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   Chapter 16 Leaving The Luo Group

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Ashley went to the dining hall with Fiona. She sat waiting patiently at the table for her, because Fiona said that she would manage everything herself.

Ashley couldn't think of any reason to refuse her, so all she could do was sit and watch as Fiona ran around here and there in the dining hall getting food for them.

It wasn't the rush hour for lunch, so there weren't too many people around. Ashley preferred to have her lunch when it was quieter rather than when the hall was full of noisy hungry workers.

Ellie was looking for Ashley everywhere. She was relieved when she spotted her sitting at the table.

Ellie first went to look for Ashley in her office. But when she didn't find her there. She assumed that Fiona would have taken her to the dining hall since she was fond of delicious food.

While looking at Ellie, Ashley asked, "What's the matter, Ellie? Why are you so out of breath?"

Ellie glanced at her, looking a little bit sullen.

Once Ellie had learned about what was on the company's forum, she began to worry about Ashley. As soon as she finished work, she came to see her straight away.

"Are you okay? You shouldn't pay any attention to the nonsense on the forum. They don't know anything," Ellie said looking at her with concern.

Ashley smiled. "Hey, it's fine. I'm stronger than that. Don't worry about me."

Fiona had returned and greeted her, "Hi, Ellie. It's nice to see you here. Would you like to join us? Just have a seat, I'll be back in a minute."

Fiona put the two boxes of food on the table and rushed off to get another one for Ellie.

"She's so sweet. She's still like a child," Ellie said smiling as she watched Fiona darting off.

"Yes, she's always like that. Fiona's motto is, 'Bread is the staff of life', so let's feed ourselves first,"

Ashley said laughing.

Shortly after, Fiona came back with another box of food.

"My dear sisters, let's have our meals together, okay?" Fiona was hungry, so as soon as she sat down, she began to dig in.

Ashley and Ellie just looked at each other and then at Fiona and smiled. They picked up their chopsticks and joined in.

"Ashley, what do you think about the post on the forum?" Ellie asked, still worried about how Ashley was going to cope with it.

"What I think, is that it's so obvious that Lena was behind it all. And she wants me to leave the Luo Group," Ashley said flatly as she glanced at her.

When Raymond and Ashley were dating, it was in college and only a few people actually knew about it, including her friend Ellie, several of Raymond's friends, and Lena of course.

Raymond's friends and Ellie certainly wouldn't have spread the rumor, but Lena would.

She never liked Ashley from the very beginning, so it would be very likely that Lena was behind it all, to make her leave. Also, Raymond wasn't around that day so it was easier for Lena to do it.

As Ashley thought about it, she was sure that Lena would love nothing more than for Ashley to leave the Luo Group disgraced, while Raymond was away.

But Ashley refused to give Lena that satisfaction.

"Lena again? Why is she always in your life?" Ellie gritted her teeth when she mentioned the name Lena.

Ashley was also puzzled as to what provoked Lena to do such a thing and drifted off, lost in her own thoughts. What could she have done to make her hate her so much?

From when they were kids, Lena could have whatever she desired. But she took much more pleasure in taking Ashley's things away from her. Why was she like that? She also liked to frame her and make others think lowly of Ashley.

"Ashley, did you hear me?" Ellie waved her hand in front of Ashley's face to bring her back to the present.

"Err— Sorry, what did you say?" Ashley asked when she was jolted out of her thoughts.

Ellie felt helpless whenever she saw Ashley become distant and vague. She wondered what could make her become like that.

"So, are we going to leave the Luo Group or not?" Ellie asked. Ashley had never intended to work in the Luo Group. But after graduation, Raymond insisted on getting her a good position in the company, so he could be close to her.

But Ashley didn't want a good position until she earned it herself. She wanted to start from the bottom and work her way up. Raymond agreed but after just two months of her working in the company, he had promoted her to the original position that he had intended from the beginning.

Ashley was angry at him for doing that, she didn't want any favors or shortcuts from him. But Raymond refused to let her go back to the beginning again and so she had no other choices but to stay. From then on, all the staff of the company assumed that Ashley must be having some love affairs with Raymond.

She didn't want it known that she was dating the inheritor of the Luo Group and Raymond agreed with her. So their love affair had only been a rumor at that time.

But they didn't expect that the rumor would be used to slander her.

"No, we're not leaving. Not just yet, anyway. If we leave now, all the rumors that they posted on the forum will become the truth. That's what Lena is hoping for and I am not going to give her that satisfaction," Ashley said with determination in her eyes.

She had made her mind up that she would definitely leave the Luo Group soon. There were lots of other companies that she could work for. Any other company would be hassle-free and much easier to work for without all the drama associated with the Luo Group.

It was more than clear that the Luo Group was no longer where they could stay and work.

"Yes, you're right. We can't leave now." Ellie knew what Ashley meant and nodded agreeing with her.

She knew they would both leave the Luo Group, but first, they had to clear their names before leaving.

They had to set the rumors straight.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Ellie asked, presuming that she had thought of a plan.

"I still haven't figured out how to deal with it. But it's easier for us now since we know who was behind it all."

Ellie looked at her smiling but saying nothing.

She believed that Ashley would come up with a plan to get them out of this awkward situation.

Ashley had known that Lena was the one who was behind it. But she couldn't possibly come out to clarify what she posted on the forum. If she did do that, it would only prove that she was the third woman.

She wasn't that stupid, even though Lena had hoped that she was.

Ellie shook her head, worried that she might not be cunning enough to think of a plan to help clear Ashley's name.

"What? Ellie, Ashley, are you going to leave the Luo Group? Are you serious?" Fiona asked looking at both of them when she overheard their conversation.

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