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   Chapter 28 Incredible

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With beads of sweat forming on his forehead, Andrew slowly reached to undress Ashley. But before he could even touch her clothes, he took his trembling hand back while thinking about the sexy body underneath the thin T-shirt. The silly thought made him blush with shame, which added to his masculine charm.

Andrew was a handsome gentleman who always wore a poker face. Seeing him blush in such a situation, one would be surprised to see him so shy, so blank and confused, not knowing whether to do what he was about to do or not.

Shifting his gaze at Ashley's angelic face, Andrew took some deep breath and finally calmed down.

With all his strength he managed to restrain his lust and changed Ashley's clothes hastily.

After the task was done and his ordeal subsided a little, Andrew's face was completely scarlet and resembled a ripe red apple. He was bothered by the unusual warmth that he felt and the discomfort of seeing a drunk, half-naked woman in front of him.

With an effort to stop himself from imagining things, he looked around the bedroom and dared not to look at Ashley. A glance might make him lose control and be intimate with her.

In fact, Andrew could have looked for a woman to do the task of changing Ashley's clothes. But the thought of that made him annoyed and even mad. It would be impossible for him to allow Ashley's body to be seen by others, even a woman in that case.

'I am the only one who can see her body. Even another woman is not allowed to do that, ' he thought.

Unintentionally, he had been possessive of Ashley.

He was lost in his thoughts and didn't realize his gaze had fallen on Ashley. She was wearing his shirt, a thin and over-sized one. The way she lay on the bed caused the shirt to cling tight on her body, exposing her curves and perfect shapes.

Ashley's hair hung on the pillow loosely. Her pretty face was crimson because of too much alcohol.

Her long eyelashes covered her shiny eyes and her cherry-like mouth looked rosy and moist, which was so enticing for Andrew.

The shirt she wore was long enough to cover her backsides. Andrew looked down and saw her straight slim long legs. He was overwhelmed by her skin that was as white as snow, as smooth as milk.

The longer he stared at her, the faster his heart beat. His mouth parched and his tongue scorched. When he swallowed his slobber, his breathing deepened. Confusion and temptation enveloped Andrew at the moment and his head throbbed at the thought of what would he do.

Being a gentleman as he had been, he tried his best to look away.


I can't look at her again!'

He told himself to calm down in case he would do something that woul

oom. Some of his hair was messed up.

That was so cute and funny.

Ashley stared at the handsome face and was mesmerized.

Andrew sobered and was finally fully awake.

Indifference and coldness flashed across his face but was suddenly alerted when he realized that he was with Ashley.

As he turned to Ashley, he couldn't help but give her a faint smile.

Andrew had been a poker-faced man. But when he smiled, it had an almost irresistible attraction for women. It was like when the snow melted away, and you were about to see the trees again.

But for himself, Andrew had never cared about his appearance. Now, however, judging from the way how Ashley stared at him, he was grateful for his outstanding appearance.

When Ashley came to her senses, she felt ashamed about her behavior. She looked down at what she was wearing and looked at Andrew repeatedly. She was too shocked to ask what had happened. "You, you, you … I…I…I…"

She was eager to know what had happened last night, but she couldn't finish a single sentence. "Hhmm? What were you saying?"

Confused, Andrew asked. He had a low, magnetic musical voice. Because he just woke up, his voice was kind of hoarse. For sure every woman would be moved by that.

Ashley was not an expectation. She stared at Andrew and was totally stunned again. For a moment, she pondered her thoughts with her hand on her forehead. 'How can he be so good-looking? It is unfair!


Yes, he is good-looking and has a nice voice. But……'

Ashley was not worried because she was feeling well, except for a slight headache. Unexpectedly, she felt perfectly fine, not a sore or an ache anywhere in her body.

After she came to her mind, she swallowed saliva and hesitated to ask, "Last night, What has happened between us?"

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