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   Chapter 22 Nice Job

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Ashley was deep in thought.

'I have been standing here ever since I entered the house. No one even had the decency to provide me a place to sit on. Such unfriendly and disrespectful people.'

"Well, you can go back to your apartment. You and Lena are sisters after all. You should support each other at the office, understand? Stop being mean towards Lena. You are her older sister, and you should be a good example," Spencer lectured in a low, stern voice.

"I understand," Ashley responded dryly.

'I didn't even do anything. Lena started it. How could he blame me with that condescending tone?' she whined inside.

When she met his repulsive gaze, she felt anger and hurt rush through her veins.

'What do they take me for, an emotionless puppet that they can do whatever they like to me?

Well, who cares anyway. After this Saturday, ties will be severed and I don't have to come back to this annoying house anymore.

And when that time comes, I will never ever come back even if they beg me on their knees to return, ' she furiously thought.

Ashley then walked out of the house to get some air. She suddenly strode towards a tree and gave it an angry kick.

She had no feelings for the Mu family anyway, especially that Peggy, who had always treated her as an enemy. Leaving them would truly be the best decision.

She had always been indifferent to people. After being abandoned by her own birth parents at a young age, she had been a lone wolf.

And besides, the Mu family never once treated her fairly.

The only reason that she kept on following their orders all those years was because they kept mentioning to her that she must return their kindness for taking her into the family.

However, there was one person in the Mu family who had been very nice to her.

It was none other than Peggy's son. Thinking about her kind foster brother brought sadness to her heart.

She suddenly snapped out of her trance and pulled herself together.

Quickening her pace, Ashley left the yard and found that taxi driver was still waiting for her as per her request.

She took a deep breath and composed herself, pushing away all the negative thoughts.

She opened the door and quickly slipped in the back seat. "Sir, let's get going. Just take me out of here," she said to the driver who was playing with his phone.

"Are you sure?" the driver asked, as he turned around and gave Ashley an inquisitive look.

the dishes in an attempt to wash them before going to bed. But suddenly a voice resounded from behind. "You can do the dishes later. It's already very late. Go get some rest."

Caught off guard, Ashley was taken aback.

"Ah!" Ashley screamed. She jumped to her feet and the plates in her hands almost dropped on the ground.

Turning around instantly, she heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Ellie. She patted her chest and tried to calm herself down. Glowering at her friend, she gasped, "Oh jeez, you scared the hell out of me."

'I know that she is a coward. But I didn't expect her to be so timid, ' Ellie thought, rolling her eyes.

With a resigned expression, she pouted her mouth and responded, "Is that so? I have been standing here for a long time already. But you were so focused on Weibo that you didn't even notice me."

"Well, fine, you're right. Go back to sleep already," Ashley said annoyed at her bestie. She brought all the dishes to the sink before going straight to her bedroom.

After taking a quick shower, Ashley threw herself onto her bed. She caught a glimpse of her phone and saw that it was 2:00 am already. She was so caught up with everything that she even didn't realize how late it was.

Although the events which had unfolded today were beyond her imagination, she was still pleased over all. At least Lena had failed to set her up.

Defeated by Sleepiness, she was fast asleep. But then she suddenly had a dream. In her dream, there was a man whose face she couldn't clearly see. A dangerous aura was emanating from his body. But she couldn't help but get closer towards him.

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