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   Chapter 16 Death by Staring

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Solene stirred as the first light of day kissed her face. She softly mumbled and rubbed her cheeks more against her pillow finding it downier and smoother than she remembered it to be.

She heard the sweet chirping of birds somewhere outside the room. The lovely tune earned a small smile on her lips. It was a welcomed alarm clock for her.

Opening her eyes, she expected to be greeted by Patricia, standing in a corner with her ready-made breakfast, but that didn't happen.

Instead, the serene face of Henri welcomed her line of sight.

Her jaw dropped whilst a silent gasp escaped her lips. Her eyelids fluttered and her head reflexively moved backward to create a bit of distance between their faces. As it turned out, their noses had almost touched. If she were any inches nearer...

Oh boy.

Heat immediately rose on her cheeks. They had shared kisses already yesterday, even more than that, but to be so close to his face while asleep was something intimately different too.

Why was he here anyway? She asked herself.

Slightly shifting on the bed, she scanned the room and found out the answer right away...or more like the correct question.

Why was she here in this room and moreover, to whose room did it belong to?

Glancing back at Henri with still a flushed face, she didn't wonder any further. For certain, this was his room and she was lying on his bed. The damn thing was king size and full of black and white pillows and even boasted a thick headboard that was covered with gray cushioned cloth.

The question now was, how did she end up here?

His room was twice the size as hers. It had a carpet that looked like marbled flooring of gray and white. The walls and ceiling were painted with the same color motif, but the middle of the ceiling where an enormous waterfall-inspired modern chandelier hang was painted with white and accented with soft lights behind the moldings.

There were little furniture inside; just the bed, a coffee table in the corner and two wingback chairs beside it. A few paintings were hang. One was a painting of some forest trees casting a shadow on a lake, the second was an abstract painting of a spherical shape, and the third was a painting of the moon with colors strikingly similar to the colors of her eyes: pale violet and blue.

Thought she would have wanted to, Solene didn't linger on checking out his room. She bit her lip and furrowed her brows, trying to remember what happened last night.

There was a visitor, Lady Ursula, yes, and she checked the tattoos on her left flank and inner thigh. Then, her groom came, Lady Ursula left and once they were alone, they shared a passionate kiss and from there, they...

Speedily, Solene grabbed her bed cover and checked herself. She was still in her sleeping gown, thank God, and her betrothed was decently dressed too despite half naked from the waist up.

She sighed and calmed her racing mind. They didn't do it all the way, that—she was certain, but still she wondered how she ended up in his chamber.

She could clearly remember them exchanging 'good nights' last night, but what happened after that was fuzzy for her.

Tossing a suspicious look at her betrothed, there was only one way to find out and that was to ask him the moment he wakes up.

Her left elbow supported most of her wei

our mind. You'll surely see me in a different light by then."

"Don't assume things, " she shook her head slightly. "Let me be the judge of it, Henri."

Such strong determination was visible in her eyes and Henri admired it so.

"Of course. My apologies, Solene, " he answered and lowered his head.

When he looked at her again, the tension in his eyes had disappeared.

"I know you'll be inside the estate, but I want Anklet to accompany you always. She's waiting for you in your room with Patricia as we speak, " he informed.

Solene stood up beside the bed, not bothered by the light clothing she wore. "Then, I'll see myself out, " she stated and started walking towards the bedroom door.

"Solene?" Henri called, his eyes taking all of her appearance with delight.

She paused and turned slightly to look at him. "What?"

"Let's have dinner tonight. Just you and me. Let's make it our first of the many dates, " Henri invited, complete with a small yet charming smile.

Solene managed to keep her heart steady. God knows how much she was slowly falling from her well-built protective barrier.

"Of course, " she answered just before opening the door.




"Good morning, Lady Solene."

"Good morning, Miss."

Both Anklet and Patricia greeted once Solene entered her chamber. She nodded at them and greeted too whilst taking note of their expressions. It seemed they weren't bothered by the fact that she had just been to their Master's room and wearing just her sleeping gown even.

"What's the activity for today?" she asked, knowing Patricia would be ecstatic to enumerate them.

"The wedding team will be here in an hour to review everything Miss, " the maid informed just as expected, "And come afternoon, you'll be in the south wing of the mansion."

"The south wing?" Solene's brow arched up. "What's in that place?"

"There's a training facility there, Miss, complete with a gym and all kinds of martial arts weapons, " Patricia explained, giving her companion, Anklet, a shifty glance.

"Why would I need to go there?" Solene pressed on, furrowing her brows in confusion.

"To train you to fight, Lady Solene, " Anklet filled in. "It's Master Henri's orders."

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