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   Chapter 29 I Want To Take Him Home

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Ashley thought to herself that he seemed to be a gentleman.

At the thought of this, she took a glance at the shirt she wore and then turned to the man who was sleeping next to her.

'Did I just sleep in bed with him last night?' Ashley thought to herself. It sounded so absurd that they would sleep on the bed together for the whole night.

Ashley tried her best to recall what happened, but could remember nothing. She completely blacked out after she went to the toilet last night and couldn't remember anything after that.

Andrew stared at Ashley, his lips pressing into a thin line. "You were drunk last night and you kept clutching at me," he said slowly in a deep, husky voice.

Johnny would be stricken dumb with amazement if he heard those words from Andrew.

It was because Andrew acted so unusual.

He was not the man as he used to be. Before, Andrew was a man who was cruel and always kept silent, but now he was patiently explaining himself to this strange woman.

It was unbelievable.

Ashley blushed with shame as Andrew explained what happened last night to her. She felt that she had no place to hide herself.

Although Ashley knew that she would sometimes behave out of her character when she was drunk, she still felt amazed when she heard those words from Andrew.

She didn't expect that she would pester him and stop him from going home alone. Moreover, she felt astonished that Andrew would even take her back to his house.

Silence grew between them as Ashley did not know how to respond.

'What the hell did I do last night?

This is so embarrassing!' Ashley thought to herself.

Ashley took a glimpse at Andrew's face after a while, but soon she felt hesitant; now she began to wonder if she pestered this man just because he was handsome.

It was very likely for her to do such a thing.

A few seconds later, Ashley's stomach growled all of a sudden. It was terribly quiet, so without a doubt even Andrew had heard that. The air grew impossibly more awkward. Ashley touched her belly and showed an embarrassed smile when Andrew looked at her inquisitively.

She ate nothing last night and drank a lot of wine, so it was natural for her to feel hungry.

Stealing a glance at Ashley, Andrew got up and said nothing more.

He took out his clothes from his wardrobe and walked to the bathroom.

Ashley was at awe when Andrew walked out from the bathroom just moments later.

The man's tall figure caught her attention; he was thin, with black, soft hair. His eyes looked deep, brimming with radiating vigor. But she could not tell his emotions from his eyes.

He was dressed in a hand-cut black suit, accentuating his lean figure. There was a certain powerful aura around him that emanated across the room.

"Your clothes are prepared on the bedstand. Hurry up and come downstairs to eat after you wash up." The man said nothing more and quickly walked out.

Ashley was shocked. She was left speechless as she watched him go out the door. This man looked so familiar and she tried her best to recall where she had met this man before.

Her eyebrows furrowed into a frown. After thinking about it again and again, she suddenly remembered that he was the one who had accidentally shared a night with her in a presidential suite.

Ashley was enlightened by the truth. Although she didn't see his face clearly at that night, his facial features were easily recognizable. With this, Ashley was sure that he was the man who she met several days ago.

As she thought about it more, she gaped, completely lost for words.

Finally, she snapped out of it and turned to look at the clothes on the bed stand.

Her face flushed a deep red when she saw that he had even put a set of clean underwear there.

With one swift movement, she grabbed the clothes and rushed into the bathroom.

After locking the door behind her, Ashley took a deep breath and looked at the pink, knee-length skirt. Although she had never heard of the brand before, the fabric was very soft and smooth to her touch.

One thing was for sure:

it must have been pretty expensive.

Ashley was a pretty girl with fair skin, and her slim figure looked perfect in the pink skirt.

Staring at herself in the mirror, Ashley found that her face was flushed. The bra fitted very well, too, leaving her confused as to how this man could possibly know her cup size.

She quickly dressed and freshened up, trying to get rid of her flush as much as it was possible.

Ashley walked out the bedroom once she was ready. Much to her surprise, she saw that she was actually in a very luxurious villa. With a deep breath, she tried to keep herself calm and composed.

It was easy for her to tell that this man was not simple and he must come from a notable family.


I am in trouble now!' Ashley wailed to herself.

With her drunken stupor last night, she had completely forgotten that she promised Ellie she could come back.

But everything was messed up by Lena.

Ashley went straight to the kitchen. There, she was astonished to see that Andrew was cooking. It was surprising to see a wealthy man such as himself to cook.

It was normally the work of the servants.

Ever since, Ashley thought that the rich employed as many servants as they could to take care of their daily lives so that they could be free from those trifles.

However, this man who looked so extraordinary refined just stood in the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up. On top of that, he really seemed to know what he was doing. The air wafted with a delicious aroma and everything appeared to be in perfect order. It made Ashley's heart skip a beat as she felt herself getting slightly attracted to this man.

He looked up, perhaps hearing Ashley's footsteps, and gave her a coy smile. "What's wrong? Why are you staring at me?" he said with his deep voice.

"Well, I…I just want to ask you something. Do you know where my bag is?" asked Ashley in a shaky voice. Although she was drunk last night, she remembered that she had lost her bag.

Her ID card, bank card and her phone were all in that bag.

"On the couch in the living room," he replied curtly, pointing at the couch behind her.

Ashley turned around in the direction he pointed and found her black bag lying there.

"Well... thanks," said Ashley softly. She walked to the living room and took out her phone from the bag.

Much to her dismay, her phone had already run out of charge. With a grunt, she fished out her phone charger.

After waiting for a few minutes, her phone still wouldn't turn on. She then walked to the kitchen again hesitantly.

"Do you need any help?" asked Ashley in a hushed voice.

Andrew turned back and flashed her a faint smile. "No, thanks. I'm almost finished cooking. Just wait for me for a moment in the living room," replied Andrew kindly.

"Uh, okay," Ashley responded. She nodded her head and then walked away.

As soon as she sat down, she had just realized that maybe she should have tried harder to offer her help. But instead, she just followed his words without even saying anything else. 'Jeez, what am I thinking just now?' Ashley scolded in her thoughts.

Although they just met twice, the man had a great influence on her, but she could not figure out the reason.

At the thought of this, Ashley rubbed her temples helplessly.

Obviously, she didn't know that Andrew was a man who was used to giving orders to others, and perhaps that was why she followed his words as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

The living room was just next to the kitchen, so she could still see Andrew cooking.

He took his time cooking. To her surprise, it seemed that he was used to preparing meals.

Ashley had to admit that it was pleasant to look at a handsome man around the kitchen.

Slumping back in her seat, she crossed her arms over her chest, deep in thought. "He's good at cooking. It's so rare to see. I think I want to take him home," Ashley mumbled to herself after a while. She was lost in her thoughts that she even didn't notice that the man had been standing in front of her for a while now.

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