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   Chapter 26 Meeting Again

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Even though she couldn't drink much, Mr. Chen was able to persuade Ashley to down a few glasses of alcohol and she got slightly drunk.

But when she noticed Mr. Chen staring at her with lustful eyes, she became intensely conscious. Then, when she saw the fat guy moving closer to her, she started feeling nauseous.

"Excuse me," she said, covering her mouth as if preventing herself from barfing. "I need to go to the washroom." Before she could stand, she had to push Mr. Chen's arm away, which was steadily finding its way around her.

After Ashley stumbled out of the room they were in, Lena turned to Mr. Chen and smiled inquisitively. "Isn't Ashley such a beauty, Mr. Chen? Do you like her?"

"Definitely. You really know me well, Miss Mu." Lena could see the raging lust in Mr. Chen's eyes.

'Wonderful, '

Lena said to herself, delighted.


Ashley staggered into the washroom. What happened inside there stunned her. Holding on to the sink, she steadied herself. Immediately, she turned the faucet on and splashed her face with cold water. She kept on doing that until she felt slightly refreshed. Never in her life did she feel so dirty.

In the mirror, Ashley could see her face. Since she was drunk, there was a certain rosy glow to her cheeks that made her more attractive and irresistible to men.

The alcohol hit Ashley again and she started feeling dizzy. She had to hold on to the sink in order to not fall over. It was too much, however, so she decided to squat down and rest her head on her knees. There was no strength left in her but going back to the room wasn't an option for her. She knew that if she did that, the consequences would be unimaginable.

She thought that everything would go smoothly as long as she didn't have anything to do with the Luo Group and the Mu family and avoided Lena.

It turned out that she was too na?ve. Although she was trying her hardest not to be a troublemaker, others were always trying to make trouble for her.


After what seemed like an eternity, Ashley breathed in and gathered all the remaining strength she had. Though wobbly, she stood up again, splashed her face with cold water one last time, and walked out of the washroom.

Dizzy, Ashley staggered forward. Since her head was pounding, Ashley relied on her instinct as to where to go. With her arms stretched forward, she was feeling for the walls, hoping that they would help her get out of the establishment.

Bang! Just as she thought she was getting somewhere, she walked into something. 'Did I hit a wall? It's so hard!' she tho

gh mildly annoyed and sad, Johnny took a deep breath, exhaled, went inside the establishment, and began to look into the matter just as Andrew told him.


Drunk, Ashley was unusually obedient. While her arms were around Andrew's neck, she watched him quietly.

Being stared at and embraced by Ashley, Andrew became so embarrassed that his cheeks turned bright red.

'She is also missing me!' Andrew silently exclaimed. 'Because if that's not the case, she wouldn't have gotten into my arms so obediently and snuggle like this.' After seeing Ashley, he thought that his night couldn't get any better. But with this thought in his mind, he definitely was in a happier place.

If Ashley was not drunk and knew what he was thinking, she would definitely sneer at him and consider him a great narcissist.

Gathering all his courage, he decided to turn to Ashley.

"What are you thinking about?" Andrew asked, his tone tender and the complete opposite of the tone he had for Johnny just a few minutes back. The girl next to him was staring at him with the gentlest eyes he had ever seen.

Ashley shook her head and then moved closer to his chest.

Afterwards, she raised her head and looked at Andrew with a puzzled expression. She pointed to his chest and asked, "Why is your heart beating so fast?"

Andrew cleared his throat. He tried his hardest to divert Ashley's attention. His ears were also turning bright red.

Every time Andrew saw Ashley, he would feel very nervous and his heart would beat violently. It had always been a mystery to him.

He turned his head and stared into Ashley's questioning eyes. After clearing his throat again, Andrew answered sheepishly, "This is a normal reaction."

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