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   Chapter 21 Family

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Ashley arrived at the curb and immediately hailed a taxi. She boarded the cab and gave some instructions to the driver. They exited the heavily trafficked downtown and headed towards a tree-lined road. Ashley guided the driver until they had finally reached Splendor Gardens. The driver raised his eyebrow and looked at Ashley curiously when he saw their destination.

The residents of this area were usually business tycoons and social elites. They were wealthy enough to afford their own car and a driver. This made the driver curious about Ashley's status.

Ashley dismissed the driver's inquisitive look. They had arrived in front of the Mus' villa. She got off the car and told the driver to wait for her at the curb. She let out a deep sigh to compose herself and walked towards the villa.

She had to make the driver wait or she wouldn't have a ride back later. The people in the villa wouldn't let her spend the night. It would take her all night just to walk back home.

"Tinkle, tinkle." Ashley pressed the doorbell. She stood in front of the door and waited.

Even though Ashley was an adopted daughter of the Mu family, she was never given a key to the villa.

She only entered the villa when she ran errands for the family or when she was blamed for Lena's misbehaviors. The Mu family didn't really care for Ashley. They wouldn't even be fazed if she was sick or even if she died.

Ashley accepted this fact about the Mu family. She was aware that they didn't love her. The thought that she would leave the Mu family uplifted her spirits.

A few seconds passed by and a servant opened the door. Ashley then walked towards the living room, but to her surprise, a cup almost hit her in the face.

A loud sound echoed in the room as the cup hit the floor and broke into pieces.

Ashley was shocked by what happened. Her furious eyes searched for who threw the cup. It was a few inches from her face and she was grateful that she dodged the assault.

Ashley raised her head and saw Lena. Ashley felt creepy and confused by the pitiful look Lena gave her.

'Why does she look at me with pity?

She is regretful because the cup didn't hit my face?

Or she feels sorry that I wasn't disfigured?


Ashley sneered.

"How dare you move away? Shame on you! Do you have any idea what you did in the Luo Group?" Peggy began her barrage of insults and abuse towards Ashley. Her rage and disgust with Ashley were felt in her words.

She didn't even feel guilty when she threw a cup to her adopted daughter. Peggy never actually treated her as her child in the first place.

Meanwhile, Spencer sat on the sofa with a blank face. It was hard to figure out whether he was happy or angry. He was silent and no one else in the room could tell what was on his mind. His dignified aura was developed from being the president of a company. He was noble as a knight while he sat impassively.

However, Ashley wasn't scared by Spencer's look. She stared at him politely as she waited for his opinion regarding this event.

Spencer didn't pay attention to the maltreatments Ashley received from Peggy and Lena. He didn't care for all the beatings, bruises and scars they had given Ashley. Spencer had ignored their behavior because it didn't break his bottom line.

Spencer's bottom line was that no one could ruin his company.

Therefore, did Ashley ruin the company when she sabotaged Lena's reputation?

Ashley blinked as she imagined what might happen to her.

She was surprised when Spencer finally talked. He said with a deep calm voice, "Is what they're saying true? Did you do it?"

"No!" Ashley denied the claims against her. Her voice was adamant while her eyes were steady and committed. She tried her best to appear innocent.

It didn't matter if she was the one responsible for that.

She couldn't admit the truth to her family now.

Furthermore, even if they doubted her and had her investigated, they wouldn't be able to find out the truth.

"No one else would dare to do it! You are the only one in the company who doesn't get along with Lena. You always try to take away the things Lena likes. You compete with her for the company positions she wants. You have always antagonized her ever since you were young." Peggy screamed as she blamed Ashley.

She had already convinced herself that Ashley was the culprit.

"It wasn't me! My dear mother, could you please tell me how I could do this to Lena when I don't know that person's account and password of the forum?" asked Ashley with an innocent smile on her face.

Honestly, she really did it. However, the family wouldn't be able to find out that it was her. They couldn't do anything to her without any evidence.

"I don't know how you stole the account and password. You must have bribed her or threatened her so that you could frame Lena! How dare you do this to her! You are so young but already so evil!" Peggy lashed out to Ashley. She was filled with disappointment because Ashley didn't live up to her expectations.

Peggy got more furious when she saw Ashley's innocent smile. She rolled her eyes and turned her back on Ashley.

"How could I do something like that? I am not aware of who that person is. Additionally, you guys know I don't have enough money to bribe anyone. That person wouldn't be interested in a small amount of cash that I possess," Ashley said politely. She still denied everything. She then glanced at Lena who was distressed in Peggy's arms.

Lena grew anxious when she noticed Ashley's gaze. Her heart trembled restlessly.

'Did she find out the truth? Did she know I sent the pictures? Did she figure out what I did?

No! That's impossible! She couldn't have possibly known the truth!' Lena grew scared. The doubts in her mind made her panic.

Lena began to sob. Her eyes reddened as tears flowed down her cheeks. She cried, "Mom, how could I face the people outside! I would rather die than live with this kind of embarrassment!"

Lena thought of the people in the company who stared at her lewdly. It was as if she was naked as she walked in that corridor. Lena wanted to gouge their eyeballs out as punishment.

Lena continued to cry helplessly. Her charming eyes grew red and moist. There were some moist parts in her blouse as the tears flowed down her rosy cheeks. She gasped in between sobs to catch her breath. She looked like a princess, delicate and charming. Any man would offer his life to save her from her current trepidation.

"Hush now, my angel. Mom will find a way to fix this." Peggy comforted her with a gentle voice. She stroked Lena's hair to provide solace.

Afterward, Peggy turned her attention to Ashley. She screamed at her, "Did you hear what your sister said? Look at what you did. Do you realize what kind of agony you've caused her? You should've supported her in the company, but instead, you framed her and ruined her reputation! Is this how you show your gratitude to the people who gave you a home?" Peggy didn't even give Ashley a glance. She was very furious with Ashley that she might throw something to her again!

Ashley snickered at her mother's words. She started to laugh as if to mock Peggy. Anyone could tell she was being sarcastic. She turned to her and asked, "Mom, are you deaf or something? I already told you I do not know the identity of that person, so how could I frame Lena? As for the posts, it must be a punishment for someone who committed many wrong things or maybe it's just God's will."

Lena was infuriated by Ashley's mockery. She glared at Ashley with eyes filled with rage and disgust. Both she and her mother hated Ashley from the bottom of their hearts.

'I'm going to make you confess, ' Lena thought.

Of course, Lena knew that person. It was one of her accounts. She planned to discredit and humiliate Ashley with the use of this account.

However, she never imagined that things would go out of her control.

Lena didn't know who hacked into the account and changed her password. She vowed to torment the person responsible if she ever learned who it was.

"Enough! The three of you, shut up now! Take a look at yourselves! You act like noisy women in the street. Don't forget your positions!" Spencer yelled at them. He was silent the whole time. This was only the second time he spoke ever since Ashley arrived.

He looked at Ashley from head to toe, as if to investigate her. His wise eyes tried to search for the truth. No one could tell whether he trusted Ashley or not.

However, Ashley didn't care if Spencer trusted her words.

She grew hungry during these arguments. Her mind started to think about home and food. All she wanted was to end this confrontation, go home and eat the dinner Ellie made.

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