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   Chapter 23 Warning

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"Aaaaahh!" Ashley jerked up from the bed, screaming her lungs out.

Beads of perspiration shone on her forehead and her saucer-like eyes were full of panicky terror.

Rattled, she glanced around to ascertain her surroundings. When the familiar sight of her bedroom greeted her, she sank back into her pillows and heaved a stunned sigh of relief.

She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to collect herself, and when she opened them again, she stared at the ceiling, her shock still rampant in her mind.

Never in her wildest imagination had she thought that she would dream of making love to a stranger. That excruciating post-coital pain still made her insides throb.

'That man was horrible!' she thought shakily. The very memory of him made her tremble with fear.


Not until she heard Ellie's muffled voice call out her name from the other side of her bedroom door did she snap out of her daze. The alarm on the bedside table told her that it was 8: 30 - just half an hour before she had to go to work.

Although she had made up her mind to quit her job, she was still an employee in the Luo Group and she didn't want to be late for work.

Ashley yelled a quick assurance to Ellie that she would be ready soon and hurried to the bathroom.

It only took her five minutes to fix herself up.

"What happened? Why'd you wake up so late?" Ellie asked, frowning as she took in Ashley's sleepy-eyed appearance.

Ashley gulped nervously.

'Should I tell her the truth? It's kind of hard to tell anyone about the dream, ' she thought.

"Nothing," she said, deciding to keep the experience to herself. "I had a nightmare last night. Kind of made it difficult to sleep at night, so ended up oversleeping in the morning."

Ellie studied her for a moment before handing Ashley her breakfast and sighing. She said, "Let's go or we will be late."

Ashley gratefully took the food and bit into it as she followed Ellie out of the house.

It was 9 am when they arrived at the office.

They sensed that something was different. Pausing a moment to quizzically look around, they raised their eyebrows and glanced at each other.

Shrugging, they made their way inside, only to be greeted by the sight of an elegantly dressed lady walking towards Lena.

Graceful and elegant, she looked like a woman in her thirties, not like the forties woman that she actually was.

She took Lena by the hand and said amiably, "You can come to my house anytime you want. If you have any probl

they were to each other.

They were a constant presence in each other's lives, staying through the thick and thin, comforting and encouraging the other every time one of them faced a problem.

Once Ellie was sure that Ashley was alright, she headed straight to her department, relieved and slightly glad.

No sooner had Ashley settled into her seat than a low, familiar voice came calling her name. "Ashley! Ashley!"

She turned around to see a round-headed girl come into view.

"Ashley, you know what? I saw a creepy old witch today. And she was so nice to Miss Mu!"

Fiona whispered conspiratorially in Ashley's ear.

Now that the old lady had warned all the employees not to gossip in the company, Fiona had seemed to take it personally. Although Fiona was a foodie and a simple human being, she was afraid of that woman, especially because she noticed that all her companions feared her. Besides to be fair to Fiona, Raymond's mother did look rather serious.

Despite her fear, Fiona had still come to Ashley to share her thoughts.

Upon hearing Fiona's description of the woman, Ashley chuckled to herself. 'Fiona is so cute!

If Raymond ever came to know that his mother is regarded as an old witch, he might get extremely upset.

His mother isn't serious, but she does look scary when she wears her poker face or when she holds someone in high contempt, ' she thought.

"Ashley, I bet you saw that old witch too. Don't you think she is scary?"

Fiona asked, as if she could tell from Ashley's expression what had just happened.

"Yes. Yes, I saw her. She is scary, just like an old witch," Ashley whispered, mimicking Fiona's tone.

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