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   Chapter 6 Death by Stress

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By afternoon, despite her conscience telling her otherwise, Solene braved herself to leave the house. She had only one goal in mind and it was to go to the library and ask Dally for a copy of the log records yesterday.

She remembered the time when she had seen the man inside the library. She knew how to focus her search and oust those names which were students of the University. She could narrow her search down to his name — whatever name he had — and possibly try and track down his address.

By the time Solene arrived in the library, there were only a handful of students in sight, mostly men taking their IT major. Dally was in her usual counter, busily sorting out piles of magazines.

"Hey Dally, " Solene greeted, showing a soft smile.

"Oh, back so soon?" Dally looked at her from behind thick-rimmed glasses and smiled back.

"Yeah, I need to ask you a favor."

"Anything Sweety. What is it?"

"Can I look at the visitors log records of the library? I happen to see a guy yesterday who—"

"Say no more, " Dally interjected. She gave her a mischievous grin and pulled out a print-out from her table.

"That man got your attention too huh?"

Solene was dumbstruck. She opened her mouth to object and then closed it again. Why would she deny it when the librarian was right. The man indeed got her attention, but definitely not in a way the old woman thought.

"I seriously had difficulty controlling the female undergrads from making noises yesterday. Luckily, that man left a few minutes after you left." Dally placed the paper in between them and continued, "Here's the newly printed log report from the system. I was supposed to fasten it into the records book, but well, you have a peek first. I'm sure you'd love to know his name." She gave her a wink.

Despite herself, Solene felt a blush taint her cheeks. "Uhm, thanks Dally. I'll return this to you when I'm done."

To the computer room of the library was where Solene went after her conversation with Dally. It was located at the far end of the library, next to the winding staircase going to the second floor.

The computer room was walled with glass. Solene could still see the shelves, tables, chairs, books and students outside. In haste, she chose a computer where it was facing the glass wall. She clicked the server of the University and searched the names of the male visitors yesterday one by one. It was a crucial and tedious task, yes, but she was willing to do it all just to know the man's name.

Some twenty minutes later, Solene finally was able to narrow down her search to a name.

Hein Masters

With a proud grin, she clicked the public server of the Germaine Police Department and typed the intriguing name.

She waited as it autopopulated, throwing her attention briefly on the situation outside the computer room. It was still the same as before: the IT undergrads in one long table and two othe

ghtly disappointed with herself.

"You're quite an eloquent woman, " he mocked, signaling his limited time through glancing at his watch.

"Just, I want to know if you saw or heard something weird. My brother and I were supposed to die inside that deep crack, but here I am now, in this library talking to you and my brother safe with my mom, " Solene managed to snap.

The man gave her a deep and meaningful stare before answering. "To tell you Ms. St. Fair, yes, I did see a crack on the ground, but I didn't see you and your brother fall inside as per your claim."

Solene's brows knotted. What was he saying?

"I, on the other hand, saw you with the boy run towards the cashier counter while the shaking happened."

"No, that's impossible, " Solene shook her head. "I'm not imagining things. I clearly saw you look at me when I was falling. Our eyes met! You know what I mean!"

From the distance, a few students made a shushing sound. Solene slightly felt embarrassed. She glanced at Dally first—saw her frown—before she lowered her eyes on the floor.

The man released an impatient huff. "I worry for you. You should get yourself checked. Post-traumatic stress disorder is common after an event like that."

"I am perfectly fine, " she bit out, shooting him a glare.

"Then that's reassuring to hear." He gave her a lingering look before turning around and ending their conversation.

Solene's shoulders sank. She placed a hand on the edge of the table to steady herself while her head spun. She couldn't accept his answer. It was just Too suspicious. What happened to her in the supermarket was real. She could feel it in her core.

"This man knows my name, " she muttered to herself. "He has been following me since yesterday too. If I'm correct, I think he knows something I don't."

She scrutinized the man's back as he stepped out of the library door.

"Unlucky for him, I aim to find that out."

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