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   Chapter 27 His Apartment

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Andrew knew the reaction well enough not to lie to himself. Any man faced with the same situation would have reacted similarly. While his response was somewhat expected, his heart told a different story.

It could well be his first time and he was taken by surprise.

He was always the one to turn the other cheek, especially when it came to women who tried to seduce him, who tried to get to him. He was always the one to take a step back and stop them. However, he never expected to meet a woman he could not resist.

This was, after all, a new experience for Andrew. Would it hurt to play the curious cat every once in a while? He wanted to give in.

After throwing herself into his arms, Ashley gave Andrew a nod and looked him in the eye. With a charming and alluring frown, Ashley railed at Andrew,"It's noisy!"

It just couldn't be helped. Ashley's soft, sexy, and tipsy voice seemed to seduce him all the more.

Never had Andrew seen Ashley like this. She was so endearing it was turning him on. He felt his heart fall from his chest, the moment felt right and he bet it would also feel good.

Her wet lips seemed to beckon for him, it was all Andrew could see. He longed to press his against her, to taste those sweet crevices he dearly longed for.

Would they still feel the same, he wondered.

Andrew wanted to have her again. After the moment they once shared in a hotel, Andrew knew he wanted more.

He stroked Ashley's face. He wanted to feel the curves that outlined her innocent but playful mien. He took a deep breath and composed himself. What was he thinking? He couldn't let his feelings get the best of him.

Restlessly, Ashley moved towards Andrew's arms. She was lightheaded from the alcohol and the sound that seemed to drown her thoughts altogether.

Ashley moved closer, pinning herself into Andrew's body. She tried to stop the sound that loomed the evening - the sound that was his heartbeat.

The alcohol and that deafening noise she fought all this while made her blush. The rosy hue of her cheeks and her beguiling eyes caught Andrew's attention and shifted his focus from her lips to her face. Andrew realized just how cute Ashley was when she got drunk, how sexy she was when she was tipsy.

Doing her best to fight off her emotions, Ashley moved closer to Andrew and thought she could stop the sound this way.

But it did not go away. It clamored, it thundered, and it resounded. She felt her body reverberating, responding.

He seemed to have felt the same. He quivered to the sensation of Ashley's hands pressed so close against him. His body longed to reciprocate. His body and soul seemed to be under the spell of Ashley's fingers.

They both stepped out of Harkim, the cold summer breeze brought them comfort from what would otherwise be a hot night of passion.

Lifting her head, the feel of the cool air seemed to have lifted Ashley's spirits.

She seemed to have smiled without even noticing it. Her face couldn't hide it. This smile again had caught Andrew's attention.

Although Andrew was fixated on Ashley all the while, this moment seemed to have been the most definitive.

While Andrew wanted to make this moment last, he knew it was time to leave.

Andrew took Ashley to the parking area, led her to his car and prepared to let her in. It had been a wonderful night, more than what Andrew could ever hope or ask for. It wasn't everyday he got to be with a woman he wanted, a woman like Ashley. Suddenly, he felt resistance from his sleeve.

Unconsciously, she seemed to have grabbed his shirt, her expression clearly showing she wasn't ready for him to leave. Andrew was happy the night wasn't over.

Andrew patted her head and made his way to the driver's seat and sat with Ashley.

He didn't mind driving with only one hand on the steering wheel, while his other hand held something very dear to him. With one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around Ashley, he drove her out of the parking lot.

Ashley looked at Andrew intently. She stared with purpose - with passion.

It was an opportune moment, Johnny wasn't here to witness this.

Johnny would surely blame his boss, if he knew that Andrew wouldn't think twice about bringing Ashley to his own apartment.

He only wanted for Andrew to take her home.

He clearly misunderstood what he said.

He meant that Andrew should send the girl to her own home.

Now Andrew was so shameless that he took Ashley to his own home.

Making his way to a familiar avenue, Andrew drove happily as he passed the usual lanes and drove to a plac

e he knew well - the Golden Palace.

The engine stopped, the lights dimmed, and all there was the pale moonlight that shone on Ashley's face. She was fast asleep, peaceful and still was ever so beautiful. Andrew breathed an air of relief.

He spent a few more minutes just staring at her face, then, he finally took her to his arms and took Ashley to his apartment.

Now at the apartment, Andrew carefully and gently pushed the door open. The entrance gave way to a large and spacious area, straightforward, minimalist in design and was the quintessential example of a bachelor's pad.

With only a few articles here and there, Andrew's apartment was rudimentary beautiful. A classic European flat that only had the indispensable articles.

The living area had only few furniture and a large television at the center. Everything was either in black or white, it showed Andrew's obsession with things that were simple but sophisticated while the hues made the apartment look drab and dark.

Andrew loved how his apartment looked like, how it felt living in it. But, in a sudden stroke of realization, it seemed that it had been missing something.

He was unsure, maybe it all changed because of Ashley. There was always something about her, just being near her made him feel very happy.

Finding himself deep in thought, he shook off the notion and took Ashley inside. They went upstairs to Andrew's room where he laid Ashley on his bed.

The physiognomy that once resembled the colors and the features of his apartment now emanated peace and serenity. She was still fast asleep. Andrew just stared at her and felt himself at peace.

Andrew's friends would have been surprised to see the look on his face.

Falling in love, that must have been something for Andrew.

He totally forgot how much he became freakishly obsessive when he was with Ashley. He usually showed a great deal of attention to detail, cleanliness, and order, but he became different in the presence of her.

He suddenly thought of Johnny and how he used to help him repel away women he didn't like.

Always the one to get bothered when other people changed the order of how his articles were so neatly arranged, Andrew seemed impossible to deal with. He hated the smell of strong perfume on women's bodies, and he didn't want anyone to touch his things.

But Ashley, she was different. She was delicate and gentle, and she even wore the most subtle of scents.

For Andrew, strong and suggestive scent was one he couldn't bear and for such smell to stay in his bed was all the more insufferable. But with Ashley lying on her bed, it all seemed to be a thing of the past.

Having been so obsessed with keeping himself and his room clean, even his family members had to ask permission before entering his room.

Ashley, on the other hand, was an exception.

He had been close to Ashley for a while now that the smell of wine slowly rubbed off on him.

Andrew would normally have to immediately remove the smell from his shirt that he would rush to the bathroom and take a bath just to get the smell off of him.

But Andrew just couldn't bear to leave, let alone to move a muscle and risk waking Ashley.

Not being able to take his eyes away from her, Andrew sat there frozen. The bathroom was just a few steps away from his bed, but to lose precious time away from Ashley would be unbearable.

It seemed that he couldn't tolerate the smell for too long. Andrew stepped away just to ease himself. He slipped into the bathroom to change.

With only a towel strapped around his waist, Andrew stepped outside, water dripping from his hair.

He had the body of an athlete, a physique to rival olden Greek statues. His face, chiseled to perfection, would make any woman at that moment easily give in and fall for the strapping Andrew.

He had a matured and sculpted figure that represented the alpha male.

Andrew loved to train. He frequently exercised and his legs showed it.

Carefully, he approached Ashley and realized that the smell of wine on her clothes, on her body was not at all that bad. He remembered how Ashley was fine and subtle, and the disturbing scent was beginning to wane.

As he stood there looking at her, he began again to sink into this captivating trance. Here aversion was not an option.

Andrew saw Ashley's clothes, smeared and dirtied. He wanted to change her into new ones and started towards his closet. It never occurred to him what would happen after, after he saw what was underneath.

He paid no heed. All he wanted was to make Ashley comfortable.

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