentarily enveloped by a pleasant, light tobacco smell.

However, her forehead hurt so much that tears started to form on the corners of her eyes. Andrew saw her beautiful black eyes tear up. They twinkled like stars that were about to drop at any second.

"Are you okay?" Andrew asked, his voice full of genuine concern.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Don't worry." Even so, she gently rubbed her hand on her forehead. 'Ouch! That really hurt. What is his body even made out of?' she thought to herself.

Perceiving that she was too close to Andrew, she pulled back instantly to keep a distance from him. However, it was such a narrow space between her and the backrest. Even though she almost got her back against the window behind her, she could still feel the warmth of his body.

They were so close, close enough for Ashley to see Andrew's every individual brow and lash. She could clearly see his fair skin. His pleasant tobacco scent kept moving around her, which made her indulge it unthinkingly.

Ashley blushed deeper. Her heart has pounding loudly in her chest. Andrew noticed, smiling quietly to himself.

As his gaze shifted, however, he saw Ashley's fair and slender neck. His heart skipped a beat. He almost couldn't resist the impulse to kiss her.

She smelled so good--the faint sweet scent constantly drew him to her.

Andrew was moving closer and closer. There was barely any room for Ashley to move away, which made her even more nervous.

"Eh... Mr. Lu, I can do it myself."

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