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   Chapter 12 Death by Mazes

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The next day, Solene had just left the bathroom from a morning bath when the maid, Patricia, walked in and greeted her. She handed a pocket-sized notebook bound in coil that was actually placed inside a silver tray and said, "From Master Henri, Milady Solene. He instructed Mrs. Su to give this to you on your second day of stay here, and so here it is."

With a raised brow, Solene took it and opened to check its contents. Flipping the pages, she found that this notebook was a planner. It had names of the months of the year with the month, October and November, particularly stacked with schedules. November was her birth month, while October was their wedding month, and if she wasn't mistaken, the Rantzen Master had clearly planned all her schedule from today down to the day after her birthday.

"This schedule is quite a lot to take in, " was all she said to Patricia. She couldn't help but inwardly sigh. What a way for her to feel restricted so early in the morning.

"The Master has made that for you, Miss Solene, " Patricia stated proudly. She didn't notice the dislike on Solene's face.

With the planner still on hand, Solene walked towards the vanity mirror and placed it on the desk.

"Tell me, Patricia, " she started and turned towards her. "Is your Master always this...organized?" She had to use a subtle word. The maid was head-over-heels loyal to her Master after all.

"Yes, Miss, " Patricia nodded and smiled as if it was good news. "His organization skills are quite superb and you'll find that the Rantzen Clan has flourished because of it."

"Oh, I see..." Solene sighed and looked down the floor. Guess the hope of bargaining her way out of the schedule went down the drain in that instant. "How about his work? I take it his office is somewhere inside the house?"

"The Master is a busy man, Miss, he always goes to his office and as weird as it sounds, it is located in his chamber. He stays there always, sometimes for days on end. His assistant, Sir Reynolds, does all the paperwork and meetings for him."

"That's workaholic of him to bring relaxation and work together in one room, " Solene mused. "When did he become the Master of the House, Patricia?"

"If you want to know more about me, you should ask me directly instead, " Henri voiced out just as he stepped inside Solene's bedroom.

Patricia immediately bent her head low in deference to him and excused herself out.

Solene was taken aback with his sudden entrance but nevertheless didn't mind. She picked up the planner and greeted him as casually as she could.

"Good morning, Henri."

"Good morning, Solene, " he was quick to reply.

"I do want to know more about my future husband, " she began whilst checking him out from head to foot. As usual, he looked incredibly dashing with his black ensemble and the leather glove covering his hands. "These past twelve years would have been a good way to learn more about you, but you basically didn't show yourself to me."

"What do you want to know?"

It was an unexpected answer coming from him, but Solene was happy to have heard it. She grinned and cast a sharp look at him.

"Let's have a fast talk then?" she offered, thinking now would be a great time to dig up his shit. Whatever it was he was hiding.

"I have a better idea, " Henri grinned back. He neared the French glass door of her room and looked at the outside sunny environment. "You can ask me anything during the tour of the estate, but only when you see this symbol."

He drew the number zero on the glass plane with a single line running across it all the while Solene silently stared.

"Theta? The Greek symbol for death?" she stated. As a student studying Thanatology, she could recognize that symbol everywhere.

"It's the Rantzen Family's crest and seal, " Henri nodded, pleased with her knowledge.

Solene bit her lower lip and placed her arms akimbo. His offer wasn't what she had planned, but she'll have to take it. It was a good start.

"Okay, I'm in, " she stated.

Henri guided her out of the room, choosing to tour her

ed backward, creating a bit of distance between them. "You are full of mystery, Henri. It's hard to read you."

A little pleased rumble of his throat was heard before he replied again. "Hmm, you're already learning, Solene. But please, not too fast. Like I said last night, I want to savor this innocence of yours while I still can."

Erasing their distance again, he reached for her right hand and brought it up to his mouth. His lower lip brushed the back of her hand first, then his full lips made complete contact with her skin, effectively planting a chaste kiss.

Solene, watching this unfold, felt her body suddenly heat up. The feel of his lips on her skin was more than desirable. It was electric. It was enlightening. Fully reminding her that she was a woman not at all immune to a man's advances. Especially his. Was it because of the fact that she knew already he'd become her husband? Or was it simply because he was a fine man with enough influence and commanding presence to make her feel all sorts of good?

" sound pretty messed up to me, " was all she could say to lighten the moment. She was undecided whether to pull her hand away or let it stay cocooned with his surprisingly comfortable gloved hand. Luckily, Henri saw her predicament. He withdrew just in time the butler, Norman, appeared from the exit portal and called out their attention.

"Excuse me, My Lord, Madame Solene's wedding team is here, " he informed whilst bowing his head low.

Solene cast Henri a look and stated, "My wedding team? What for? The wedding is in two days from now. I thought you already took care of everything?"

Henri shook his head.

"I may have researched about you, Solene, but I can't possibly know everything, your dream wedding for example. You'll have to put your own take on what you want in our wedding, " he said most calmly. "The sky's the limit."

Once again, her eyelids fluttered, feeling too blessed with his generosity. "This is quite thoughtful of you Henri, " she remarked. Probably, if it were another woman, she may have thought that she just hit the jackpot, but for Solene, this was another inconvenience. If she was truly honest with herself, her dream wedding would look simple, but with all her beloved family and friends gathering and cheering for her and her groom. There would be no paparazzi, no unknown faces inside the church, no bodyguards even — well, at least that's what she expected in a wedding with a Rantzen Lord.

"Anything for my bride, " Henri answered. "You go ahead and have fun."

With this encouragement, Solene left, taking the same route they had earlier with him staring at her long, shiny platinum hair glinting against the morning sun.

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