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   Chapter 31 Getting Angry

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Panic filled Andrew's eyes when he saw that Ashley was intending to leave. With one swift motion, he was able to grab Ashley's arm. "Where are you going?" he asked exasperatedly.

When he saw Susie in his peripheral vision, he snapped his head towards her direction and shouted with his voice icy and imposing, "Get out of here!" Fire was burning in his eyes.

Ashley was doing her best to get Andrew's grip off her. 'Don't you see that your little girlfriend is here? How dare you grab my arm?

I have nothing to do with you and I don't want to be labeled as your mistress, ' Ashley silently protested, her unmoving lips trembling.

Suddenly, Andrew's cold, emotionless voice boomed throughout the whole room. It made her shudder.

While she knew that Andrew could be dangerous when he was angry, she didn't expect it to be this terrible.

At one point, she thought that she was the one Andrew ordering to leave.

A feeling of uneasiness suddenly took over her chest. She didn't understand why she would feel that way. Good thing was that she had already anticipated this scenario.

As a matter of fact, she had already packed all her belongings. Everything was ready for her to leave. 'But was it really necessary for him to ask me to 'get out of here'?', Ashley quietly thought, fighting the unpleasant feelings building up inside her.

The complex feelings Ashley was having weren't helping her in any way. Her heart was starting to feel like it had been pricked by numerous needles.

'His girlfriend is here, you fool, ' she said to herself, biting her lower lip. 'What are you still doing here?'

Susie was in a corner with her gaze totally fixed on Ashley. The icy-cold order that Andrew made also stunned her, but she didn't realize that it was directed at her.

Because of that, a smug look was still plastered on her face. The embarrassed expression that was clear on Ashley's face was making this whole thing more enjoyable for her.

'Yes, get out of here!' she silently quipped, feeling happy that Andrew intended to get rid of Ashley.

'You are just an ordinary woman. A man like Andrew would never like you!' she continued, a little laugh escaping from her mouth. 'You are no match for Lesley yet you still have the gall to try to become Andrew's girlfriend. Pathetic! Utterly ridiculous!

Lesley will be my sister-in-law, ' her inward barrage continued. 'She is well-educated and probably one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. I don't know anyone better than her, ' she finished, satisfied.

"I'm asking you to get out of here!" Andrew shouted once again. This time he made it clear to Susie that he was asking her to leave, while Susie seemed to be enjoying the drama that was happening. His grip on Ashley's arm was as tight as ever, in fear that she might get away and leave the place. The satisfied expression on Susie's face quickly vanished

ess bitch! How does she stay so proud?" Shaking, she wiped away her tears with her arms.

"There is no way I'm tolerating this!" she said, fishing her phone from her bag. "I'm going to tell Lesley about what happened today and I would ask her to ruin that bitch!"

With tears still streaming from her eyes, she angrily punched Lesley's number onto her phone and called it.

After a few minutes of conversation, she ended the call, started her car, and drove away.

At the gate of the villa, Andrew was still holding on to Ashley's arm tightly.

"Mr. Lu, your younger sister has already left. Could you please let go of me now?" Ashley requested in a cold voice.

She was really pissed off. Anyone who would be belittled and regarded as a bitch would definitely feel bad, and Ashley was no exception.

'Why do I always get mistaken as a bitch? Do I really look like one?' she thought, in utter disbelief.

Also, considering Andrew's strength and the length of time he had held her arm, it was no surprise that her arm was already sore.

Andrew, however, did not let go of Ashley. A blank, expressionless facade donned his face.

With strong, sure, and swift actions, Andrew was able to slam the door and pull Ashley into the living room. It was not until he led her to a seat did he finally let go of her arm.

"How about having breakfast first?" he asked, his face still betraying nothing. All the commotion left Ashley hungry, and honestly, she had no energy to say no. They then got started on eating.

Ashley looked at the delicious food on the table and then turned to Andrew.

She had just suffered something unjust and traumatic. This peace was enough compensation for it.

'Nothing is more important than enjoying delicious food, ' thought Ashley.

Andrew breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Ashley eating.

'Thank you for not leaving, ' Andrew said quietly to himself, having his first bite.

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