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   Chapter 15 Death by a Ghost

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Grabbing the back of Solene's head, Henri placed more pressure on their kiss. He gently brushed his tongue along her lower lip and then followed it with a slight suck. This opened up Solene's mouth more, allowing him easier entry. His tongue invaded her again, tasting her, coaxing her own out from its comfort zone.

When their first kiss was short and hot, this kiss here was ten times more. It was smoldering and continuous, and judging from the way Henri held her, it wasn't ending anytime soon.

Solene, brought by her nerves, stilled for a moment, but with Henri's encouraging movements, she gradually submitted to the heat of their kiss. She angled her head to the side and stuck out her tongue, sparring with his in a passionate duel. Despite technically inexperienced, she didn't feel awkward at all. He was perfect with guiding her.

Trying to acquaint herself with his person, she reached up and threaded her fingers along his thick locks. They were neatly brushed up earlier, but now it was sexily messy. Her other hand remained touching the bed, but it soon joined the party, testing the feel of his naked chest, and oh God, just as expected, it was as hard as she thought it would. A short grin appeared on her lips then.

She could well get accustomed to this every day for the rest of her life.

She reveled on his scent again, taking all of it in as much as her lungs could take. For a woman who reserved herself for her future husband, namely him, she should have been acting shy, this was their first experience of intimacy after all, but she was feeling all kinds of giddy now, and truth be told, she liked it and was further willing to receive more of his advances.

As if he heard her thoughts, Henri's free hand touched the underside of her breast near the wing tattoo. A soft moan escaped from her throat then. She was super ticklish there.

His approving groan emerged in reply and thereafter, that same hand wandered lower, sneaking under her gown so he could fully touch her tattoo without hindrance.

He palmed it first. The contact of which brought Solene gasping for air. His hand was wonderfully warm and large, and bold. The good kind of bold. Then, with his fingertips, he traced the lines and the curves of the wings. Each touch elicited an electrifying sensation under her skin. It felt wondrous. Out of this world.

As Henri withdrew from their heady kiss, Solene unconsciously moaned louder. He chuckled upon hearing it. It was definitely an encouragement to go further.

His hand that had held her head earlier now traveled down her shoulder. He planted brief kisses starting from the corner of her mouth continuing to her jaw until he reached the plane of her neck. Without hesitation, he licked her skin there and sucked gently that sweet spot near her carotid.

Solene's mouth opened into a soundless cry of delight. With her fingers still threading his hair, she closed her eyes as the tingling sensation flooded inside her.

Wasn't this kind of intimate session with him happening way too soon? A small voice asked at the back of her head.

Solene answered her own query with a silent 'no.' Nothing was too soon for a man and a woman about to wed. Nothing was too soon when they were supposed to catch up on lost time.

Henri continued his advances. He gently arranged her on the mattress with her arms lying limp on each sides and her legs still spread apart. With a grin, he joined her there but instead of attacking her lips again, his mouth settled on her leg, mere inches away from the ankh tattoo she had.

"Hen...ri, " Solene watched him with eyes half-lidded. Her breath came out in small pants, feeling worked up with his zealous attention.

"What...are you...doing?" she asked as he began to trace his mouth up to her inner thigh. Immediately, a new batch of sensations filled her whole body. She arched her back and slightly shifted on the mattress, unable to bear the tickling sensation he was creating. But Henri, quick with his reflex, grabbed her waist and managed to keep her steady.

"I'm only blessing your tattoo, my bride, " he looked at her full of desire and continued, "just giving it a reward for doing a good job protecting you these past few years while I'm away."

He darted out his tongue, licked her tattoo, and traced

her. He had always been a man who believed a woman should learn martial arts to defend herself. Way back when Solene was a teenager, he had taught her how to jab, kick and seriously break a bone or two.

However, thinking about it now, her opponent was a ghost; obviously without a solid form. She highly doubted the self-defense lessons would work now.

So, in the end, she hoped and prayed this was all just a dream or more like a nightmare. That she would wake up still in her cozy bed and not outside the maze garden.

Unfortunately, her prayer wasn't answered. The ghost was able to do some damage on her left arm, bestowing a deep laceration using her claws.

Solene shouted in pain as she knelt on the ground. Her affected arm bled immediately and she saw drops of it color the cobblestone.

"Come now...Sohhhhlene. Submit...yourself willingly..." the woman stated as she crouched low again some distance away.

Solene hissed and gave the woman a sharp glare. "You're a crazy ghost!"

As fast as lightning, the woman sprinted towards her, leaving an ominous chuckle in her wake.

Solene stood up and faced the exit of the maze, intending to run away and seek refuge inside the mansion. Surely, somebody would find her; Anklet perhaps—her body guard, or maybe one of the servants of the mansion. But considering it was in the middle of the night, she knew help was unlikely to arrive, but she would have to take her chances.

She ran as fast as she could to the exit, hitting the ground forcefully with her heavy feet. By the time she reached it, a shadowy figure materialized in front of her. To her surprise, it was Henri.

With a gasp, she paused mid run and stared at him with the biggest confused and surprised eyes she could make.


Before she could finish his name though, Henri raised a hand in the air and instantly she lost consciousness. He caught her just in time before she fell on the floor, wrapping an arm around her waist and securing her close to him.

In just a millisecond, a great scythe appeared on his other hand and a blinding light flashed from the blade.

The ghost couldn't process what had happened before her tainted soul was sucked inside the scythe. Nothing was left thereafter. Not even a strand of hair or a drop of blood from her wounded head.

"Insolent soul. Unfortunate of you to be brainwashed by a demon, " he muttered through clenched teeth.

Sighing, he glanced down at his bride's face. She looked serenely sleeping, no trace of fear or worry on her face. Good. He preferred it to stay that way when she wakes up in the morning.

"Shall I wake Anklet, Sire, and have her guard Lady Solene?" Norman asked with his head lowered. He stood right beside a hedge close to the exit path.

Henri's jaw tightened.

"No, " was his curt reply. "I'll take her to my chamber. I'll guard her myself."

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