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   Chapter 8 The Conflict With Raymond

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Ashley felt relieved when she heard Ellie's voice. If Ellie took a bit longer to come back, Ashley might have been suffocated by Raymond's hug.

"I'm alright." Ashley smiled as she thanked Ellie.

"We can leave now. I've already finished your discharge papers," Ellie said when she held Ashley's arm as she tried to separate her from Raymond. They walked together towards the door.

"Ashley!" Raymond called out to stop the two ladies and ran towards them.

Ashley stopped and turned around. She looked at Raymond with cold, indifferent eyes. With a blank expression on her face, she said to him,"Raymond, our relationship is over. I do hope we can get past our history and be normal friends in the future, but you are now engaged to my sister Lena. What do you think she would feel if she sees you following me around like this? You need to stop."

Ashley would have cried if she said this a month ago. She really loved Raymond and never imagined that she would say such words to him.

However, she found the courage to say the words that Raymond needed to hear. Ashley felt relieved after saying what was on her mind.

She realized that the connection she had with Raymond was similar to that of a brother and sister. She did admit that his kindness made him attractive. His gentle nature and how he understood her were part of his charms. However, it all disappeared the moment Ashley saw him and Lena sleep together.

"Ellie, we should go."

Raymond was stunned by what happened. He never imagined Ashley to be so cold to him. She even mentioned Lena's name just to rub the fact that it was over between Ashley and him. His feet, like his heart, were reluctant to move on, so he just stared at Ashley's back as they left.

"I'm really happy to leave this place. You can't do much in the ward. Do you have any idea how bored I was in this hospital?" Ashley complained to Ellie who walked by her side. The bright smile on her face showed no signs of the fact that she was sick lately.

"On the bright side, it seemed that you've learned your lesson. Hospitals are boring places so you must avoid being sent here. You must take good care of your health especially when I'm not around. If you are ever brought here again, I'll punish you." Ellie scolded Ashley sweetly. She pretended to threaten her with an angry stare.

"Yes, my queen. I understand." Ashley mocked her with a childish smile. They felt relieved that they could joke around each other again.

They continued to walk until Ashley pulled Ellie by her sleeve to get her attention. She said to her,"Ellie, I really crave for hot pot right now. How about we eat one outside?"

"Ashley, have you forgotten that you have just got over your cold?" Ellie denied Ashley's request.

"It's not that I've forgotten. I've been eating hospital food for such a long time. They are very bland and I think I lost my sense of taste during my stay there. I really want to eat something spicy now that I'm healthy. Ellie, please…" Ashley held Ellie's hand while begging. She pleaded with a sweet voice like a child.

After she heard Ashley's words, Ellie also started to crave for hot pot.

The two of them liked to eat hot pot. They wanted it to taste as spicy as possible. It was one of the many things they enjoyed doing together. However, they became so preoccupied with their jobs that they didn't have the time to go to a restaurant together in quite some time.

Ashley noticed that Ellie hesitated to agree with her. However, she knew it would only take a little push to have her change her mind. Ashley quickly talked about Ellie's favorite delicacies which made Ellie hungrier.

Finally, Ellie gave in to Ashley's sweet talk. She decided for them to have hot pot together.

Ellie felt disappointed on how she easily caved in. Other people would've thought Ashley was a modest, reserved woman. However, when the two of them were together, Ashley actually behaved like a spoiled little girl.

Ellie preferred the lively Ashley. She didn't want her to be gloomy nor quiet.

The summer sun during noon scorched the streets. People were reluctant to leave the comfort of their houses and offices. There were very few people in the hot pot restaurant.

Ashley and Ellie entered and sat down at a table. They looked at the menu and called a waitress to order some food.

The waitress rushed to the side of Ashley and Ellie's table. She took out her notebook and asked for their order. However, the two of them couldn't agree on which soup to eat.

Ashley immediately replied the waitress,"Red spicy soup, please."

Ellie suddenly stopped the waitress and said,"No. Two-flavor soup for the hot pot, please."

"Ellie!" Ashley complained with a pout. They both wanted to eat a spicy hot pot but Ellie ordered a two-flavor soup. Ellie still didn't want Ashley to eat something spicy. Ashley stared at Ellie with her sad, beautiful eyes. She looked like a child who had just lost a beloved doll.

In the end, Ellie felt bad for Ashley and changed her mind. She really had a soft spot for her. They decided to order a red spicy soup but less spicy than usual.

They enjoyed their mild flavored soup. They talked about the last time they ate together outside. It was still early when they had finished eating so they b

ought groceries on the way home.

The sun just started to come down when Ellie and Ashley arrived at their apartment. They decided to clean their bedroom that afternoon. Afterwards, they helped each other to prepare dinner.

In the Lu Group, Andrew sat comfortably in his office with a rather important document in his hand. He stared at the paper with a blank face. It looked like his eyes were focused on the document, but his attention was rather distracted by other things.

Andrew's preoccupied appearance confused Johnny, who stood by his side. Johnny tried to say something, but he was afraid to offend Andrew.

'Mr. Lu has stared at that document for half an hour. He hasn't turned a page nor reacted about its contents. What's going on in his mind?'

"Mr. Lu, it's time to get off work now. Shall we go to the hospital and visit Miss Mu?" Johnny finally spoke. His voice was clear but deep inside he feared on how Andrew would respond.

Andrew finally reacted. It seemed like he wanted to hear those words all this time.

"Okay. Let's go!" Andrew said as he put down the document in his hand. His previously blank face was now filled with vigor. He stood up and fixed his tie – clear signs that he was ready to leave.

Johnny was surprised with the response Andrew gave. He just said that to get Andrew's attention. He was worried about why Andrew acted so distractedly today so he said those words. He never imagined that it was exactly what Andrew wanted to do.

Johnny rushed towards the parking lot. He started the car, drove towards the gate and waited for Andrew to enter.

Johnny headed for the hospital. He was asked by Andrew to stop the car as they drove by Harkim Restaurant. They both got off and entered the restaurant.

'I thought Mr. Lu was excited to visit Miss Mu in the hospital. Did he decide to have dinner first before his visit?' thought Johnny as he tried to understand Andrew's unusual actions.

He was confused but he followed Andrew towards the establishment. He stopped just before the entrance and let Andrew enter alone. Johnny waited for his boss at the door.

After a few minutes, Andrew exited Harkim Restaurant with several boxes in his hand. Johnny immediately realized that Andrew wanted to buy food for Ashley.

Johnny noticed that recently, he was constantly being surprised by Andrew's actions. He knew that this started when Ashley appeared in Andrew's life.

Johnny's curiosity towards Ashley continued to intensify as her influence on Andrew's behavior became more apparent.

Johnny wanted to befriend Ashley. He figured that Andrew would treat him better if he got close to the girl who changed him.

No one ever thought that Johnny would be so shrewd!

Andrew quickly got off the car as soon as they arrived at the hospital. He was in a hurry that he didn't even wait for Johnny to open the door for him.

Andrew wondered why he gave so much attention to that woman. 'Is it just because I don't dislike her?' thought Andrew.

Andrew rushed towards the ward but he was careful about the boxes of food he carried. He held the boxes tightly to be sure they wouldn't spill as he wondered if they would satisfy Ashley's palate.

Andrew's head was full of fantasies and doubts as he walked towards the ward. However, his mind went blank when he arrived at the door.

The bedspread was already folded. The intravenous pole stood empty. The room was quiet and vacant.

Andrew felt desolated. His face turned dark as his eyes reflected rage. He looked like he wanted to break something to relieve his anger.

Johnny immediately sensed the change in Andrew's mood. He was behind Andrew when he noticed that the sickbed was empty.

Johnny calmly called a nurse who happened to pass by them. He asked her,"Where is the lady who was in this ward this morning?"

"The lady being treated in this ward?" The nurse took out her notebook and checked the records. "Apparently she was able to recover via intravenous therapy. She was discharged around noon. Is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing. Thank you. I'm sorry to bother your work." Johnny smiled politely at the nurse who immediately left.

Actually, Johnny complained in his mind. 'What's wrong with the staff in this hospital? They should know that Miss Mu was sent here by Mr. Lu personally. How could they allow Miss Mu to leave without Mr. Lu's permission? They could've at least notified him when she was discharged.'

"Mr. Lu…" Johnny felt bad for Andrew. This was the first time he had seen Andrew cared about a person so much. He wanted to console Andrew but he couldn't think of what to say.

'Mr. Lu came here to show Miss Mu that he cares for her. Mr. Lu must be furious that she left without even a word, ' thought Johnny.

Johnny walked towards Andrew's side. He was handed the several boxes of food that Andrew bought for Ashley. Andrew immediately turned around and walked dejectedly to the exit.

Johnny almost dropped the boxes that were given to him. His face became very pale as he trembled in fear. 'Mr. Lu is very frightening when he is angry!'

Meanwhile, Ashley enjoyed her dinner at their apartment. She had no idea that Andrew bought food for her and tried to visit her. She never knew that Andrew thought about her all day.

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