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   Chapter 20 Snitch On Ashley

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'This is the most efficient way to make Fiona shut up!' Ashley thought with a victorious smile visible on her lips.

Seeing the way Ashley treated Fiona, Ellie rolled her eyes at her disapprovingly.

However, Ashley just grinned back mischievously. 'Got a problem with that?' she thought.

The trio ran into Rita, and she was looking a lot less confident and much less cocky than she had been yesterday.

Ashley gave her a vague glance, thinking, 'It looks like the tides have turned, after just one day. But it's wrong to gloat over other's misfortune.'

Sensing Ashley's gaze on her, Rita looked at her with a blank expression on her face and then looked away.

'She must hate me very much.

But it's not my fault. She brought it all on herself!' Ashley thought.

The time had passed in the blink of an eye and it was already dusk. The three girls stood in front of the Luo Group's building preparing to bid each other goodbye.

"Ellie, Ashley, see you tomorrow," Fiona said cheerfully, waving to them.

Her house was in the opposite direction to where Ashley and Ellie lived. But since the girls were all good friends, they would always walk out of the company together and then go their separate ways.

"Bye. See you!" Ellie and Ashley replied in unison.

They watched Fiona for a brief moment as she walked down the street and then they too headed to their apartment.

Ashley and Ellie rented an apartment in close proximity to the company. It made it more convenient for them to walk to and from work every day. It would normally only take them around ten minutes to get home at strolling pace.

On the way home, they chatted happily with each other.

All of a sudden, Ellie stopped and asked, "Now, can you tell me how on earth you managed to pull that off?"

She gave her best friend a stern look and an expression that implied, that she wasn't going to give her any other choice but to answer her question.

Ashley knew that look. She had seen it many times before, so she didn't dare try to hide it from her any longer. Ashley heaved a heavy sigh.

"Remember that day when I visited the Star Asylum?" she asked.

"Yes, we agreed to go there together, but then I couldn't go because I had something else that I had to do. And you went there by yourself, I remember," Ellie said nodding.


n't you tell me over the phone?" Ashley asked leisurely.

Ashley knew that Peggy was angry with her and wanted her home because Lena had told her what had happened.

It wasn't something new to Ashley. Every time Lena tried to set her up and ended up backfiring in her face and getting her into trouble, she would complain to her mother and then Peggy would take it out on Ashley.

Ashley listened quietly while Peggy abused her and judged her unfairly.

The call had finally ended when Peggy was done cursing her and then rudely hung up. Ashley plodded to the kitchen with a resigned expression on her face.

She leaned her shoulder against the door frame and watched as Ellie cooked dinner. "Ellie, you only need to cook dinner for yourself," she said in a small, frustrated voice.

"What? What's up?" Ellie stopped what she was doing and turned around to face her with furrowed brows.

"I got a call from the Mu family. I have to go over there," Ashley explained.

"Are you serious? But, it's late," Ellie grumbled.

"They don't care about if I'm in danger or tired. All they care about is avenging their baby girl," Ashley sighed, rubbing her temples to relieve her headache.

"What? Lena snitched on you again?"

"Yup. Why should she stop now? She always does," Ashley replied.

"Well, then, good luck with that. I don't think they'll treat you to dinner, so I'll prepare something for you. Remember to eat when you come back," Ellie said.

"Okay, thanks. I've got to go. Bye!"

"Bye. Take care of yourself on the way."

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