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   Chapter 30 Misunderstanding

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Andrew was holding on to a tray filled with the food he had just cooked. He had just entered the living room, and heard what Ashley had said. "Then take me home!" he uttered, raising his eyebrows at her.

At that moment, Ashley snapped out of it as she heard his deep, pleasant voice. She had not noticed that Andrew had already left the kitchen and was already standing beside her.

Ashley turned to look at Andrew, who had his gaze glued on her, his eyes seeming to sparkle passionately.

There was a feeling of doubt when she saw his expression. She blinked, trying to read more into Andrew, wondering if it was just in her head. However, when Ashley fixed her eyes on Andrew once more, Andrew was back to his usual, calm demeanor, as if his expectant expression never appeared in the first place.

Although she felt a bit disappointed, she gave a sigh of relief.

She guessed that such a rich, powerful and handsome man like Andrew would never fancy someone like her.

"Okay, let's have breakfast now." Andrew put the breakfast on the table, took a few pieces of tissue to wipe his hands and then threw them into the trash can nearby.

Only he himself knew that he was very earnest when he said those words. He was also so nervous that his hands were covered with sweat.

However, Ashley thought it was just a casual thing for him to say, nothing more but a light joke.

She didn't know that he really meant what he had just said.

"Okay. Wow! It smells so good!" Ashley leaned forward, inhaling the inviting smell of the freshly cooked food.

Her mouth watered at the sight and smell; there was french toast, omelets, thin slices of ham, and an array of fresh fruits.

Right then, Ashley thought of Ellie who was also good at cooking food. When Ashley lived together with Ellie, Ellie always prepared their meals. Although Ashley knew how to cook food, she didn't like to stay in the kitchen and seldom prepared meals. Ever since Ashley tasted the delicious dishes made by Ellie, she was particular about food now.

The pleasant smell of food had given Ashley an appetite.

As if on cue, her stomach grumbled in anticipation.

Ashley picked up her chopsticks, itching to taste the fluffy eggs.

Just then, the doorbell rang. With much disappointment, Ashley put down her chopsticks on the table.

She rubbed her flat stomach as it rumbled in protest.

Andrew stood up. "It doesn't matter. You can eat first. I'll go to answer the door," he said softly, touching her head lightly.

He touched her head so casually and gently, as if he had done such a thing many times before.

During her stay, he had always talked to her in a gentle voice and with a friendly expression, not as aloof as he was in the company.

However, when he turned around to open the door, he began to glower a bit.

He had noticed the disappointed look on Ashley's face.

At that moment, he was just about to have breakfast with the woman he liked. Now they had been disturbed by an unexpected guest. Of course he would naturally be ill-tempered now.

Ashley shook her head. Although she was hungry, she wasn't used to sitting at the table to have breakfast alone.

With that, Ashley stood up and followed Andrew to the door.

With long strides, Andrew walked up to the door and opened it, Ashley close to his heels, revealing a woman who was in her early twenties.

Both Ashley and the woman looked surprised as they saw each other. They could not help but look at each other in stupefied amazement.

The woman at the door was wearing an off-shoulder, light purple dress that was adorned with an elegant bow around the waist. Her long, loosely curled, black hair hung at her shoulders.

She had a pair of expressi

ve dark brown eyes which were big and bright. Her fair and delicate skin was as white as snow. Right then she opened her attractive mouth slightly, perhaps in surprise at the sight of Ashley.

There were no words that came out--she simply looked at Ashley, dumbfounded.


The two women looked at each other carefully and with speculation.

The person who just arrived at the door was Susie Lu. She was really surprised to catch sight of Ashley who stood behind her brother, Andrew.

Ashley wore a pink, knee-length dress which looked very plain and simple.

Her arched eyebrows were attractive and her pretty lips seemed red even if she wasn't wearing any lipstick. With the delicate and smooth skin, she had a fair face on which no blemishes could be seen. Her two slender and fair legs made her look more charming.

Her hair hung down to her waist. A slight smile spread across her small face, but a touch of disappointment could still be seen from her big, twinkling eyes.

It was the first time that Susie Lu saw a woman as beautiful as Ashley appear at her brother's place.

However, no matter how pretty Ashley was, Susie Lu disliked her instantly, thinking that Ashley was just here to seduce Andrew.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Susie Lu asked, arrogantly raising her chin to glare at Ashley with disdain.

In Susie's eyes, even though Ashley was very beautiful, she was no match for Lesley Feng. Susie Lu thought that only Lesley Feng was worthy to be her sister-in-law.

Now that Lesley Feng wasn't there, Susie Lu decided to help her teach Ashley a lesson. There was no way Susie Lu would let such a silly and reckless woman get any chance to be in a relationship with her brother.

Upon hearing Susie's angry tone, Ashley could not help but get surprise. With what Susie Lu had said, Ashley quickly misunderstood, thinking that Susie Lu was Andrew's girlfriend

who came here to look for him.

Ashley wondered if Susie Lu misunderstood her relationship with Andrew. She cast a quick glance at Andrew, who was just standing there, staring at Susie Lu, with a straight face.

There were a lot of things going in her mind. Right now, she thought that she should leave this place, fearing that she would get into trouble if she just stayed there.

However, the delicious breakfast was still on the table, and it was indeed a pity for her to leave without eating any of it. She felt regretful, thinking that she should have started eating it earlier.

With a sigh, Andrew looked at Susie Lu. "Why are you here?" he said with a grave expression on his face.

Upon hearing Andrew's cold voice, Susie seemed to snap out of it. Her cockiness and anger disappeared as she looked at Andrew.

Although her family members doted on her so much, she never acted wantonly or recklessly in front of Andrew.

Before Susie Lu could reply, Ashley hurriedly said, "Well, it's not what you think! Sorry. I have to go now!"

It was obvious that the first sentence was for Susie Lu who stood at the door, and that the rest were for Andrew.

After she finished speaking, Ashley ran to the living room as fast as possible, picked up her bag and then made her way to the door.

Keeping a long face, Andrew realized that Ashley misunderstood his relationship with Susie Lu. A distant and annoyed expression masked his face, and his morose look was so evident that no one could possibly deny it.

Susie Lu was satisfied with Ashley's sensible words and behavior that she gave a small scoff.

She thought that such a silly woman like Ashley didn't deserve to get close to her brother.

In Susie's eyes, Ashley was just a nobody. There was only one person fit to be with her brother, and that was Lesley Feng.

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