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   Chapter 14 Death by Tattoos

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The intensity of Solene's cheeks blushing could have been compared to a rose petal after she heard Henri's words. It was a promise all new to her. A promise she was sure he was going to execute without hesitation.

It shouldn't have flustered her that much considering he was her fiancé but still, she couldn't control herself. A kiss like that meant she'd taste his lips again and God knows how much she enjoyed them to the fullest.

Good thing the light inside the limousine was dim and she had the option to keep her face hidden from his view. This way, she was safe from his observing eyes. At least for now.

With her heart thudding against her rib cage, she carefully decided to stay silent during the remainder of their ride.

Henri didn't seem bothered by it. He remained contemplatively silent too, but a few minutes later, he received nonstop calls from work effectively pulling him out from their little sweet bubble.

When they arrived in the mansion, Solene slipped out first, giving him a single nod before doing so. She entered the foyer wherein Patricia was already waiting.

"This way, Milady, " she said, bowing low and then gesturing to a hallway leading to the dining area.

Solene arched her brows, feeling a little confused. "Is it dinner already?"

Patricia shook her head and replied, "No, Miss. Your wedding team is waiting for you there to finish your preparations."

"Oh, " Solene nodded quickly, realizing the meaning of her words.

She was led to a separate area of the dining room. It was more like a board room complete with an oval table and high chairs. Joyce and Armand were already waiting for her there together with Madame Floresca. On her side of the table were the candle holder Solene picked and other giveaway designs she was supposed to choose.

"My sincere apologies for what happened inside my boutique, Miss St. Fair, " Madame Floresca stated, looking truly ashamed.

Solene wanted to assure her it was fine, so she said the first thing that popped out of her mind.

"Don't worry about it, Madame. Bad things happen sometimes, " she stated, smiling warmly, but then, sudden guilt emerged from her subconscious. She had to hide the frown that had leaked into her face then.

Shit happens sometimes yes, but if she's with me, shit will always happen, ' her guilt stressed.

"Master Henri specifically instructed we continue our discussion inside the estate. I believe you were still supposed to finish up with the other details of the wedding, right?"

"Yes, I was, " Solene answered quietly. She joined her team on the table and turned her attention to the sample giveaways laid on the table. After a minute of selection though, her mind couldn't choose. She was too preoccupied with thinking about the incident earlier. She just couldn't put it to rest.

"Hey, uhm, do you mind if I ask something about the incident in the boutique?"

Madame Floresca looked up and answered, "Sure, what is it, Miss St. Fair?"

Solene bit her lip first, shifted her eyes down and voiced out, "Do you think it was weird that Henri suddenly appeared inside your shop?"

"Suddenly?" Madame Floresca quickly echoed. "What do you mean? As far as I can remember, the Master used the front door to enter the shop and he stopped my ex-employee just in time."

Solene stared at her in haste, her mouth agape. That didn't seem to be the case as per her memory. Clearly, Henri materialized out of nowhere. He didn't use the door at all. Her brows furrowed, dicing every word the older woman said. Something was wrong with the whole picture.

"How about you Joyce? Armand?" Solene turned to them and asked.

Joyce shrugged her shoulders and looked at Armand.

"We didn't notice anything weird, Miss Solene. We were even thankful the Master came to rescue you, " she stated.

"We felt so useless. We couldn't do anything to help you, " Armand continued.

"Oh, I see..." Solene sighed.

She remained silent for another minute, looking as if she understood them, but deep inside, she was carefully considering their words. They didn't look like they were lying. She could see it in their eyes.

Or...they could just well be really good actor and actresses trying to cover up the truth and make her think what happened in the boutique earlier was within the confines of scientific explanation. No teleportation. No out-of-body experiences. No telepathic insertion of images.

'Things are not always as they seem.'

She had heard those words directly from Henri's mouth once or twice. Could these words apply to what was happening now?

She silently nodded to herself.

Yes, definitely.

And she couldn't wait to find out the whole truth.

"One day more to go, " she muttered to herself.

Joyce lifted her brows and angled her head towards her. "What do you mean, Miss Solene?"

Solene waved her hands in haste and smiled. "Oh, nothing. Nothing. Just my family. They will be arriving here the day after tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to see them. Anyway, let's continue?"

Madame Floresca nodded and went to flipping pages of her wedding catalogue in front of Solene.

"You may want to check these giveaways, Miss St. Fair. You'll find them matching your taste."




"Patricia, what is the nature of Henri's work?" Solene asked some time later in the evening. She had just finished her dinner meeting with the wedding team and was now back in her room, fresh out from the bathroom wearing a knee-high robe and a light-red sleeping gown.

Patricia was arranging the beddings when she paused and looked up with shifty eyes. "I am...unfortunately not allowed to answer that Miss Solene. I'm s

ene bit the inside of her cheek. She glanced at Henri again and found that he was still staring at her—or more specifically at the two tattoos on her skin. She noticed a slight grin form his lips, but it was so brief she couldn't put any meaning to it.

Her body heated up. Her skin felt as if it was burning under his gaze, but all she could do was to allow Lady Ursula to continue whatever she was doing.

"It seems the incantations I placed in both tattoos are just enough to make it through to the wedding, " the old woman finally stated after a few minutes of silence. She stood up and faced Henri with a grave expression. "Beyond that day, it will be your duty."

Henri scoffed. "It has always been my duty, Ursula, " he said, nearing her. "I gave you the incantations haven't I?"

Solene's brows furrowed. What were they talking about?

When she realized she was still in an embarrassing position, she quickly arranged herself and righted her gown and robe to the right position.

Lady Ursula glanced at Solene with a spreading smile.

"Of course, you did, " she answered and then bent her head low. "I'll leave you two to 'catch up.' I'm sure your bride has a lot of questions."

Henri and Solene stared as Lady Ursula exited the bedroom. When the old woman was fully out of her chamber, it was Solene who broke the tense silence first.

"I do have a lot of questions, but I know you won't answer me still."

"Patience is a virtue, Solene, " he answered, looking down on her as she continued to sit on the bed. "Mind if I look at your tattoos up close?"

Solene was definitely taken aback. "What...uh...I don't think..." she paused and looked down on the floor trying to quickly weigh the situation. "Okay, fine, but be quick with it, " she replied after realizing she didn't need to act coy in front of him.

She lifted her gown again to show the black wings and slightly shifted her left leg to the side to show the ankh.

Henri, like Lady Ursula, knelt in front of her, but this time, Solene felt a new set of emotions blossoming inside her. It wasn't awkwardness and embarrassment this time. It was more of excitement and arousal, and these two were so tangible and raw, it made her whole body burn stronger than earlier. She had to divert her eyes away from him and concentrate on the soft glow of her bedroom lamp just to keep her composure intact.

Henri traced the edges of the wings slowly and gently. He noticed her tremble, but he knew it wasn't because of fear. With a slow smile, he allowed his fingers to linger on her skin for a few seconds until he withdrew and gave out a satisfied hum.

"The symbols look good on your skin, Solene, " he stated, his voice carrying a soothing effect on her ears.

Solene managed to keep herself alert.

"If it wasn't for the purpose of protecting me, I would have gotten them erased, " she answered, still not looking at him.

Henri glanced up and tipped his head to the side.

"Why would you think that?" he asked.

"I am not fond of desecrating my body over tattoos, Henri." Solene righted her dress again and sensibly closed her legs.

But Henri, seeing this, quickly stopped her. He held both of her knees apart, pressed his body against hers and then reached up to cup her face.

"They are not just tattoos, my bride, and they don't only serve to protect you. They also serve as a proof and a reminder."

"A proof and a reminder?" Her brow arched. Reading Henri's body language, Solene expected he was going to kiss her. It would be sensible enough to try and stop him but she didn't have the plan to. She wanted to taste his lips again.

Henri smirked, pleased of her openness. "A proof and a reminder that you are mine, " he said and in a heartbeat, covered her mouth with his.

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