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   Chapter 14 Home Wrecker

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Ashley continued scrolling down the comment section and read everything. Almost all the comments were abusing her. "What a bitch!" someone said. Others said, "You, a home wrecker and a shameless woman. You are not qualified to be a member of this company and should quit!"

Straightly speaking, a home wrecker refers to a woman who gets involved with a man who is engaged, be it with a wife or a girlfriend. This kind of a woman deserves no respect wherever she is for her behavior of seducing an already-engaged man is downright shameless.

Nowadays, almost everybody of all ages--from young kids to octogenarians--knows exactly what a "home wrecker" means and they will simply look down upon such a woman if they meet one.

That was why this post had been the top trending topic and attracted so much attention. Home wreckers are like the scampering rats in the street that everybody wants to beat up.

Ashley's mood kept undeterred. She stayed calm while reading the comments.

Primary Colors: "Eh, we can not judge a person by his or her look. Nor can the sea be measured by a bucket. Ashley, the famous beauty benchmark in our company turns out to be a home wrecker! It's unexpected!"

Crowned Beauty: "Yeah, I agree. I thought she was noble and honourable. She looked like a lotus blooming on the snow-covered summit. Now when I recall her expression, I find it disgusting and fake. She might always be pretending all along! It is highly possible that she is very promiscuous when it comes to sex!"

Ignorant Fool: "I don't think so. She is not like what you said. Although she isn't easy-going and keeps a distance with others, she is willing to help others. She helped me solve a problem that I hadn't solved for a long time."

Night Flower: "Um, I agree. Ashley is definitely not that kind of person. Are you sure you're referring to the right person?"

Crowned Beauty: @Night Flower," How could I mistake her for another person! The post starter has uploaded several pictures and it's obvious from there that she is the home wrecker!"

Primary Colors: @Ignorant Fool: "Cats hide their claws. You may think she helped you, but who knows her real intention? She is Mr. Luo's girl. If she complains to Mr. Luo about your performance, you may lose your job. Pillow talk matters."

Single Hero: "Hum, she looks so reserved and noble like a saint. Who knows how she performs on bed? I am so excited only by imagining how wild she might actually be!"

Crowned Beauty: @Single Hero, "Haha, you are right. Just seduce her and you will see."

Primary Colors: "I feel sorry for Miss Mu. That home wrecker may seduce Mr. Luo whenever and wherever possible. Miss Mu must be worried about it."

Single Hero: "You are right. Mr. Luo is a handsome jaunty man. No one is out of such a rich gentleman's reach. In the outside, many gold-diggers have cast lusty eyes on Mr. Luo. But none of them can be mentioned in the same breath as Miss Mu.

All Missing: "I heard Miss Mu and Mr. Luo just got engaged."

Crowned Beauty: "That means no one can be Mrs. Luo except Miss Mu. They have held a ceremony and will get married soon. Those bitches are simply incomparable to Miss Mu! I am with Miss Mu. Home wreckers must get out of the life of the Luo Group!"

Primary Colors, "Miss Mu and that home wrecker have the same family name. Is it possible that they are sisters?"

All Missing: "That's impossible! Miss Mu is the only daughter of Mr. Mu. She will take over the Mu Group! That bitch is a home wrecker. There is no way we can even compare her and Miss Mu. I absolutely think, she doesn't deserve that family name. Miss Mu must surely be insulted by that bitch's name."

Crowned Beauty: "I agree. Miss Mu is so kind while that woman is a bitch. How could they even possibly be sisters? I am with Miss Mu. Home wrecker, get out of the Luo Group!"

Single Hero: "I am with Miss Mu. Home wrecker, get out of the Luo Group!"

Primary Colors: "I am with Miss Mu. Home wrecker, get out of the Luo Group!"

The rest of the comments below were the same. Everybody supported Lena and demanded Ashley's leaving the Luo Grou


Ashley kept reading the comments and gave a brittle laugh.

The post and these comments slandered her. She wanted to know which photos that had caused this mess.

Besides, she was curious about the pictures. She didn't think she looked like a home wrecker! Thanks to the numerous comments, the post was a trending topic and Ashley found the original post easily.

The account was lately registered and had posted very few posts. The ID is "Willow Catkin". Ashley scrolled down and found the pictures that made people believe she was Raymond's mistress.

While looking at the pictures, Ashley burst out laughing.

These pictures were taken during the time when Ashley and Raymond were lovers. At university, they had been close, but Ashley didn't want their relationship to be publicly known. That was why few people knew Ashley was Raymond's girlfriend.

Ashley had never showed off her boyfriend. As long as they loved each other, there was no need to tell others about their relationship. Every time she went out with Raymond for lunch, had a date with him or went to some interesting places together, they avoided being seen by others. As a result, their behaviors looked weird and people would think they were carrying on a backstreet love affair.

Below the pictures of her and Raymond, there were pictures of Lena and Raymond dating.

They were in deep contrast. Ashley looked like Raymond's mistress because of their serious expressions while Lena looked like Raymond's girlfriend. Lena stared at Raymond with a convincing show of affection and Raymond behaved like a considerate gentleman. No one could deny the fact that they were lovers and got on well together. Their picture itself hinted their deep love for each other.

No wonder her colleagues would think Lena was Raymond's girlfriend and mistook Ashley for a home wrecker.

'Lena is crafty. She schemed this post and found the pictures to make me quit. Raymond won't dismiss me, so she used another way.

When Raymond asks about me, she can pass the buck. After all she has never asked me to quit. My resignation will make her happy. If I keep working here, she will be afraid of Raymond's getting close to me, ' thought Ashley.

In fact, Raymond still loved Ashley and Lena knew it. That was why Lena deliberately spread the rumor to compel Ashley to quit.

At Lena's office.

Lena was lying sprawled in an armchair and sipping at a glass of red wine.

She wore a wine-red tight skirt, which showed her pleasing curves. Her blonde curly hair hung down loosely. Her careful make-up accented her good looks. But this stunning woman didn't wear a faint elegant smile. She chuckled at her sister's discomposure.

Her computer was powered on. She was reading the digest post that got many comments, all of which were insulting Ashley and demanded her to quit. There was an obvious happiness in Lena's eyes.

She couldn't stop imagining Ashley's being ostracized and fired by the Luo Group. Ashley must look miserable at that time, however she would kill to see that scene.

'Ashley, I bullied you as before. Even though Raymond loves you, does that matter? I am his fiancée. You have nothing to be proud of, do you?

It joys me!

Ashley, Ashley, what will you do?

Raymond, your only helping hand, is not here, ' thought Lena happily.

Raymond had gone abroad for business in the early morning. It might take him three to five days. He might even come back only after a week.

Lena had been used to accompanying him on business trips so as to tighten their relationship.

But this time, she didn't go with Raymond. There was this important matter to handle. She had a good plan to get Ashley out of the Luo Group.

Raymond's final word before his boarding was warning Lena to take care of Ashley. It made Lena grit her teeth. If possible, she wished Ashley to be murdered or simply disappear in her life.

'I am your fiancée. Is it fair for you to talk about Ashley all the time, ' thought Lena, clenching her fist. She was consumed by the jealousy of the fact that Ashley was the one winning Raymond's heart.

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