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   Chapter 3 She Was Exhausted

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Ashley took some time before she convinced herself. 'I think I'll do it. We've already spent one night together, and he's really good looking. I don't think a kiss will hurt anyone. I'll do it!'

She muttered to herself as her heart was about to explode with anxiety.

Ashley stared at the ample red lips of the man beside her. She was tempted to get closer. Then, with a reddened face, she leaned in and kissed him.

It was a fast kiss, not even longer than a second.

Ashley quickly pulled back her blushing face before Andrew noticed what she did.

Andrew opened his eyes, sincerely disappointed with what had happened. He was hoping for something more passionate than a quick kiss.

Ashley felt awkward with Andrew's gaze. She tried to act cool as she moved away from him. However, her head was full of questions and doubts. 'He clearly shows signs that he wants me to make a move. Does he want me to make a move? Is the kiss good enough?'

"How about we try another one?" Andrew said with a cold charismatic voice as if he knew what Ashley was thinking.

Andrew was a tough-minded businessman, only making arrangements that were beneficial to him or to his company. He never found himself in the losing end of any deal. The kiss was not an exception. He wanted something more and he must get it.

Andrew's words made Ashley understand that this was just the beginning. Her eyes were filled with both shyness and a hint of indecency. Slowly, she found herself moving closer to his face.

Ashley then pressed her lips against Andrew's. This time it was different. It wasn't just a quick peck, but was filled with passion instead. She lusted after those gentle, smooth lips with the faint scent of cigarette.

Ashley realized that this was her first real kiss. Andrew was the first man she slept with. She had dated Raymond but usually they just walked side by side while holding hands. Raymond would only kiss her on the cheeks. He never once dared to give her a passionate kiss on the lips, much less to have sex.

Andrew wasn't fond of women's perfume. He found it too pungent. Ashley didn't wear one but her skin still smelled like lavender. Andrew tried to resist smelling her, but the faint arousing scent made him crave more.

Andrew smirked as he gazed upon Ashley – her sweet lips, her shy eyes, her alluring body. The pink bruises on her smooth skin reminded Andrew of the sensual night they shared. He caressed her body with vigor, touched her in her most sensitive places. The brief flashback made him realize that Ashley didn't know how to kiss. She only used her lips and not her mouth

Andrew couldn't control himself anymore. He wanted to be more passionate, more aggressive in this kiss that they shared.

He reached for the phone in the table beside their bed and dialed a number. The call connected and with a cold voice he said, "Get rid of people outside!" Andrew then tossed the phone away as he went on top of Ashley's face. Their lips were connected again, but this time, his tongue took part. He licked her lips naughtily, making her mouth open up. He then made his way past her teeth as his tongue twirled with hers.

Ashley was reluctant at first. It was her first time sharing a kiss this wild. She was stiff, but Andrew's tongue worked his way to her mouth, going to places no one had ever been. Her face grew hotter, wanting him even more. Their tongues played, their teeth bit each other's lips, and their skin pressed against each other…

Ashley woke up late in the afternoon. The yellow sunlight started to turn orange as it beamed across the French window. It gave a warm, cozy feeling to an otherwise dark room.

Ashley knew she had to leave soon. The long sleep she had wasn't enough to relieve her exhaustion. The markings on her neck, shoulders and chest were still there – proof of the intense night she shared with the man sleeping beside her. She gathered her belongings and looked at Andrew one last time before leaving the room.

Ashley was wobbly as she walked through the corridor. She called for a taxi to send her home. It wasn't long before she arrived at the apartment she rented with Ellie Su. She headed straight to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water.

She immersed herself in warm water, trying to fight off the fatigue. In her daze, she remembered the events of last night. It might have been mistaken for a mere sensual dream if her body wasn't aching and full of love-bruises.

Ashley had never imagined that she would have experienced such a night.

The zealous movements of last night's affair exhausted her. The warm water enveloping her body was able to wash her weariness. Ashley's eyes grew heavy as she relaxed. She was sound asleep until her ring tone woke her up.

Ashley realized that the water grew chilly. Her hands, feet and l

ips were feeling cold. She was quivering as she hopped out of the tub. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body as she answered the call from Ellie.

Ashley's throat was feeling rough. She said in a hoarse, dry voice, "Hello, Ellie."

"Ash, what happened?" Ellie asked in a caring tone as she noticed the fatigue in Ashley's voice.

Ashley grabbed a glass from the kitchen and poured herself some water. Her throat felt better as she poured some liquid into it. "Nothing. Don't worry," Ashley replied.

"Why are you absent at work today, Ash?"

"Ellie, I'm not feeling well. Will you please notify the boss that I will take a sick-leave for two days?" Ashley was still dizzy from the bath. She walked towards the living room and sat comfortably at the sofa.

"What's wrong, Ash? Do you have a fever? Have you visited the hospital yet? … Mr.… Mr. Luo."

Ashley was about to answer Ellie's questions when Ellie suddenly stopped talking and called out Raymond's name. Ashley felt stunned as she heard his name, but she was able to pull herself back together and disconnect the call.

She heard her phone ring again not long after she ended the last call. Ashley saw the caller's name on the screen and she left out a deep sigh. She turned off her phone and put it away. Then, her dizziness got the best of her as she fell asleep soundly on the sofa.

Ellie was at the company gate of the Luo Group.

She fixed her eyes at the man blocking her way. She composed herself and said, "Mr. Luo, I'm sorry. I am off duty and I have to go home now."

Raymond looked desperate. He used to be handsome and well-kept, but his hair was a mess and his face had a lot of stubble. His eyes showed his lack of sleep and some certain redness might be because of crying. There was a phone in his hand, trying to contact someone, but only the sound of a voicemail was heard.

Raymond confronted Ellie with sorrowful eyes. He swallowed, then with a deep, sad voice he asked her, "Ellie, is Ash…"

Ellie lashed out even before Raymond could finish his words. With a reprimanding tone she said, "Raymond, you are now engaged to Lena!"

Ellie tried her best not to slap Raymond and that dreadful look in his face.

"I know that. I just want to make sure that Ashley is okay."

"Stop it, Raymond. She's not your concern anymore. She's doing great without you! She's better off not having you in her life!"

Ellie knew from the phone call she had with Ashley that something was wrong. She needed to ditch Raymond immediately and rush back home.

As if on cue, Lena approached the two of them. Ellie, with a dry smile on her face, turned to Raymond and said, "Mr. Luo, your fiancé is on her way. I hope she can keep you company. I need to leave."

"Ellie, please…"

"Raymond, what happened?" Lena asked politely. Ellie already left the scene leaving Raymond and Lena at the gate. Lena then laced her small delicate fingers in Raymond's hands.

Lena wore a white knee-length tailored dress that expressed her figure. The new Channel handbag in her wrist showed her wealthy background. Her make-up took some time to finish but it looked perfect. Finally, her long, black hair flowed gracefully down her back.

"Nothing!" Raymond answered as he looked at Lena. He stared at her, but his eyes revealed that he was yearning for someone else to be in that dress.

Raymond's contemplation drew a sour look in Lena's face. She knew he was thinking of that woman. She wanted to lash out but instead she faked a smile before Raymond could say anything.

"Let's go home, Raymond. We are having dinner with my parents, remember?"

Lena said to Raymond as she took his arm and tried to remove the girl in his mind.

"Lena, I… I'm sorry." Raymond's eyes were filled with sorrow and regret.

Raymond was imagining Ashley in Lena's place. The simple white dress would make Ashley look like a Greek goddess. Her beautiful dark hair would sway as the wind blew. He always enjoyed combing that hair of hers. The time they spent together was all coming back to Raymond's head.

"I understand Raymond. I've always known that you are in love with my sister. She is the love of your life, not me. I'm so sorry I'm not her. I wish things didn't turn out like this. If only I hadn't drunk that cup of wine..." Lena's voice trailed off as she began to cry.

Her shoulders started to shake while tears flowed down her cheeks. She was gasping for air in between sobs. Lena raised her face and with reddened eyes, she looked at Raymond. She was very fragile. Any man would feel the need to hug her in his arms, protect her from any harm and kiss her.

Raymond was no exception. That was exactly what he intended to do. He slowly pulled Lena to his chest, embraced her in his arms and said, "Don't say that, Lena. I am at fault too."

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