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   Chapter 24 Malicious Intentions

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"I knew it. She looked scary, didn't she?"

Fiona said, winking at Ashley Mu.

In an instant, Ashley remembered everything Raymond's mother did to her. Without a doubt in her mind, she agreed.

"Yes," she started, staring far into the distance. "That's why we need to focus on doing our work instead of being here and gossiping like this. No one knows when she'd be back."

The mere thought of Raymond's mother sent shivers down her spine.

"Alrighty then," Fiona replied, raising her hand as if she was surrendering. "I guess I'm going back to work now." Fear was written all over her face.

"Okay. Bye."

Ashley shortly replied, softly caressing Fiona's head.

After a few moments, Ashley logged in into the company forum. It was the venue of a very heated discussion yesterday but since the post that started it already got taken down, the place was already quiet.

While Ashley knew that everyone in the office was curious as to what happened and wanted to ask questions, she understood why they stayed quiet. They didn't want to risk losing their jobs.

While the events of yesterday replayed in Ashley's mind, she remembered Lena crying pathetically in Peggy's arms last night. 'Well, she's now back to being her old, arrogant self, ' she thought to herself.

"Ashley, step into my office. Right now." It was a voice that Ashley would never not hate. Apparently, Lena had already come back. It took Ashley a bit of time to raise her head, and when she finally did, she saw Lena looking down at her condescendingly.

After their eyes met, Ashley saw Lena smirk and enter her office, without a word.

As annoyed as she was, Ashley had no other choice but to follow her inside.

Slowly, she opened the office door and upon entering, she saw Lena slouching on her office chair, with pride and arrogance painted on her face.

"Miss Mu, is there anything that you want me to do?" Ashley started, her eyes boring into Lena. The game Lena was trying to play was unknown to Ashley, but she wasn't up for it. With a smile, she remained silent and put on her best poker face.

This sparring session between the two ladies had already caught the whole office's attention.

Everyone got distracted from their work. Curious eyes were meeting other curious eyes, all of them wondering if the sudden meeting was all about Mr. Luo.

Then, the whispers started. ""Who do you think is the third person in the relationship? Ashley or Miss Mu?"

"Who do you think it is? Isn't it clear enough?" "It seems like it's Miss Mu!" said by someone who lowered the voice on purpose.

"Well, she is very capable, isn't she? She is not only the daughter of Mr. Mu, but also adored by Mrs. Luo."

"Oh, she definitely will be the victor and get the guy!"

"Alright, that's enough!" Someone said, in a louder, hushed voice. "We have to stop, or we might get into trouble if Miss Mu gets Mrs. Luo back here again."

The rest nodded in agreement.

While the people were afraid of Lena, what she had done had fueled their discontent.

Unfortunately, Lena didn't know anything about it.

Back inside Lena's office.

Ashley's lips were still formed into a smile. She and Lena remained silent.

'What an annoying smile, ' Lena commented inwardly, trying hard not to show any other expression on her face.

For her, she was already the winner of their duel for love. However, she couldn't understand how Ashley could still be this happy. It was as if she wasn't convinced of her triumph until she was faced with the grim reality.

"Why won't we catch up a bit?"

Lena suggested, smiling.

"Now that our father has already made his point, I think I do need to remind you that we are, after all, a family. Right? My dear sister?"

Ashley kept her smile on.

Deep in her heart, however, she felt very sick of Lena. 'God knows what she is up to!' she thought, her heart racing.

"We are having dinner with Mr. Chen from the Chen Group. Come join us tonight." Lena suggested. To Ashley, it didn't feel like an invitation. It felt like a trap.

'Is that what Lena is up to?!' she thought, trying to figure out her sister's real motives. A few moments passed until Ashley finally decided to speak up.

"Sorry," she started, a smile still plastered on her face. "I can't join you. I am planning to quit my job. Perhaps you can find another one."

'Quitting?' Lena was surprised. If that decision had been made earlier, she would be elated. Now, however, such a decision would make thi

ngs very complicated.

"Why do you want to quit your job? Are you unsatisfied with your current position in the Luo Group? Or is it because of the salary?"

Lena asked.

Ashley was so tempted to roll her eyes, but she tried her hardest not to. 'You're really a good actress, aren't you?' she said inwardly.

She widened her smile a bit more, just to taunt her sister, and answered. "Well, both."

Lena froze up. She could feel her facade falling apart after hearing what Ashley just said.

"Ashley, what do you think of the Luo Group, a place where you could have a run?"

"Oh wow," Ashley quickly remarked, her eyebrows raised. "Quitting your disguise?"

The disgust Ashley was feeling was beyond anything she had ever felt before. "You really made your little character real. I almost believed that we really are a lovely, loving family."

"I have no idea what you are talking about!" Lena shouted, standing up from her chair and slamming her hands on her table.

"You know what, sis," Ashley started, her tone pure mockery of her sister. "Don't sweat it. If that was everything you were gonna say to me, I think I'd be better off going back to work."

Once again, Ashley flashed her sister her sweetest smile, and started towards the door. However, before she could even touch its handle, Lena spoke up.

"Stop! Ashley!"

The way Ashley had always been so calm had always pissed Lena off.

It was like she could never get hurt no matter how hard she tried to ruin her.

"Ashley," Lena started, her voice low and her tone sinister. "Isn't it surprising how well Mrs. Luo treats me? She even invited me for dinner. You know, once Raymond is back from his business trip."

Lena bobbed her head up arrogantly.

"Oh really?" Ashley replied in a sweet voice. She turned around to face her sister once again. "Congratulations, sis."

She looked Lena in the eyes. She wasn't affected.

Somehow sensing her sister's indifference, Lena changed the subject. "Ashley, I will approve your resignation on one condition - you will join us in tonight's dinner with Mr. Chen. I am your boss, and you have no choice but to follow my orders," she finished. Lena looked at Ashley. She was taking pride in making her sister's life miserable.

Ashley raised her eyebrows, her face contorting to a cartoon-like expression of confusion. "Wait - so are you saying that I can quit my job if I promise you to join the dinner tonight?"

"Yes!" Lena replied, throwing her hands up in the air.

"What about Ellie?" Ashley asked, her expression not changing.

"No problem!"

Lena exclaimed, despite the fact that Ellie annoyed her so much.

"Alright, then, I think I am going,"

Ashley said, her tone mimicking defeat.

Lena was so shocked. She couldn't believe Ashley's answer. 'What's going on?' she thought to herself, confused. 'I thought it would be a long talk.'

"So, Miss Mu, can I leave now?" Ashley asked, disrupting Lena's thoughts.

"Sure," Lena said, still in disbelief. Ashley then opened the glass door and went out.

Staring at her sister's receding figure, Lena no longer needed to hide her malicious intentions. "You were so lucky that you could get rid of the troubles last time," she whispered to herself, smirking. "But this time, you won't!"


"Ashley! You're back! What did Miss Mu do to you?" Fiona ran to Ashley in a hurry the moment she was back to her seat.


Ashley said, smiling and shaking her head.

"Alright Fiona, go back to work or she will be here again!" Ashley added.

Fiona went back to her seat, though unwillingly.


During lunch time, Ashley told Ellie. "Clean up your stuff later. We don't need to come back to work anymore."

"Did Lena approve of the resignation?" Ellie asked, sounding excited.

"Yes, she sure did," Ashley answered.

"You also don't need to wait for me after work. Lena and I have things to deal with tonight."

"She definitely has some malicious intentions in mind," Ellie replied, now sounding concerned. "Are you sure you will be fine without me?"

Ellie had cared for Ashley for forever now. She had always been like a big sister to her.

"Don't worry, Ellie," Ashley replied in a reassuring tone. "We will have nothing to do with the Luo Group after tonight. We can do whatever we want!"

"That's great!"

Ellie said enthusiastically.

Upon hearing the conversation, Fiona said with her mouth still full of rice, "You guys! Don't forget to invite me to your place!"

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