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   Chapter 8 Death by Books

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"Okay, let's pick up where we stopped, " Myrna stated once they settled onto their seats. This time, they chose the University library to finish their planning instead of anywhere outside the school.

After the incident they experienced that morning, Solene returned to the house to change clothes. She had coaxed her best friend not to visit the hospital. She didn't need it when really nothing had happened to her. Myrna told her she had an insane amount of luck, but Solene just shrugged the statement off. Clearly, her best friend knew nothing of her growing fear.

"We were about to make the second draft of our thesis, Myr, " she reminded, getting comfy with her chosen wingback chair.

The latter puckered her lips and grinned.

"Oh, so you really were paying attention to me other than just checking that stranger in the cafe."

Solene rolled her eyes upward. "Of course, I was paying attention, silly."

"Anyway, for sure there'll be no accidents here to stop us, " Myrna exclaimed.

Solene only gave a fleeting smile on her way in response, but at the back of her head, she hoped it would be the case.

"By the way, I texted Philly from the café and he said he had checked the footage of their CCTV camera, " Myrna informed. "Unfortunately, the video was cut before the crash happened. Said that their camera encountered an error on the recording."

Solene inwardly hissed. It was exactly like the situation in the supermarket and because of this, she had a harder evidence to back her claim that it was deliberately erased.

"Okay, " was her short answer, keeping all thoughts to herself.

Two hours later from making their thesis, Myrna groaned and threaded her hair in frustration.

"Oh gosh, I forgot to bring the Aldrich book here, " she mumbled.

Solene looked up from their mess of handwritten papers and saw Myrna about to stand up.

"Wait, " she called, stretching out her hand, "just you stay here. I'll get it for you. What shelf was it again?"

Myrna beamed a smile. "Shelf 22, the book is on the second to the last column."

"Right." Solene nodded and stretched her legs.

Her long, palm-printed skirt brushed the floor of the library as she sashayed into the shelves. She looked up and read the signs, looking for the shelf Myrna talked about until she reached the hardly-visited corner of the library.

"Whew, I think I understand Myrna's frustration now, " she murmured to herself as she entered this section of the library. "Even I wouldn't want to come to this area."

The top shelf books looked dusty. Some actually even had spider webs on and they looked so clear against the natural light passing through the closed glass window. On her left side, there

red her daughter with the bowl and towel in hand. Solene took it and dutifully placed the towel on her injury. She hissed in pain briefly before succumbing to the comfort the cold towel brought.

"We will ask your grandma after dinner. We can't have you attracting accidents especially now that your wedding is near!"

"The wedding is the least of my concerns, Mom. It is my welfare that's most important."

"Of course your welfare is important above anything else, " as if on cue, Solene's grandmother stepped into the kitchen. She rounded the granite table and signaled Solene to turn to her side.

"Your voices were so loud it could be heard from the living room, " she gave the two women a chastising glare. "Now, lift your blouse Solene. Let me see the tattoo."

Solene did so as instructed. Riza then cringed upon seeing that it was indeed lacking color than before.

"Lift your skirt, " she instructed again.

Solene placed the cold towel first on the table and reached for the hem of her skirt.

Her grandmother, if she felt any fear or distress, had completely hid it from her face. She just scrunched up her nose again and remained passively contemplative.

Both tattoos were indeed lacking luster. Its edges were still clear, but the colors were dull and lifeless and close to transparent.

"Just make it through to the wedding, my child, and everything will turn out fine, " Riza finally stated.

"Huh, easier said than done, grandma, " Solene crossed her arms to her chest.

Tomorrow, she was going to leave her whole life behind. She was going to another country, live in a house she knew nothing about, meet her elusive groom and undergo the wedding ceremony — all sounds pretty dreamy and simple really — that is, if she'll survive the whole flight without any accidents.

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