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   Chapter 36 Death by Challenge

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Henri waited for her to answer, wondering how she would react. Although already married and had been sharing a bed more than once, he was aware she was still figuring out her feelings for him.

He wanted to give her space and time, but since those three deadly words had been freed from his mouth, there was no backing out now.

After a full minute, she didn't reply, much less move and this informed him of the real situation he was in: his wife had actually fallen asleep and she definitely didn't hear him say those words.

Because of this, Henri felt relieved. Maybe then when the right time comes he'll confess again and tell her just how much he meant to her.

After brushing a rogue strand of hair off of her face, he observed her again and recalled the day when he decided to be her betrothed. He started spying on her and protecting her from the entities she couldn't yet see. Solene was so frail and innocent back then, but over the course of years, she had grown into a beautiful, strong, and intelligent woman. Of course, he couldn't show himself to her yet, so he enlisted the help of Lady Ursula and taught her the protective incantation of the tattoos.

Everything—the suffering, the longing, the loneliness, and the danger—was all worth it. She was finally in his arms now and he planned never to let her go.

When morning came, Solene found herself alone in bed. She looked around but found Henri absent. There was a note on the bedside table for her though and it came from her husband.

′Lady Ursula would barbecue me if I would hold you this morning, so I decided, albeit with difficulty, to leave our bed before you wake up. Take your breakfast first, my sweet wife, before you start training.′

She noticed the coffee table across the bed filled with food and this brought a smile to her face. She placed the letter back on the bedside table, stood up butt naked, and went to the bathroom.

The evening's events surged inside her mind when she noticed a number of hickeys on her neck and her breasts. They were pieces of evidence on just how much Henri had poured his passion on her and this, she relished so much.

Now she wasn't shy to show them off to the members of the house, but for modesty's sake, she decided to choose a training outfit with enough fabric to hide her chest and neck.

Once done bathing and eating, she exchanged messages with her mother, checking if they had landed safety back to Germaine. Other than her grandfather's brief travel dizziness, their journey was uneventful and this relieved Solene.

An hour later, she stood in front of Lady Ursula's room, thoughtfully knocked to let her know of her presence, and waited a beat before entering.

Unlike yesterday, the old woman's familiar didn't greet her. This time, it was the same old living room but with a glowing portal to another place. To which it led to, she didn't know but she figured Lady Ursula had prepared this portal for her. With curious anticipation, she advanced, stepping into the glow with her hands spread forward.

A healthy green welcomed her once the glow disappeared. Her breath was caught in her throat when she realized she was in a different place entirely; in a sunny field that stretched endlessly as far as her eyes could see.

One small hut stuck out from the sea of grass and this attracted her. After careful inspection from where she stood, she realized Lady Ursula was already standing in front of the entrance door, a weird-looking staff in hand, and her monstrous Elemental familiar beside her.

Another person caught her notice, standing at Lady Ursula's left and this was Anklet, wearing her usual black bodysuit that screamed 'femme fatale.'

After taking a deep breath, she approached them, smiling towards Anklet first and then a short nod on the old woman's way.

"Welcome to my training ground, Rantzen Mistress,

is in her side of the family. The doctors′ said my daughter had a rare eye condition, but I was relieved when they further said it was harmless. Personally, I think this rarity of her came from our angelic race—whatever that is.′

After reading this, Solene wiped her tears away and briefly watched her reflection in a metallic jar sitting across her couch. Her different-set of colored eyes was indeed a mystery to her. She had been ridiculed because of this back in her junior years and even became an object of discussion in her senior years, but she never hated this side of hers. In fact, she loved her eyes as much as she loved her family.

′Life with my wife and daughter was the best ever and I could never trade it for anything. They were my treasures and I was willing to give my life to them in a heartbeat. However, I didn′t expect I would be tested with that so soon. I was aware I was haunted by demons, spectral, and other entities. I had what they needed and I could fulfill their wish if I wanted to. My life was hanging by a thread and because of this, I fear for my family′s safety.′

Solene compared her current experiences and the explanation her grandmother Riza gave. Demons and other entities were also after her for a power she inherited from him. History had repeated itself and she fears for her family too and those people around her. However, with the Rantzen Family and Henri on her side, it was now a different story.

Could it be that that dark blue-haired grim reaper wanted something from his father? Did he have to kill him in order to take that?

Wanting to find answers, Solene continued to read his writings, but to her dismay, she couldn't find anything about his death that night. His last entry was all about her.

′I fear for my daughter. She had shown abilities as a conjurer at a very young age. She might become the target of these malicious entities because of this and I can′t have that. Locking up her power is the best way. This would allow her to live normally too. I′m hoping with all my heart that it would though.′

Henri was right, Solene thought, her father truly placed a spell on her. She had reconciled with her parents' decision already, but still, this didn't stop her from worrying. Her father's accounts only made her further realize the gravity of her situation.

A fucked up, messed up situation.

With a deep breath, Solene closed the book and stared at the clouds outside her window. She made a fist and muttered with all her heart, "I will fight father, don't worry. These entities can't bully me anymore."

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