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   Chapter 13 Death by First Kiss

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Inside a wedding boutique, Solene was sitting with two of the said wedding team Norman was talking about. Joyce, a tall, middle-aged brunette, was the agent heading the table set-up during the reception while Armand, an Italian designer in his thirties, was the person leading the church decoration. They had shared their visions on the wedding all of which included exuberant trinkets and ribbons, but none of it grabbed Solene's fancy. She instead made a bold move on changing the whole look of the church and the reception and went with the white tulips and candles combo.

This simple set-up was met with confused stares on both Joyce and Armand, but nevertheless accepted Solene's decision. In the end, they decided to go in a nearby town's wedding shop to look for the perfect size and shape of the candle holder and a few other things to include in the giveaways.

Once there, the owner of the boutique, Mrs. Florence, attended them. She was all smiles when she neared her guests, wearing a frilly blouse and a knitted pencil skirt.

"These are what you requested, Miss St. Fair. All samples we have, according to what you like, " she stated whilst putting down two trays of candles and candle holders on the rectangular table.

Solene and the other two studied the samples.

"This one is perfect, " Joyce voiced out with giddiness, pulling out a candle holder made of silver and embellished with transparent rhinestones.

Solene nodded at her and smiled. "Yes, you're right. I think this is the one."

"Great!" cried the shop owner. "We have enough on-hand stocks of that, Miss St. Fair. You won't need to worry about your wedding anymore."

"Thank you, Mrs. Florence, " Solene muttered.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back of the boutique. Two male voices were arguing and then a gunshot was heard.

Solene and the rest jerked up, stunned by the closeness of the deadly sound.

"Don't move!" a man appeared from the back door then, aiming at them an imposing glock.

Mrs. Florence cried out as well as Joyce and Armand, quickly raising their hands in surrender. Solene followed; her eyes as wide as saucers.

Because she was the nearest to the intruder, he pulled her from the group and secured her in place, wrapping an arm around her and pressing the mouth of the gun against her forehead.

Solene gasped at the suddenness of the situation. She still remained silent, but the fear in her eyes couldn't be ignored.

"Don't you dare move or else I'll blow her head off!" the man shouted again.

"Rico, please don't do this!" Mrs. Florence cried out, her hands in supplication. She recognized the intruder despite the hooded jacket he was wearing.

"I want my last pay, Florence. I want my God-damned money!" the man named Rico announced.

"I'll give it to you! Just please don't include our customer with our issues! She's a very important person!" Mrs. Florence replied in horror.

"Oh really?" Rico snickered as he looked at Solene's profile. "Then I'll take advantage of her. Forget about my last pay. I want fifty million as her ransom money."

"No, Rico!" Mrs. Florence quickly shook her head, more fear growing in her eyes. "You don't want to do that. You don't mess with the Rantzen Family!"

"Oh?" Rico's head cocked up in amusement, "She's the bitch who will enjoy the Rantzen's riches then? Huh! What pure luck I have! You must have one hell of a pussy to snag a Rantzen family member. I definitely like to taste that cunt of yours."

His hand that had tightly secured Solene's shoulder, now travelled lewdly down her bust.

Solene, sensing the maniacal intent of his words and actions, gritted her teeth and warned, "I dare you to do it if you want to burn in Hell."

"Oh baby, Hell is my kind of place, " he replied proudly.

Then, the atmosphere of the room turned cold as if an iceberg had just entered the building. Not one of them noticed a sudden presence in the room. Not the man or Solene herself.

"You must have been misinformed if you think Hell is a paradise, " Henri's voice resounded inside, catching everyone's attention but most especially Solene who was well-accustomed to his sound of voice. Relief washed all over her knowing she'd be rescued very soon, but at the same time, she worried for him. The man had a gun for crying out loud, and she'd bet her ass Henri wasn't immune to a bullet.

Rico, on the other hand, immediately turned to the source of the voice. He looked at Henri with tightened brows, feeling confused. He had already made it

gnaling the driver to immediately start the car.

"To the mansion, " he said.

The driver nodded before he pressed the button of the partition wall to a close. This effectively gave the two some privacy.

Solene, seeing this, entertained the wildest idea she could ever make. Damn modesty. Damn her inexperience. She just want to get through with this and get through it she would.

"Henri, " she called, her body turned towards him.

The one addressed was busy looking at another black Rantzen car driving past them, but still he answered, "Hm?"

"Thank you."

Swiftly, Solene reached to touch his jaw. She leaned closer too and tipped her head up for one purpose alone and it was to capture his mouth.

Henri's eyes enlarged when their lips touched. He was completely surprised. Briefly, his body stiffened, but instinct kicked in and soon he was threading his fingers through her hair.

Solene thought a brief kiss would be enough. A simple brush of her lips along his, a little bit of pressure, and a little bit of moistness would surely be acceptable. Right? That's what she expected, but Henri had another idea.

He secured her head in place, angled his body towards her and then placed more pressure on their kiss. His lips parted, captured her bottom lip and sucked on it until she whimpered. He continued on, giving her the most reverent, passionate kiss he could give for their first.

Solene was beyond words. His mouth—his tongue!—exploring her own caused the wiring of her brain to go haywire. She couldn't rationally think, but heck, thinking rationally wasn't what she wanted to do at the moment at all. One word alone lingered in her head and she was aching to speak it.

"Hen...ri, " she managed to say when she got the chance. Her eyes were half-lidded, looking at him. Her face was flushed. Her breathing was controlled and deep.

The one addressed cupped her face in reply and then, he slowly withdrew. It was a painstaking thing to do, especially that he still wanted to taste more of her mouth.

"You're welcome, " he whispered, relishing the drunk expression on her face as he stared down at her.

Their eyes met; each silently speaking words of pleasure and satisfaction.

Once Solene realized she was still in his arms, she quickly straightened, placed her hands on her lap and went back to her side of the car.

She swallowed hard, clearing a nonexistent lump in her throat. She struggled to keep herself from biting her lips, wanting to taste any residue left of his kiss. She actually more than enjoyed their first kiss.

" really know what you want, " she muttered, remembering his word of caution earlier. She chose to pin her sights on the passing cars outside, feeling nervous to look at him in the eye. Her heart drummed a wild beat waiting for his reply, and when he did, she thought she almost had a heart attack.

"I am, Solene. And you'll find, where you're concerned, I always will be. Expect more kisses like that from me in the near future."

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