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   Chapter 9 Death by Flying

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A black limousine pulled over the curb just as Meridith entered the kitchen. She had just finished attending to AC's needs in his bedroom when she decided to prepare snacks for Solene on the road. Sure there would be more food inside the plane, tastier and fancier ones even, but Solene preferred her cooking, and she loved the tuna sandwich she always whipped up.

Some minutes later, she heard the doorbell rang. She wiped her hands clean and sashayed towards the main door.

"Madame St. Fair, good morning, " a Caucasian man wearing an MIB-inspired suit greeted once Meridith opened the door. He had a perpetual passive look on his face that said he wasn't here for leisure. There was no hint of a smile nor a grin, just a signature straight face that she knew came from a certain family.

'Right on time, ' her mind commented. She expected no less from the staff of the Rantzen Household.

"My daughter will be down in a moment. You guys want to sit down? It's hot out there." She looked past the first man to his companion standing just a few inches behind him, his arms crossed over his chest. He had an overall aura similar to that of the Caucasian man, except he wasn't giving her any notice. He was too preoccupied looking around the street for who knows what. Meridith didn't mind. He was probably concerned with paparazzi considering the popularity of their boss's name.

"We are fine here, Madame, " the first man said, pulling Meridith's focus to him. "Our Lord has stressed the importance of time."

She nodded once. Quite a subtle way to say 'hurry up.'

"I see, " she said, turning sideways. "Well then, I'd better start saying my goodbyes to my daughter." Her words were met with a single nod of approval from the man.

After closing the door, she headed for her daughter's room, leaving the two men to wait under the hot sun.

Upstairs, Solene had just finished arranging her desk when her mother walked in.

"Hey, the representatives of the Rantzen Household are here, " she informed.

Solene released a bitter sigh and turned to her mother wearing a weak smile. "This is it then."

"Dear, I'll see you on your wedding day, " Meridith stated, her eyes glowing with warmth as she took her daughter's hand in between hers.

"Yes, I know. Bring pops and nana, Mom. I want to see them when I walk down the aisle." As much as she disliked undergoing the ceremony, she wanted it to be proper and having her whole family present would do just that.

Meridith nodded. "Yes, I will. Have a safe trip, " she stared at her daughter sternly and continued, "And I mean it."

Solene stifled a laugh.

"Nothing's going to happen, Mom. If Fate doesn't want me to wed into this family then I would have been dead many years ago with all the accidents I had been through."

"That's the simplest way to put it dear, " Meridith sighed. She embraced her daughter then—the warmest, tightest embrace she could give—and kissed her forehead.

"Bye Mom, " Solene planted a kiss on her mother's cheek.

On the doorway, Solene's adoptive little brother emerged. He was holding his favorite Gundam toy, cuddling it close to his chest.

Solene approached him with a reassuring smile. "AC, you behave okay?" she stated whilst patting his head.

The boy, despite his saddened expression, bobbed his head up and down.

"I will, Sisi."

The three of them embraced for the last time until their grandfather and grandmother stepped in.

"Take care of yourself, child. Stay within the estate's gates if you must, " Solene's grandfather advised. She found it odd why he said those words, but wasn't able to reflect on it more because her grandmother interrupted them.

Riza touched Solene's shoulder to capture her attention. "What your grandfather means is you must behave inside the Rantzen House. Follow their rules. You are an intelligent woman. I'm sure you'll do well there."

"I understand, grandma. Thank you for the tip." Solene stretched her arms wide and gave the two old people a hug.

It was a bittersweet goodbye for the family mostly because it was the first time Solene had to leave them to fly to a different country. Her life had always mainly consisted of house, school, supermarket, park and library. Her mother, grandparents and brother had been accustomed to her constant presence in their lives, and so did Solene. In the end, the promise was expected to be upheld and so not one of them dared to stop it.

After Meridith gave her the tuna sandwich snack, Solene went together with the two men and rode the limousine. She was teary eyed during the whole ride towards t

actually lying down on a soft bed with sheets as smooth as silk. The room was basically of medium size, a constant beige motif colored the walls and ceiling, and an elegant light fixture above her illuminated the whole area with warmth. There were no picture frames or other adornments in the room except for a single painting of a scenic landscape in the countryside.

Turning to the right, her eyes caught sight of a single oval-shaped window. Commonsense told her it was a typical window for an aircraft, but still, she quickly scooted over the mattress and craned her neck just to see if she could see clouds.

Despite the darkness of the sky, she did see clouds and that told her she was inside the plane still, but how and when had she moved her ass to bed, that was her big question.

'To bed?!' her mind shouted, the reality suddenly coming down on her.

Rushing to check herself, Solene released a relieved sigh as she found that her clothes were still intact and her boots were even still attached to her feet. For a moment, it gave her a fright. She thought she was taken advantage of by the occupant of the bedroom without her consent. Why else would he put her here, right?

Her musings were cut off when four consecutive knocks sounded on the door. Unconsciously, she righted her clothes and fixed her hair and then announced, "Yes, you may come in."

"Good evening, Ms. Solene, " the flight stewardess greeted just as she stepped inside.

"Arlene! Hey!" Solene beamed a smile, thankful that it was her, but a small part of her consciousness actually wanted it to be the Master. She would want to know finally who the man was.

"We will be arriving in Lisbon soon. The Master wishes you come outside and prepare for landing."

Well that was a preferable place to meet him, she thought.

"Uhm, Arlene, how did I get here?" she asked, hoping that the stewardess would fill in the information.

Arlene averted her eyes away from her looking somewhat shy and then her cheeks were tinged briefly with red. "You were sleeping when the Master lifted you up and brought you here, Miss, " she replied.

"He did?" Solene's eyelids fluttered and her body tensed. "May I ask who he is?"

"Of course, Miss Solene, " Arlene nodded. The look on her face showed a mixture of adoration and fear. "The Lord of the Rantzen Family, Miss. Your fiancé. Master Henri Rantzen."

Upon hearing the man's name loud and clear, her entire body shook. So she was right all along and because of this, it only made her angry; angry that he hadn't even took the initiative to actually introduce himself earlier before the plane ascended. Was he an entitled prick? Was he too high and mighty that he didn't spare her a minute just to say 'Hi, I'm your groom.' Or was he the silent type, the ones that were brooding and introverted, too secretive and anti-social.

She was mere seconds away to finding out the answer.

"Okay, thank you for telling me, Arlene, " she stated whilst standing up, ready now to finally meet the man who she'll spend the rest of her life with.

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