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   Chapter 15 Gossip

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'Ashley! Ashley! It's always her! She's not your everything! It is possible to still live without her!' she screamed in her heart.

Although Lena felt reluctant to go along with Raymond's request, she had no choice but to pretend to be happy about it.

'Now that he's on a business trip, I can do whatever I want to Ashley, ' she thought with an evil smile on her lips.

Lena picked up her telephone and called her assistant. "Let Rita come to my office," she instructed after she got through.

After she finished giving her instructions, she hung up the phone. She continued to read through the comments, which were, not in Ashley's favor. This news had put her in a good mood.

She basked in the pleasure of any negativity that went Ashley's way. Shortly after, there was a light knock on her door.

"Come in," she said in a cheerful tone. Lena was usually, aggressive and arrogant, but since she was in such high spirits, she was more pleasant and tolerable today.

Rita Chen pushed the door open and asked gingerly, "You wanted to see me, Miss Mu?"

She was dressed in a tight fitting, black, low cut, singlet top with a matching tight, black, short wrap skirt.

She was already 168 centimeters tall and she knew how to take advantage of her height. By adding a pair of three-inch black high heels shoes, she accentuated her long, straight thighs. It was a feast for the eyes of men.

She had an oval face and had delicate makeup on. Rita gave off a sexy, glamorous air to everyone around her.

In the past, Lena would be irritated and scoff at her for dressing like a slut.

However, this time she only knitted her brows at the sight of her subordinate.

She had seen through Rita Chen and knew what her motive was behind dressing like that. 'She wants to seduce my Raymond. Unfortunately for her, she has chosen the wrong person to mess with. I will never give her the chance to go near my fiance, ' she hissed in contempt under her breath.

Lena fixed her eyes on the posts that deplored Ashley and people were actually recommending that she leave the Luo Group. After a moment she glanced up and gave Rita, who was standing opposite her, an admiring glance. She praised, "You've done well."

Rita Chen understood exactly what her superior was referring to. She had caught a glimpse of Lena's computer screen. She smiled, pleased with herself and replied, "I'm flattered, Miss Mu."

"Nonsense, you're being too modest. You're a smart girl and you did a good job," Lena said casually.

"I really can't take all the credit though. If it weren't for you, my plan wouldn't be as successful," Rita Chen replied with a fake coy smile.

Lena read between the lines and caught on immediately with what she was getting at. 'She thinks that we're a team. And if she gets in trouble because of this, she will drag my name through the mud as well.

I must admit she is shrewd, ' Lena brooded to herself.

"Well, that's all. You can leave now. Once I get what I want, I will fulfill my promise to you," Lena concluded, gesturing for her to leave.

"Thank you, Miss Mu," Rita Chen responded before heading straight for the door.

Lena narrowed her eyes and stared at her back wondering if it was wise to have chosen Rita to do the dirty work for her.

Rita Chen was an ambitious woman. She had proven that by proposing to work alongside Lena to kick Ashley out of the Luo Group.

And that was the very reason why Lena had her reservations about her accomplice.

'Hell will freeze over before I would ever let that woman take me down with her, '

thought Lena.

The rumors about Ashley were already spreading around the company like


When Ashley went to the break room to get some coffee, she could hear a couple of girls inside gossiping about her.

"I didn't expect that Ashley was such a bad person!" a girl exclaimed in a disappointed tone. She stood with a coffee mug in her hand, gossiping to the other girl.

"It's, not a surprise. It's normal to see that sort of thing in a company, otherwise, how else would she have got her job here?" the other girl sneered.

"You've got a point. She looks arrogant and aloof. It turns out that she tried to destroy the happiness of others. It's so creepy. Lucky for me, I didn't mess with her, otherwise, I may have lost my job," the first girl said with a touch of fear in her voice.

Ashley stood outside and overheard their whole conversation.

When they had finished talking, she entered the room.

"Oh, Ash... Ashley, what a coincidence. Have you come here to get some coffee?" one of the girls asked nervously.

The sight of Ashley suddenly appearing out of nowhere had freaked them out. They had no idea how long she had been standing there for or how much of their conversation she had heard.

And even though Ashley had a poor reputation at the moment she still had the authority to fire the two girls.

"Yup," Ashley replied, with a blank expression.

The two girls quickly stood aside and looked at Ashley nervously. 'When did she come here? If she heard what we had said about her, then we are as good as dead, ' the thought ran through their worried minds.

"Err... If there is nothing else, Ashley. May we be excused?" one of the girls dared to ask.

"Sure, off you go," Ashley replied flatly.

The two bolted out of the room as if they were being chased by a ghost.

Ashley glanced at her own reflection in the mirror and let out a cold chuckle. 'I never saw that coming.

One minute they are stabbing me in the back and yet when they see me, they are meeker than mice.

They did that because they fear me and not because they respect me.

But what if the victim was a nobody and had no authority on them? How would they treat her then?' she mused at their cruelty in her mind.

Ashley poured herself some water and left the break room. On her way to the office, she received many discreet glances and whispers behind her back. However, she paid no attention to them.

'They're all just snobs anyway. When I get a promotion, they will come running to me and try to butter me up. But when I'm in trouble, they will avoid me and gloat over my misfortune, ' she sighed.

Once she reached the office, Fiona sprinted towards her and stopped in front of her. She turned and glanced at the gossipers and in spite of them all, she stretched her arm out and linked it through Ashley's as a chaperone. Fiona glared at the busybodies and yelled, "What are you gawking at? Have you finished all of your work? I don't think you have time to stand around and gossip."

Once Fiona had come to Ashley's rescue, the crowd dispersed immediately.

"Ashley, don't take any notice of what they say," Fiona said comforting her.

"You're right. I couldn't give two hoots about what they say about me. Rest assured I have broad shoulders," Ashley reassured her. Fiona's words seemed to have amused her and gave her courage.

"I'm glad to hear that. It's lunchtime. Let's go to the canteen and grab a bite to eat," Fiona said with a sparkle in her eyes. Without waiting for Ashley's response, she grabbed her by the hand and led her to the dining hall.

As Ashley went with Fiona, she glanced at her with a fond smile. 'She is the only one who is leading a carefree life among all the people I know, ' she thought.

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