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   Chapter 19 Pay Back In Kind

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Before Ashley could see the news, Fiona read it aloud, "A rich lady stole a girl's boyfriend and accused that girl of being a third party!"

The title was indeed eye-catching. On top of that, the scandalous way Fiona said it attracted the attention of nearly everyone inside the office. Those who were once busy at work soon took out their cellphones and looked for the post Fiona had just mentioned. 'There is a great deal of news about rich ladies. But now this is about a rich lady who stole someone's boyfriend. Interesting...' Ashley thought.

She continued to scroll through Fiona's phone, only to find that all the posts on the forum were about how Lena had taken her boyfriend away from that girl.

The most interesting part was that the one who had exposed that explosive news was the same as the last one.

As all of them gaped at the content of the post, a new video had just been posted. Naturally, people clicked on it out of curiosity.

As soon as the video was played, those watching let out a shocked gasp, their eyes widening and their mouths agape. Curious as Fiona was, she clicked on the video. She merely had a glimpse of the video, and yet she loosened her grip on her cellphone from the overwhelming shock.

Ashley responded swiftly and caught Fiona's cellphone before it fell on the floor. Otherwise, Fiona might not be able to buy her favorite snacks in the next few days since she would have to buy a new phone.

"Thank you, Ashley," Fiona said gratefully, patting the beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Still looking quite dazed, she took her phone from Ashley. The image of two naked bodies intertwined in blazing passion lingered in her mind, making her even more confused.

As an innocent foodie who had never been in a relationship, Fiona was ignorant of what was going on in the video.

Ashley had caught a glimpse of the video as she returned Fiona's phone. From what she had briefly seen, she realized immediately that it was Lena and her ex-boyfriend having sex in the video. She was certain of this because her foster sister had asked her to witness that very scene as it happened.

What came as a surprise to Ashley was that Lena had even recorded it.

'No wonder they're all in immense shock.

They could see Raymond and Lena having sex clearly, ' Ashley thought in disdain.

Ashley comforted the panic-stricken Fiona and escorted her to her seat. Upon returning to her desk, she opened her computer, and viewed the forum. The comments differed from the ones posted yesterday.

There were still many

headed straight for the Mu family's residence in a bid to find her mother and snitch on Ashley.

Whenever she was in trouble, she would turn to her mother for help.

At noon, Ashley, Ellie and Fiona sat together as they ate their lunches.

Settling her gaze on Ashley, Ellie praised her, "You're amazing, Ashley! How did you do that?"

Although the three had speculated that the account was Lena, Ellie couldn't figure out why Lena would try to defend Ashley and even upload the video to prove Ashley's innocence. In her eyes, it couldn't be Lena's doing since she hated Ashley with all her guts.

Ellie was extremely curious to find out what was going on.

"Well, it's a secret!" Ashley gave Ellie a mysterious smile.

"Is that so? Well done, Ashley Mu! Now you even keep things to yourself!" Ellie said in a menacing tone as she watched Ashley with a coy smile.

"Well, Ellie, it's my fault. But I can't tell you here. There are so many people around here who could be listening in. I promise that I'll fill you in at home, okay?" Ashley said with a smirk.

It didn't mean that Ashley was afraid of Ellie. The two shared everything with each other ever since they had gotten acquainted. Although they were not related in anyway, they had bond thicker than blood.

"So you did all of this, Ashley? I'm impressed," Fiona cut in, looking up at Ashley with her twinkling eyes, even raising her hand to give her a thumb-up.

"Well, let's eat. The food is getting cold. Cold food is not good for our health!" Ashley urged with a resigned expression as she saw Fiona stared at her with infinite admiration. The serious tone frightened Fiona slightly. Fiona let her eyes fall back to her food.

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