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   Chapter 25 Lena’s Real Intention

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"Alright! It's a promise I ought to keep. You are such a glutton!"

"Haha." Fiona giggled with a bright smile.

It was 8 o'clock in the evening. A chilly breeze filled the air as neon lights colored the streets. There were a lot of people gathered in Box 308 of the Harkim.

Dozens of young women sat on a large sofa. Their beautiful faces were painted by either light or heavy make-up. All of them had slender bodies and were full of vigor. There were too many of them that no room was left for another person to sit. Among them, in the middle of the sofa, an old man sat with a vulgar grin on his face.

The man looked at least forty years old. His head was almost bald, with a high hairline and thin hair. The shirt he wore didn't hide his enormous stomach. His eyes were filled with lust as he indulged himself with the slender bodies in front of him. He was kept drunk and excited by the young women he was with.

Any decent man would feel disgusted by such a sick scene.

Ashley took a single glance at them and immediately felt nauseated. She pulled her eyes away from the distasteful scene. She noticed an orange juice on the table and walked towards it very discreetly. Ashley reached for the cold drink. It refreshed her and helped her to calm down.

She never imagined that the dinner Lena had talked about was something like this!

She was horrified in what she saw. However, this gave Ashley some clue about Lena's real intentions. She couldn't help but feel frustrated with her sister's deviousness.

Lena noticed Ashley who hid at the corner. She glared at Ashley with hatred and then smirked because she knew Ashley fell for her trap again. Lena then cheerfully called out to Mr. Chen.

"Mr. Chen, I've heard a lot about you. It's my pleasure to finally meet you today. I want to propose a toast to you."

Lena raised her glass after she greeted Mr. Chen. She held her glass towards the old man.

"Thank you, Miss Mu. I'm really flattered. I heard that you work in the Luo Group, correct?" Mr. Chen raised his glass to reciprocate Lena's toast. His eyes were glued to Lena as if to study her figure.

He thought to himself, 'What a splendid body! Her face is beautiful and delicate. Girls like her, born from wealthy families, would obviously look special compared to lowborn ones.'

Lena's snow-white skin seemed smooth and soft just like milk.

Her face would lure any man. Every frown and every smile would look seductive on her delicate face.

Lena wore a red short skirt tonight. Her figure was highlighted by the tightness of the skirt.

Her soft white skin became more attractive when complimented with a sexy skirt. She looked decent yet very seductive.

Her hair was blond with big curls. It looked beautiful along with her delicate face. Men from both poor and wealthy backgrounds would fall for her upon sight.

Mr. Chen really wanted to caress Lena's plump body. However, he was aware that she not only came from the Mu group but was also the fiancée of Raymond from the Luo group. Obviously, Mr. Chen couldn't fool around with someone like her. He was not allowed to have sex with a woman with such a high social status. However, even if he wasn't allowed to touch her, his lustful eyes still lingered at Lena's body.

Mr. Chen was captivated by the curves of Lena's body. He couldn't resist the dirty thoughts that polluted his imagination.

'Wow! She has such a desirable body. Her face looks so proud like a queen. It must be very hard to impress her, much less to pleasure her in bed. What kind of man would be able to subjugate such a high-class woman? How would one be able to satisfy her bodily needs?'

Mr. Chen started to grope a young woman near him as he fantasized about Lena's body. Every time a dirty thought entered his mind, he would squeeze the girl as if she was Lena.

"Ahh, Mr. Chen! Please stop! Your big hands are so strong. It hurts when you touch me like that!" The young lady screamed with a high pitched voice. She actually looked aroused by how Mr. Chen groped her.

"Are you sure to ask me to stop? I thought you liked the way I violate you like this. You used to beg me to be rough with your body. Would you like me to remind you?" Mr. Chen replied to her with a repugnant grin. He continued to fondle the young woman. He grabbed her head and pulled it closer to his face. Then, he started to kiss her with vulgar lust. His tongue violated the young woman's mouth.

Lena finished the toast and drank the wine. She then looked at Mr. Chen and noticed his malicious leer. Her body felt violated by the gaze of the old man. In her mind, she snarled at how nasty he was.

'What a despicable pig! Who gave him the right to ogle at me like that? He should realize that there is no chance in hell that he would be able to touch someone like me!'

Lena was furious but she tried to calm down. She needed Mr. Chen for her plans. It took all of her patience to resist the urge to throw wine at him.

Lena was born in a wealthy household. She was spoiled and always thought she was better than anyone. She believed that no one would hurt or offend her because of her family's power.

Lena forced herself to calm down. She faked a smile for Mr. Chen and turned towards Ashley. Lena approached her silently and hoped that Ashley wouldn't notice her.

However, Ashley did notice Lena. Ashley had become alert ever since she felt that Lena schemed something for her in this party. Her eyes crossed paths with Lena's gaze which was full of deceit. Ashley wanted to get up and leave such a filthy place already.

However, Lena made sure that Ashley would stay. She yelled at Ashley, "Ash, why are you just sitting there alone? Don't you know Mr. Chen is here? You should meet him and have a d

rink with him."

No one actually paid attention to Ashley. Lena was the only one who was aware that she was even at the party. Lena kept her eyes on Ashley to make sure she stayed in the party. She waited for the perfect opportunity to make her meet Mr. Chen.

The Mu family were never proud that they had an adopted daughter. It wasn't known to many that Ashley existed. However, Ashley didn't care about her own existence kept as a secret. She was never cared for by anyone in that household nor did she feel it was her home anyway.

Some of their neighbors might be aware that the Mu family had a foster daughter named Ashley Mu. However, no one really spread the news nor treated it as gossip. Of course, there was no one in this box that would know about her either.

Additionally, Ashley was just an adopted daughter of the Mu family. Even if there were people here who knew who she was, they didn't really need to treat her like a princess. They had to be respectful and humble towards Lena because she was a true born daughter in the wealthy Mu family, but Ashley was not.

Lena's voice echoed through the box. Everyone's attention was gathered towards the corner where Ashley was seated.

Ashley captivated everyone who had seen her beautiful face.

She wore a white shirt and a dark pair of jeans. Even in such a plain outfit, her figure mesmerized those around her. Her slender legs and voluptuous body curves stood out even among the young women in the box.

Ashley's beautiful black hair was in plaits. Her delicate face was as white as snow. She wore no make-up yet her cheeks were as rosy as ever and her eyebrows were perfect. Any man would be charmed by her gorgeous dark eyes as if a love spell was cast on them. The redness of her lips would make even the most gallant knight want to kiss her. Any man would feel lucky just to know her name. Every woman in the room felt jealous of the beauty she radiated.

Mr. Chen was enchanted by Ashley's beauty. He yearned to touch her body as he wiped his drool from his chin.

"Miss Mu, who is this young lady?" Mr. Chen was excited about Ashley.

"This is the deputy manager of our company. She is so beautiful, isn't she?"

Lena replied to Mr. Chen. She praised Ashley with an evil grin on her face.

"Yes! Indeed she is! She is more than beautiful. That voluptuous body of her is very sexy." Mr. Chen continued to voice out such filthy compliments. His nasty eyes leered at Ashley's body.

"Ash, this is our company's partner, Mr. Chen. He is a very important person for us. Our company has kept a strong partnership with him for a very long time. You should come up and propose a toast to our dear friend!"

"Well, you don't have to be so formal with me. You look so beautiful and fresh. You must be an excellent lady to be promoted as a deputy manager at such a young age."

"Indeed she is. Our deputy manager is very hard-working and talented. She has made a lot of achievements to earn her position. Our company employees are all inspired by her."

Ashley ignored Lena's empty praises. She thought to herself, 'This man is a partner of our company? Why haven't I heard of Mr. Chen at all? I was not aware that he was associated with us.'

Ashley was horrified by how Mr. Chen looked a lot like Mr. Du. They were both nightmares to women!

Lena's scheme couldn't be more obvious. Ashley felt stupid that she fell for such a dumb trap.

However, she thought it wasn't a good idea to offend Mr. Chen. She faked a smile and raised her glass. "Mr. Chen, it's a pleasure to meet you!" said Ashley as she tried to tolerate Mr. Chen's inappropriate stare.

"The pleasure is mine!" Mr. Chen immediately raised his glass closer to Ashley's and they both drank.

Ashley had been asked to come to this place immediately after work. She hadn't eaten anything since lunch. Discomfort overwhelmed her as the wine flowed down her empty stomach.

"Miss… Ashley, you are really good at drinking!" Mr. Chen almost called Ashley Miss Mu, but he realized that he referred to Lena by that name. He quickly opted to call Ashley by her first name.

He drew the attention of the young lady beside him. His hands tapped the girl's back as he winked. It was a signal for the young lady to leave so that Ashley could sit beside Mr. Chen.

The young lady was reluctant to give her seat to Ashley. She tried to persuade Mr. Chen with her sweet and seductive voice. Her hands caressed his chest and her eyes flirted with him. Nonetheless, her actions didn't convince Mr. Chen but instead made him impatient and annoyed.

The young lady stood up with a frown in her face. She looked at Ashley like she wanted to disfigure Ashley's face.

Ashley felt offended as she was blamed for what happened. Deep inside she thought, 'Don't look at me like that was my intention. I didn't want to stay in such a ludicrous place. I shouldn't take the blame for something so inappropriate.'

"How about you come here and sit with me, Ashley. We can have a lot of wine. Let us drink to our new friendship!" Mr. Chen grinned as Ashley sat by his side. He was clearly aroused from her figure and beauty. He poured wine into Ashley's glass and raised his cup again to offer a toast. After they'd drunk their wine, Ashley began to stand up to leave. Mr. Chen's lewd fingers touched Ashley's hand in an attempt to urge her to stay, but it didn't work.

His eyes glimmered with lust. He pleasured himself with the view of Ashley's behind. Her plump hips and skinny waist made him more aroused.

Mr. Chen's mind was filled with dirty thoughts. 'This smooth skin feels good. She is a very sexy woman indeed. Just a touch of her soft hand is enough to arouse me and make me crazy. How nice it is to take home such a lovely innocent girl.'

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